The Servant Prince

Academics Skill: Average
Sports Skill: Average
Favorite Foods: Gems, Diamonds, Wizard
Blood Type: O+
Animal: Dragon
Age: 14
An Interesting Fact About You: You are the disgraced heir of a line of Draconic Nobility.

Character Description

❀ You used to be important. As the son of the Fifth Lord of the Polar Palace, you were destined to live a charmed life of duty and glory. You were to oversee a fief in your father’s domain and watch over the world from on high.

But then, you made a mistake. You brought shame on yourself and your family. In his inimitable wisdom, your father stripped you of your titles and lands and banished you from his domain.

You’re still a member of the spirit courts, but you are marked and disgraced and few will still take your calls. Now you live in a modest cottage in the Walking Fields, with only your most loyal servants to keep you company.

It all seems sort of rough for a kid, but… that’s just how it is, you guess.

❀ You aren’t really a human.

Most of the time you look like one, but, in fact, you are a coatl, a shapeshifting sky dragon. You can change your shape into any animal and even transform into an enormous feathered serpent with scales like rainbows.

It’s a pretty cool thing to be!

❀ You’re going on this trip because you’ve been ordered to. Your brother, the Tlatoani of the Eastern Palace, has tasked you with aiding in this quest. If you find the Treasure, he says that it will go a long way to proving that you are ready to return to the Courts Innumerable.

You’re much more concerned with what completing the quest will mean for you than the actual fulfillment of the quest, at least at first.

Sidebar: Shake it Up!

For an atypical Servant Prince experience, pick 0-3 of the following:

  • Instead of Julian, you're Yurian, the Servant Princess.
  • Instead of a quest to regain your honor, you’re on a quest to save your life - you’re actively dying and need to complete the quest to survive.
  • Instead of a shapeshifting dragon prince, you are…
    • … an illusion-casting fairy prince.
    • … a metafictional storybook prince.
    • … a humbled angel.
    • … a musical sea lord.
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