Grendel Forsyth

The Creature

XP Emotion: Aww!

Will: 8/8
MP: 7/7

Academic ability: Excellent
Athletic ability: Excellent
Age: 13 chronologically
Blood Type: Mixed
Favorite foods: bread crusts, less rotten fruits and vegetables, raw meat.
Animal: Horse


Surprisingly Literate 3: While you do a lot of lurking in the shadows, most of those shadows are in the library.
Superior Vitality 2: Your body, for all it's flawed design, works better than most would credit.
Superior Reflexes 1: Despite what Universal would have people think, you're not slow or lumbering in the slightest.
Cause Vengeful Mischief 1: While never the most effective revenge, you are a constant nuisance to those who have wronged you.
Stealth 1: You tend to lurk in the shadows and avoid contact with people, while listening for secrets.
Belong in this world -1: Your very nature resists mundanity, and you struggle to do normal things..


  • Bond (2) I must know all the secrets: You are perpetually inquisitive and driven to gain knowledge.
  • Bond (2) Scourge of the Forsyth Line: You have defined yourself by your vengeful relationship with your creator.
  • Affliction This World Has No Love For Me: Your warped artificial nature is rejected by the natural world.
  • Accessory The New Mask: Your inheritance from Dougal Forsyth's will, a beautiful new mask that fascinates you strangely.


  • (None yet!)

Health and Wounds

Normal: [] []
Tough: []
Divine: [] []


Current Arc: Troubled
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

+++Accursed 2

Troubled 1


Unspent XP: 2

Basic Quest

Longing to Belong (0/9 XP)

You wish you were part of this world. You want to engage with others, participate in their daily lives, do daily chores, all the things people take for granted. You'd kill just to be able to pet a puppy. Well, maim, in any case. Well, you would most of the time, in any case. Sometimes, the darkness at your heart starts to win. Sometimes, you reject the world as surely as it rejects you. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone to lurk in the shadows and menace the people you need to revenge yourself upon.

When the darkness starts to win, point out that You Reject This World. When you soften towards it, point out that You Want To Belong. This will earn you experience towards this basic quest.

Storyline Quest

The New Mask 1 (0/40 XP)

Ever since you acquired your inheritance from Dougal Forsyth's will, you've had an odd, tentative relationship with the Mask he bestowed upon you. In fact, it's important enough that you think of it that way, as the Mask, not the mask. You can't bring yourself to wear it, that feels somehow wrong, but you carry it with you everywhere and have even started talking to it as if it were alive.

3 XP:

  • the Mask is stolen
  • the Mask proves crucial in deciding a conflict or solving some mystery.
  • the Mask helps you sort out your head on something.
  • the Mask either contains some important secret, or people believe it does.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • the Mask is involved in an interesting incident from the daily life of Horizon.
  • you refer to the Mask for organization, inspiration, or security

Side Quest

Side Quest (0/? XP)

(Quest description)

3 XP:

  • (trigger 1)

Quest Miracles

Maybe later, nothing now.


It was fairly early on in Dougal Forsyth's descent into Abominable Science that he sought to create life. It was an important first step, he felt, to make an actually functional person before moving on to the more traditional monstrosities and horrors. Unfortunately, as all to often happens, he ended up skipping a step, with his new found creation being merged with The Outside by some arcane means, causing it to be an affront to all that lives, to the very bedrock of reality.

Honestly, this didn't trouble Dougal overmuch, and he was quite content to call the work finished and a job well done. It looked mostly human, it could speak and read and learn at a remarkable pace, it was physically superior to humans made the old-fashioned way. Dougal was satisfied. So he left it in the lab and moved on to later projects.

The Creature, on the other hand, found itself abandoned in a basement laboratory with no idea what it's purpose was, who it was, or where it belonged. So, like so many creations of irresponsibly mad scientists before it, it escaped into the night, racing across the moors. Then he ran out of moors and found himself instead stumbling around Horizon, which is rather poorly laid out for purposes of running around at night.

Now, frankly, this would ordinarily be the end of the story, because honestly a slightly taller than a normal human monster with a void in the universe where it's heart is could easily blend into Horizon, and if particularly lucky, might stumble into Fortitude and settle into a calm and peaceful life. Even with the sickness it suffered, a faint discomfort at the creature's presence was easily overlooked or ignored for the most part.

Unfortunately, the creature found itself unable to accept its position in Town, the feeling that the world rejected it an endless itch behind its eyes, the suspicion that others were merely tolerating or humoring it unbearable. So, it chose to return to the Manor, to demand answers from its creator, taking with it only two things from the outside world. First, a decision that it was in fact a he, and secondly, a name. Grendel.

Reentering the house proved to be no problem whatsoever, given his connection to the basement. Stalking through the shadows of the dark manor at night, he sought out his creator for a dramatic confrontation at the heart of midnight… Only for Dougal to have no idea who or what he was. Unconcerned with a previously completed project, Dougal has seemingly put him completely out of mind. And that was too much for young Grendel, who swore to remain in the manor and cause endless strife and woe towards a creator who had cared so little for him.

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