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In this wing we catalog the musings, clarifications, whisperings, and gibberings of the game's author, Jenna Moran — along with useful thoughts on the game by others.

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Patreon-Funded Posts

Jenna has launched a Patreon account where fans can pledge a few dollars per article to fund bonus/draft CMWGE & Nobilis material, including the articles below. Not all of her Patreon-funded articles are listed here, only those significant enough to act as resources; see her Tumblr for the rest.

See also Official Miraculous Arcs.

Examples of Play

  • Finding Home: Two Examples (pay what you want). Contains the following:
    • Last Ship Out, in which three refugees from the Outside, all members of a cult who expected their world to die, find their way to Town. This is a fairly long example of play, showing how a serious game of Chuubo's might play out in the Pastoral genre with mortal PCs.
    • Stray Gods, in which two gods, who possess mortal bodies on the weekends, engage in activities around Town such as … eating contests! This shorter example of play shows how Chuubo's can handle madcap comedy, using the Techno genre with (low-power) miraculous PCs.
  • The Sun Smiles Down (Tumblr, spread over 7 posts)
    • Four cuddly animals are shocked and horrified by mundane objects; inspired by Jenna's picture-book Invasion.
    • A very silly example of play, in the Immersive Fantasy Horror! genre, with character sheets for all PCs.


  • The CMWGE page on Jenna's website (With info on past and present CMWGE books, and links to fan material. Future books can be found under the 'Projects' tab up top)


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