The Gravekeeper

Sometimes, when you wander into one of the numerous old graveyards in Horizon, you'll see this kid in a big strawhat, tending to the graves, digging around, planting things. Looking closer, he's clearly a zombie. Not that seeing one of the living dead on a graveyard is weird, but… during the day? Gardening, on a graveyard?
Maybe you've even met him during School, after all, he is going to School during the day, just like the humans.

In fact, you did meet him at School - because you are this lonely kid.

You don't remember when or how you died or who you were before. All you know is that you're dead, that you woke up on a graveyard in Horizon and lived there ever since. You never quite got along with all the other Undead in Horizon, you didn't quite get all the brain-eating and find human flesh just a little bit disgusting. The Vampires are just a bit too pretentious all the time for your liking. And the ghosts, honestly, are creeping you out a bit.
In fact, despite your nature, you are enamored with life and love growing and building things far more than anything else. You don't feel like you belong either with the undead or the living, but are kind of in-between. Creating life out of death fascinates you and you think, maybe this whole cycle of life is the reason you are here now.
Someone has to keep spinning that cycle, after all. You feel strangely connected to the worms, the microorganisms in the ground, the sickly green rot-spirits that float over graveyards and compost piles alike. You are one with them and sometimes you talk with them and you know… they aren't bad. They are important, even. And they need you.

You want to make something, a beautiful garden, show the world what you've already seen. Life from death. A garden from a graveyard. You've even opened a gardening club to make it official with the school, but… you're a bit too shy, a bit too alienated from everyone to actually search for members.

So you work for yourself and are content with it. You're working part-time as a gravedigger and are recently strangely drawn to this mysterious graveyard, that you couldn't really mark down on a map if you tried. It is like it's calling out to you to it, this huge ancient gate that's standing there. You know one day you'll try to open it… but you are not sure if that's such a good idea…

Tian Kun, The Gravekeeper

Academic Ability: Book Dumb
Athletic Ability: Pretty Good
Blood Type: Uhm… Undead?
Favorite Food: Human Flesh (Just kidding!); Everything self-grown
Age: Looks like 15
Animal: Earthworm
Club: Gardening Club


You are pretty scrawny, your skin is pale and half-rotten because… well, you are dead. You're also missing your right eye. You're always wearing a huge chinese-style strawhat to shield yourself from the sun, even while at School. So far you resisted Mrs. Senkos best efforts to force you to remove the hat during class, but she made it clear that melting in the sun otherwise is not a reasonable excuse.
During class you wear the black and gold uniform, since you are a bit uncomfortable with your undead state. While working on the graveyards and relaxing, you tend to prefer practical clothing, usually a black sweatshirt, dark green overall as well as heavy gloves and boots, always careful to not expose your skin to the sun. Luckily zombies don't sweat, so it's not that big of a deal.

Mortal Skills

Gardening 3 - You're really good with plants and little plots of land.
Superior Zombie 2 - You are one of the living dead, supernaturally strong and tough and can infect people by biting them.
Superior Land-Rule 2 - You rule your gardens and wrangle the creatures within.
Gravedigger 1 - It's just a part-time job! You are vaguely familiar with shovels and the places of the dead.
People Skills -1 - You are awkward around people and find it hard to take initiative in social interactions.
Student 0 - I'm not gonna lie - you're pretty bad at studying
Depth Perception -1 - Your right eye is missing.


  • It's Like a Home to Me: The Graveyards of Horizon - You take care of the graveyards around Horizon
    • +1 Tool for Gardening
  • Miraculous Power: Hallowed Ground - impose a rule on a plot of earth/soil
  • Connection: Vasilisa Titov 1 - She is quite scary and an enemy to the earthworms - be careful!
  • Connection: Emmanuel Bogs 1 - Manny is a bit creepy, but you are strangely at ease around him.
  • Connection: Kagami Delacroix Vasili 1 - You don't have a crush on her, it was the emphatic link with the pet worm. Really!
  • Connection: Adelaide Langbard Mk II 1 - Her cold robot-ness freaks you out a bit, but you are sure you can teach her the value of life!
  • It's Like a Home to Me: The Lost Underworld - It calls you. It needs you. It is your destiny.
    • +1 Tool for resting

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Spiritual 2

Element: The Worms and Rot of the Earth

You are not sure why, but you are connected to the spirits of rot and decomposition, as well as primitive lifeforms associated with it, like earthworms, bacteria, fungi, ect.
When you feel especially philosophical (which isn't often), you sometimes think your resurrection had something to do with this, maybe it was some kind of spiritual decomposition process that allowed you to walk the earth again.
Or it was just a drunk necromancer… who knows.

