Ma Dun

The Righteous Bandit

Who Are You?

//I am Ma Dun, wronged hero looking for redemption and to make all right in the world //


Favorite Foods: Meat Sliced Fine, Jugs of Wine
Animal: Tiger
Age: 36

Mundane Skills Description
[4] Superior Swordsman With a blade in hand, you cut through all opposition
[2] Charismatic You have a presence, and are noticed everywhere, usually in a positive fashion
[2] Well travelled You have spent 16 years on the run. You have been almost everywhere
[1] Superior Hunter Perk, see Creature of Fable
  • Superior Hunter: From Creature of Fable

Will: 8/8
Miracle Points: 5/5


Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [   ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ]

Perks (Maximum of Eight)

  • Superior Hunter: From Creature of Fable
[0] To be decided.

Experience and Issues

Emotion XP: Fist-Pump



Genre XP Actions
Shared Action Find someone who's doing something simple and honest…connect to them!
Shared Reaction Talk things through with someone - sort out your head and/or theirs!
Slice of Life Travel, admire, or have a conversation that goes nowhere - experience stuff and emote to it!


On-Going Issues
[0] None. No Issues acquired.


[2] Become somebody
Wages of Sin See the influence of your vice
Shared Experience Find your role in others
Your Truth I am role. I am truth.
Adaptable Invoke to belong somewhere.
Unstoppable When acting in your role, the world has problems stopping you
Commanding Aura Bend people to follow you in your role
Reject Bend people away from your role
Touchstone Make a connection with someone or something
  • Truth: Righteous
  • Failing: Single minded
  • Role: Righter of Wrongs (a true Xia)

[1] Creature of Fable
Between the Boundaries Has prepared things in the past/downtime
Iconic Maintains his appearance
Superior Hunter Has Superior hunter as a perk
Cut the Soul Can counter/unweave powers



Floating XP: 0

Completed Quests


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