Fingal Forsyth

The Admiral

XP Emotion: Speechlessness

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 5/5

Academic ability: Decent
Athletic ability: Great
Age: 67
Blood Type: B-
Favorite foods: Coffee, doughnuts, crab, most types of grilled fish, beef stew, dumplings, plum pudding, jam.
Animal: Walrus


Battle! 3: You're more used to naval battles, but you still know how to fight one-on-one.
Run a Crew 2: You’re good at leading and managing people.
Crazy Like a Fox 1: Warfare is based on deception, after all.
Tall Tales 1: You love to spin a good yarn.
Surprisingly Cultured 1: Can’t travel for as long as you have without learning something about the world!
Carpentry 0: Your woodworking skills are rusty, but you needed a hobby.
Be Reserved -1: You're, ah… a very open person.


  • Iron Will, Iron Stomach 2: You're really hard to faze or push around.
  • Bond (2): I'm a little more forceful than necessary sometimes. (Okay, a lot.)
  • Affliction (1): I know a shortcut.
  • Connection (1): Helena Williams. You haven’t seen the girl in ages, but the two of you still get along, and you still basically consider yourself her uncle.
  • Superior Hunter 1 (from Creature of Fable)
  • Cool 2 (from The Ace)


  • (None yet!)

Health and Wounds

Normal: [] []
Tough: []
Divine: [] []


Current Arc: 421853661862428672.png?v=1 Allegory
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853635346169866.png?v=1 The Ace 2

421853646784036864.png?v=1 Creature of Fable 1

421853661862428672.png?v=1 Allegory 0


Unspent XP: 0

Basic Quest

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Sailor at Heart (0/9 XP)

You’ve spent forty-odd years at sea, and you’ve never quite stopped thinking like a sailor. Retirement was a choice you don’t regret, but in a lot of ways you do miss your old job. Full-time land life is just so different.

When you point a specific difference out (or just feel particularly nostalgic), you drop some variation of the catchphrase “At sea, you’d do this differently!” This earns you an XP towards your Basic Quest, and the Recharge Token you get upon completion will likely be a token or memory of land life that eases the transition and brings you comfort.

Storyline Quest

421853646784036864.png?v=1 Home Again (1/21 XP)

Dougal's death has dragged you back home for what will probably be an extended stay. You never thought you'd live here again, but here you are, meeting familiar faces, unpacking your bags, and sorting through your thoughts.

How do you feel about the fact that your brother is gone, and what the hell has he been doing that left this mess? How have you changed, and how do you fit into the situation? What are your obligations here? For better or worse, you're going to figure it all out.

By the end of this quest, things will have become clear to you, and you'll officially take up the mantle of resolving your brother's debts and mistakes.

3 XP:

  • You share a painful or embarrassing but important secret with somebody;
  • Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well-staged way;
  • You uncover a really big mistake Dougal made, and it falls on you to resolve it;

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • 421853556862222344.png?v=1 struggle to readjust to life in Forsyth Manor
  • 421853556862222344.png?v=1 421853646784036864.png?v=1 talk with somebody about death
  • 421853623576952842.png?v=1 421853646784036864.png?v=1 tell someone a story about the manor, your family, or your childhood
  • 421853610880532481.png?v=1 421853635346169866.png?v=1 deal with a creditor, upset family member, or small mistake of Dougal's
  • 421853610880532481.png?v=1 421853597639245836.png?v=1 risk trouble by digging into Dougal's secrets
  • 421853646784036864.png?v=1 421853597639245836.png?v=1 sneak into somewhere you shouldn't go
  • 421853610880532481.png?v=1 421853597639245836.png?v=1 drag others into your affairs/arrange their lives for them

Side Quest

421853623576952842.png?v=1 The Good Ol' Days (0/15 XP)

So, you're retired and stuck dealing with the fallout from your brother's death, but you know what they say: you can take the sailor from the sea, but you can't take the sea out of the sailor. (I don't think they actually say that, but if they did, it would absolutely apply here.) Though you're back home now, you picked up a bunch of habits and knowledge out at sea and can't keep your mind off the good ol' days. Plus, you might be stuck at the manor most of the time, but your old navy buddies can always drop by! Hilarity is bound to ensue.

