Samuel Titov

The Butler

An Unbearable Legacies character.

XP Emotion: Shiver of Terror

Will: 6/8
Miraculous Will: 0
MP: 5/5

Academic ability: Good
Athletic ability: Acceptable
Age: 40ish
Blood Type: AB-
Favorite foods: Sandwiches, oranges, a good cup of coffee
Animal: Snake


Organize 2: You are good at putting people and places in order.
Titov Magic 2: You know how to use the family powers.
Uncanny Memory 2: You remember… everything.
Superior Stealth 1: Sometimes, when you aren’t moving, people don’t even realize you’re here.
Domestic Skills 1: You’re rarely on the front lines, but you know the basics.


  • Bond (Variable): “I must honour my responsibilities.” You do what you are required to, whatever your feelings. This Bond is tied to your Sickness rating; the more worn-down and hollowed-out you become, the more your duties compel you.
  • Affliction (1): “The Manor Staff Must Follow My Rules.” This Affliction is tied to your Wounded Angel rating.
  • Connection: The Titov Family (2). You have yet to truly escape them.
  • Connection: Helena (1). It's a bit acrimonious, but you get her.


  • Sickness 1 [The Manor]

Health and Wounds

Normal: [ ] [ ]
Tough:  [ ]
Divine: [*] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Tracker: Chapter 1

  • XP Action: Shared Reaction (Remembering Dougal)
  • XP Action: Suffer Corruption (My Duties Come First)

(No powers used yet!)


Current Arc: 421853610880532481.png?v=1 Wounded Angel
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853661862428672.png?v=1 Become Somebody 2

421853610880532481.png?v=1 Wounded Angel 1


Unspent XP: 1

Basic Quest

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Withering Politeness (1/9 XP)

As a proper servant, you keep your scorn hidden… but you have untapped reserves of spite and deniable malice. When you need to express your disapproval, and you do so with a statement or action that could be taken at surface value as polite or kind, but which can also be taken as a subtle insult or scornful rebuke, you may mark 1 XP towards this quest.

Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token.

Side Quest

421853597639245836.png?v=1 They Keep Drawing You Back In (1/21 XP)

You are not a Titov anymore - not really. They are your family, but a family that you would rather not talk about and are very tired of dealing with. But they don't see it that way, and Isabella keeps coming by to convince you to return. You would like to convince her to leave. Neither of you are likely to get what you want.

3 XP:

  • You visit the Titov shrine.
  • You get into a roaring fight with another Titov in the middle of an unrelated public event.
  • Another member of the Titov family comes to you for help escaping from the Titovs.

You may claim each of these triggers, for a total of 9 XP.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • You share tea or snacks with Isabella Titov.
  • You tell someone stories of your life as a Titov.
  • You have troubled dreams of the Thing Beneath The Shrine.
  • Another Titov arrives to bother you.
  • You use your magic to bind someone to a task they do not wish to do.
  • You cause problems by refusing to apologize.

Arc Quest

421853610880532481.png?v=1 The Sinister Staff of Forsyth Manor (1/15 XP)

You completed your service to Dougal Forsyth and accepted your inheritance. By rights, you should be free to seek employment elsewhere. And yet… with Dougal's death, the staff are beginning to shirk their duties. They are seeking treasure. It offends your sense of decorum.

There will be time to quit later. For now, while the matter of who inherits the manor is in the air, you will return things to a proper level.

3 XP:

  • You fire one of the manor staff.
  • You hire a new staff member for the manor.
  • A member of the manor staff badly injures or humiliates you.

You may claim two of these quest triggers, for a total of 6 XP.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • You catch a staffer slacking off.
  • You commend a staffer for a job well-done, but menacingly.
  • You pass up something you want to do in favour of your duties.
  • You share a story about Dougal Forsyth.
  • Something valuable-looking breaks.

Quest Miracles

Maybe later, nothing now.

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