Yukimura Kirika

Stars Fallen On An Endless Sea


Yukimura Kirika is the daughter of a doctor and his wife from the city of Shibaishi in Japan, neither of whom ever showed the least sign of loving her or caring for her in any way other than as a pretext for boasting about their child's test scores. Kirika learned that she was worthless and unloveable, something she only began to doubt in middle school. There she joined the Shogi Club as a way of staying away from home just a bit longer, and she began to think that maybe she could have some friends, even if she didn't deserve them. Then she was abducted and eaten by a Youkai, a fate from which she was rescued by several magical girls, some of whom were Shogi Club members! A lot happened over the next couple of days. Her senpai Oda Tomoe declared her love for Kirika, Kirika made a contract and became a magical girl, Tomoe asked her out and Kirika accepted, Kirika thought better of it and broke up with Tomoe, they fought monsters together, and eventually Tomoe and the others saved the world, with some help from Kirika. Later on, Kirika won the Prefectural Amateur Shogi Tournament, which was pretty sweet.

Then the world ended.

Kirika fought and searched until she found a place of safety. She flew towards it and towards it without ever coming closer, until finally she begged for help and was rescued by it. Then she thought she could tell her friends where to go to so they could plan how to rebuild the world. She couldn't find Miyuki or most of the other girls at all. She found Tomoe, but Tomoe has retreated into her own world, and doesn't have time to rescue a world that has nothing to do with her, even if she does think Kirika is kind of cute. It seems that now it's time for Kirika to stand forward and save the world and her friends herself! (With the help of some of the others around.)

Shogi 3
Perfectionist 3
Amnesiac Super-Assassin 1
Cute 1
Cooking -1

Arc: Creature of the Light 3

Arc Powers:
Immortality (in Magical Girl form) (0-4MP)
Tireless (0 MP)
Well-Lit (0 MP)
The Auctoritas Magister (0-4 MP)
Appear (0, 1, 4 MP): when a connection wants to play a game of Shogi
Transfix (0, 4 MP)
Obsession (0, 1 ,2 MP)
Open the Vault (0, 1, 2 MP)
Fade (0, 1 ,2 MP)
Transition (0, 4 MP)

Connection: Oda Tomoe 4
Magical Girl 3

Health Levels:
2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine

8 Will
3 Miraculous Will

MP 5

Basic Quest: Adjust to my new life
Starting Quest: Something Heals
XP Emotion: Aww…

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