3 XP:

  • This is supposed to be a gothic story of cursed inheritance, but your friends/rivals/friendly rivals turn it into a swashbuckling romp!
  • You talk with Cassius Smelt III about his dad.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • You or a friend spin a yarn about the old days.
  • A colleague makes a poor decision driven by machismo.
  • A sworn enemy mildly inconveniences you.
  • You show off a skill, piece of knowledge, or cool item you earned at sea.
  • You see or hear something that makes you feel old.

Side Quest 2

421853610880532481.png?v=1 (draft) Getting Down to the Business of Business (0/18 XP)

(Quest description)

3 XP:

  • Meet the manager of Dougal's financial success.
  • You have the misfortune to witness John Simony's other duties.
  • An encounter with Smelt Salvage's latest project.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • Neat and/or Chase hound you for money.
  • Uncover yet another of Dougal's businesses.
  • Tune out or shut down an overly technical business lecture.
  • View a business problem through a military lens.
  • Complain to someone else about having to deal with this business BS.
  • Someone comes to you about a business venture but you don't have that kind of power yet.

Quest Miracles

(Nothing now.)


You’re Admiral Fingal Forsyth. Loud! Proud! Forceful but good-hearted! A legend of the drowned seas! And, you are slowly coming to realize, increasingly out of your depth.

As a kid, your home life was… unique. Not great. Your father was strict and had all sorts of arbitrary rules and rituals, your mother was a bit distant and distressingly comfortable with knives, Dougal was always kind of an ass, and Perdita—well, even you still aren’t sure what happened with her. It’s not like there were no bright spots, though: you got along pretty well with Blair, your mother could be quite sweet when she wasn’t hunting something unspeakable, and you had some great friends and tutors. And at the end of the day, you really did love your brother.

You were always independent, even though you're not dumb you never cared much for school, and you had no interest whatsoever in taking over the family’s estate, so you left home about as soon as you could. You moved to Fortitude around the age of nineteen, and while you enjoyed the life there, you wanted to do more with your life than fish or learn a craft. So you joined the military, such as it exists in Town: the Drowned Navy.

You spent years out on Big Lake and the seas of worlds washed over by the Outside. It wasn't an operation quite as formal as a real navy, at least, not when you joined it, but as it grew it needed leadership, and you stepped up to fill those shoes.

As you got immersed in sea life and rose up the ranks, you started gathering weird myths around yourself—stuff like “the captain found half of a pirate’s stash in an old well” or “that madman Fingal set a bunch of snares on deck and captured a few mutineers before anyone knew there was trouble”. You kept going out on adventures, fighting pirates and Riders, pushing yourself to improve, eventually earning your place at the top.

That’s been most of your life so far. You made so many friends and enemies out there, but you did come back to Town sometimes. You even went back home a few times. Dougal let you stay in the house, if nothing else, and you got to meet his butler, pet, and ward. You liked them well enough, especially young Helena, and your visits probably helped your relationship with your brother, but you never stuck around long enough to really become a fixture in their lives.

You’ve only been retired for a year or two—you really did love your job, and wanted to make damn sure your successor was up to the task. You’d just come back from a visit to Earth when that Simony fellow showed up at your door, told you Dougal was dead, and offered you your inheritance and part of your brother’s fate. And now, all of a sudden, you’re back. Back in a house you never thought you’d own, with an heirloom you never thought you’d see again, surrounded by familiar people that you don’t really know.

Now that you’ve weighed anchor in the mess your brother left, your story is about to change in ways you never imagined. This situation needs a hero, a different kind of hero than the one you are, and once you realize that, you’ll have to take up the task of dealing with your brother’s debts.

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