Zhao Shendong

The Archivist

Who Are You?

I am Zhao Shendong, a scholar who came to the Too Far Outpost in search of lost knowledge, and to prove a theory.

Your craft is… Teaching. It is my nature as a teacher that gives me some influence over students and ghosts.


Favorite Foods: Smoked duck
Animal: Pheasant
Age: 33

Mundane Skills Description
[3] Academics You are an authority on many subjects.
[2] Teacher You are a competent teacher.
[1] Archaeologist You have spent the last few years wandering through crumbling ruins, flooded cave-systems and strange forsaken places. You haven't died yet. Clearly you have some knack for this.
[1] Superior Affinity for the Element of Writing You are a prodigy of the written word. It’s not even so much that you’re a good writer as that language itself seems to acknowledge you as its husband.
[1] Superior Land Rule Ghosts, students and other things of your gardens tend to defer to you and acknowledge your authority; at least when they don’t have a really obvious reason not to.

[2] Bond: "The transformative calligraphy of Zhao Shendong."

Will: 6/8
Miracle Points: 5/5


  • “Teach myself and my students the history and importance of this local festival, and ensure a happy and harmonious celebration.” (4)
  • -

Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [   ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ] [    ]

Perks (Maximum of nine)

It's like a Home to me: The library of the archives. Grants a +1 Tool bonus to cultivation through study.

It's like a Home to me: The dead of the monastery and their stone books. Grants a +1 Tool bonus to getting along with spirits.

[3] Affliction: I attract students and disciples like flies to dung. (Tied to Keeper of Gardens.)

Miraculous Power: The Doorway Into Memory: Once per book for 0 MP or again for 4MP, open up a road into someone’s memories that you and others can travel down. You may pay 1MP to re-open any road you have used before.

[0] To be decided.

Experience and Issues

Emotion XP: Gratitude Hands



Genre XP Actions
Shared Action Find someone who's doing something simple and honest…connect to them!
Shared Reaction Talk things through with someone - sort out your head and/or theirs!
Slice of Life Travel, admire, or have a conversation that goes nowhere - experience stuff and emote to it!


On-Going Issues
[0] None. No Issues acquired.


[3] Keeper of Gardens
The World, Like Clay Mould gardens by hand near instantaneously. 1/Chapter or more for MP mould a large portion of a garden.
The Great Magic May take a Divine Wound to add a new Region Property to a garden.
Guide May freely create or summon guides who are sufficiently aware and knowledgeable to guide people through their garden or instruct others in some principle or rule. These will generally take the form of texts on a specific subject or helpful ghosts.
Guardian 1/Chapter or more for MP create a Guardian. This will generally take the form of a montage in which the Archivist trains a pupil in some secret art or brings a powerful ghost into his service.
Symbiote 1/Chapter or more for MP create/find a creature which will actively help another as a wish. This typically takes a unique form dependent on the situation.

Guides and Guardians of the Archivist's Gardens:

  • The poetess Ban Zhaohui, foremost among Zhao Shendong's students.
  • Horse-Tattooed Sun Jianguo, stern taskmaster and metalworker.

[0] Wounded Angel
Dramatic You may appear when another character is beset by a mystery they cannot solve, or is asking or pondering a question. (E.g. A character will ask a rhetorical question out loud… and the Scholar will answer it.)
Devices You may gain a Tool bonus to Superior Affinity for the Element of Writing when channelling a connection to the Past, usually through the authoring of scholarly works.

The Archivist is walking towards a dire fate. Once every other chapter, he can declare himself under attack by corruption or trauma - invoking a suitable:

  • (Suffer) Corruption or
  • (Suffer) Trauma XP Action

Connected to an appropriate trigger:

  1. None yet.

automatically picking up a point of the Sickness issue, unless his Sickness issue is either at 5 or has just been recently resolved.


Floating XP: 0

The World, Through a Scholars Eyes
Type of Quest: Anytime
XP: 0/9

The world exists and can be understood through reason, and the Archivist’s knowledge is up to the task. When faced with an incomprehensible situation the Archivist can try to assert control either by claiming to have knowledge of the situation, or by resolving to investigate. In any case, I will wave my imaginary “I know what I’m doing/I don’t know what I’m doing.” Sign and claim 1 XP.

Combing the Archives
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP: 1/21

There are secrets to know in the archives, so much that was lost elsewhere. There is sure to be a reason why here is strange.

The HG may award 3 XP:

  • You create a map, catalogue or survey of the archives.
  • You placate a guardian of the archives
  • (Capstone) You find (and are frustrated by) the incomplete journal of Po Xianwu

Flavour XP 1/Chapter:

  • You find someone a book they need.
  • You travel strange roads through archives.
  • You see something in nature and refer back to something you read in the archives.
  • You study, or discuss your studies, with 1+ friends.
  • You reflect on or discuss a bit of poetry.
  • You join or do things with a strange group of spirits or students.
  • You pay respect to those scholars who came before you.
  • You are woken up or roused from reverie by one of your students.
Type of Quest: Sidequest
XP: 0/15

You are looking for disciples and proteges. Hold class, break up rivalries (or encourage them), encourage students or keep them down, have them catalogue the materials.

The HG may award 3 XP:

  • Establish a notable protege
  • Convince another student's family that they must study with you

Flavour XP 1/Chapter:

  • Complain about your students
  • Have your students interrupt a scene
  • Be amazed by a student's work
  • Note something would be good for a future lesson
  • Have people lightly bribe you so you will take on new students
  • Discuss who should go for examinations next year

Completed Quests


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