Wu Tianfu

The Scion

Who Are You?

Grandson of the Emperor, the foretold Xuanzong, a holy youth.


Favorite Foods: Plums
Animal: Crane
Age: 16

Mundane Skills Description
[3] Wisdom Needs definition
[2] Courage Needs definition
[2] Honour Needs definition
[1] Love Needs definition
[2] Shine Needs definition

[3] Affliction: I must have the favour and mandate of the Jade Emperor."

Will: 7/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
Miracle Points: 5/5


  • -
  • -

Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [   ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ]

Perks (Maximum of eight)

Shine 2

Affliction: I must have the favour and mandate of the Jade Emperor
tied to Reality Syndrome

Voice of the Emperor
Miraculous Somewhat Less Ultimate Technique, 0 MP 1/chapter, 1 MP for second or later in the chapter, 2 MP for a second or later time in a handful of hours)

[2] The Scion's Protector.

Experience and Issues

Emotion XP: Oh no! Wu Tianfu is in trouble!



Genre XP Actions
Shared Action Find someone who's doing something simple and honest…connect to them!
Shared Reaction Talk things through with someone - sort out your head and/or theirs!
Slice of Life Travel, admire, or have a conversation that goes nowhere - experience stuff and emote to it!


On-Going Issues
[0] None. No Issues acquired.


[3] Reality Syndrome

Shared Experience
You can perceive and adjust Wu Tianfu's Experience of Righteous Destiny (0 MP to do so in a few minutes, 4 MP to do instantly)

Dreams Made Flesh
Create peaceful manifestations of Righteous Destiny (0MP to use 1/chapter, 1 MP to use again this chapter, 2 MP to use again in a few hours, 4 MP to invoke this and Shared Experience instantly.

Divine Decree
Using the Mandate of Heaven Xuanzong can pen and read an Imperial Decree to the people, based on either Naive or Pious, or an opinion of him as a Ruler.

[0] Creature of Light

Weakness to Destined Weapons. Other than that, easily shrug off Wounds.

When reading and writing mindlessly gain 3 Miraculous Will.

Demand the best lighting possible, or create impossible lighting for 2 MP.


Floating XP: 0

Wise Rule
Type of Quest: Basic, Anytime
XP: 1/9
Recover the Throne
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP: 0/21
Many Daos
Type of Quest: Sidequest
XP: 1/15

Completed Quests


The Mandate of Heaven (Hack)

Imperial Decree (a System based on the wishing map but focused on what subjects think of Xuanzong as a leader. He must pen his Decree on parchment and give it the Imperial Seal before reading it aloud before the people. Then it becomes true. Starts with two points; Pious and Naive. To get more I have to ask PCs what they think of me. Usable once a chapter. Quest Miracles could expand the uses or eliminate restrictions)

The Imperial Decree Ritual
Starts when Xuanzong takes the podium and begins to read his parchment. Every few lines the HG points to another PC and they take a ritual action to either;

*describe their characters posing as the Decree is read
*describe their reaction to the Decree
*Describe the reaction of the crowd to the Decree
*describe the reaction of the sky or the Heavens to the Decree
*talk about duty and honour
*talk about what they think about Xuanzong as a leader
*make a prediction about what will happen when the Decree takes effect
*combine the power of this Ritual with another you invoke and begin

After every prompt the HG gives Xuanzong a chance to read more of the Decree before going back to another player. When he is finished the HG may continue to prompt players until someone (including the HG) concludes the Ritual by saying; "The Mandate of Heaven enforces the Decree. If you want to hear what happened next, let us continue."

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