Warg, who is named Folly


It's name is Folly — what you wind up grasping beyond your reach.

It's heralds are

  • Foolhardy heroes
  • Deadly pits and wolf dens
  • The laughter or praises of his minions

It's weapons are

  • Fangs like knives
  • The swords and spears of fallen heroes
  • Deadly terrain

You turn it aside by

  • Showing him a token of his nobility
  • Invoking the Rider destined to wield his counterpart, Warg is too proud to be tamed.
  • ???

It kills you by

  • Stabbing with fang and blade
  • Deadly obstacles you could have retreated from
  • Invoking the nature of your hubris.

It is drawn to

  • The boastful and arrogant
  • Other brands of foolishness
  • Ritual, Warg honors deals and challenges
  • Steel

It hungers for

  • Your attention, few are more proud than Warg.
  • Your strength, Warg must always prove himself
  • ???

You may kill it by

  • Stabbing him with one of his own fangs.
  • Not expecting to survive the encounter.
  • ???

It is reborn when

  • Heroes are slain in deep pits.
  • ???
  • ???

You may escape it's attention by

  • submitting to him while more worthwhile (or willing) challengers are about
  • a previous contract
  • ???
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