The Granite Knight

Academics Skill: Wise
Sports Skill: Tough and Strong as Anybody
Favorite Foods: Tea, Rice, Noodle Soup
Blood Type: O+
Animal: Ox
Age: 18
An Interesting Fact About You: You have a secret love of romance novels. No one can ever know.

Character Description

❀ You are a cursed knight who lives alone in a hut. You’re kind of young to be living by yourself, but you have such a look to you of extreme competence that no one dares to say anything. You’ve got the mien of someone much older than you are.

That’s sort of your thing. You are competent and dependable and stoic. When Old Mrs. McGurt, with her weak eyes and bad hip, needs help getting to the doctor’s office, you’re there. When Farmer Tanaka needs an extra hand tilling the fields, you’re there. You don’t complain.

Maybe you should? Maybe it would be good for you not to keep everything locked inside your stony exterior?

❀ That wasn’t a metaphor. Your skin is literally made of stone.

Somewhere in your dramatic and sad backstory as the squire of an itinerant knight, you were struck by a terrible Outside curse. Your skin is thick and grey and hard, your face is marked like the side of a mountain.

You’re self-conscious about it and that makes you mad. It’s hard being a teenager, and nobody understands.

❀ You’re going to tag along on your friends’ adventure because someone needs to protect them - from the dangers of the Outside and from themselves.

They don’t know what it’s like out there.

It’s your job to make sure they don’t find out.

Sidebar: Shake it Up!

For an atypical Granite Knight experience, pick 0-4 of the following:

  • Instead of the young woman Oboliu Waite, you can be Dace Lillimut, a young man
  • Instead of the squire to an itinerant knight, you used to be a superhero’s kid sidekick.
  • Maybe you’re not 18, you’re actually thousands of years old. Wow.
  • Your Curse isn’t stone-skin, it’s….
    • … a burning flame in your head that never goes out.
    • … a transformative disease parasite that lets you grow tentacles.
    • … lycanthropy.
    • … a genius IQ that separates you from mortals.

Sidebar: Playing Dace Lillimut

You’re a bit less stoic than Oboliu. Smiling comes easier to you and you’ve even been known, every once in a while, to laugh.

Also, you are, most likely, a werewolf.

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