Po Aorigula

Po Aorigula

Who Are You?

I am Po Aorigula, top official of the Outpost


Favorite Foods:

Mundane Skills Description
[3] Ingratiate Yourself You have a way of making yourself seem helpful, harmless, or even foolish, when you want people to ignore you.

Will: 8/8
Miracle Points: 5/5


  • -
  • -

Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [   ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ] [    ]

Perks (Maximum of nine)

[0] To be decided.

Experience and Issues

Emotion XP:



Genre XP Actions
Shared Action Find someone who's doing something simple and honest…connect to them!
Shared Reaction Talk things through with someone - sort out your head and/or theirs!
Slice of Life Travel, admire, or have a conversation that goes nowhere - experience stuff and emote to it!


On-Going Issues
[0] None. No Issues acquired.


? Self-Made
Let's Talk
Let's Coordinate

? Of A Certain Place
A Choice of Treasures
Treasure Possession

The Archivist is walking towards a dire fate. Once every other chapter, he can declare himself under attack by corruption or trauma - invoking a suitable:

  • (Suffer) Corruption or
  • (Suffer) Trauma XP Action

Connected to an appropriate trigger:

  1. None yet.

automatically picking up a point of the Sickness issue, unless his Sickness issue is either at 5 or has just been recently resolved.


Floating XP: 0

Not yet named
Type of Quest: Anytime
XP: 0/???
Not yet named
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP: 0/???
Not yet named
Type of Quest: Sidequest
XP: 0/???

Completed Quests


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