Grave Danger (Elemental Warning)
Whenever the forces of decomposition are in danger, you will get a spiritual warning. In practice, only whenever you or the HG remember, though.

Do You Smell That? (Illusions)
Impose the sense of rot on something, like letting you smell like humus and earth, discouraging someone from eating food by making it appear rotten or giving someone a sense of their body decomposing.

Bone-Reading (Spirit-Sense)
Get detailed information about processes of decomposition and organisms that are part of these processes. For instance, you could pretty easily figure out when a decomposing body died or find some lost item in a compost pile.

Worm-Tongue (Spirit-Speaker)
Speak to the spirits of rot and worms or bacteria that help to decompose organic matter. You can ask them small favors.

Abrupt Decay (Spirit Boost)
Empower the spirits and creatures of rot to speed up the process or decompose even inorganic materials like metal or plastic into active soil.

Divine Mantle
Pay MP for Miraculous Edge up to your Arc Rating.

Rot Farmer (Spirit-Shaper)
Create rot and decay, or associated animals out of nowhere and control them with your will.

The Sweet Scent of Death (Summons)
Summon a rot spirit or a small mass of worms, bacteria, mold, ect to you.

A Keeper of Gardens 0

It's Like A Home To Me: The Graveyards of Horizon

You want to build something. You wander the graveyards of Horizon and you improve them, make them look nicer, let the spirits rest better and you plant things. Sometimes just flowers or bushes or something, but also vegetables or fruit-bearing plants, turning them into your own little gardens.
New life on the places of death - isn't it beautiful?

The World, Like Clay
Mold your Gardens with mundane actions, over a few minutes.

The Plague of Undeath (Toxic)
Your saliva is highly infectious, filled with countless viruses and bacteria that can both spread your zombie-ness to others as well as act as a catalyst for your decomposition powers. Just spit on something and empower the bacteria therein to devour whatever you want decomposed.
This Power acts as a Level 2 Bond.

You gain "Superior Land Rule" as one of your skills, to help you wrangling the creatures of your gardens.

You're already dead. That means, conceptually, you can't die. People just don't die twice. It's also really hard to magically change you, enchant your or otherwise mess with you, after all, you are dead. Dead people don't change, they just are. Dead.

Sure, you aren't a physical god like the Principal (not yet anyway), so you can still be physically hurt, but you aren't as flimsy as most movie-zombies either. You might loose an arm or leg or head every now and then, but that hardly slows you down at all. Just a bit of spit and it attaches right back where it's supposed to be, the spirits of Rot that live within you deal with the rest.

That does mean that you technically can be physically destroyed or incapacitated with enough oomph, but even then you don't lose your agency, your ability to move the world. Even then, your spirit roams free, you will reform from the soil of one of your gardens soon enough.
You aren't just undead, you are the guardian spirit of the places of the dead, or at least in the process of becoming one.

XP And Quests

Free-Floating XP: 2

XP Emotion: Encouraging you with a pat on the back (And an XP Token)
Ultimately, you are a nice guy and all about doing stuff, creating stuff, making stuff happen. You love tending to gardens and graveyards and sometimes even building stuff with hard, honest work.
If the other players think you've done something like this, made your or their lives a bit better through hard work, are looking back at work well done at the end of the day - that's when they move up to you, pat you on the back or shoulder and give you an XP Token for it.

Basic Quest

Walking the Earth, Smelling the Roses
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Setting Quest
You have to live with your undead nature.
XP-Trigger: Exclaim your love for life by emoting or commenting on the smell of earth or plant-life.

Shepherd Arc: The Circle of Life (A Keeper of Gardens 1)

You are dead. You love life, love it most fiercely, but no matter what you do, you cannot change the fact that you are dead.
And you can't accept that, not yet. Inside, you feel inadequate, you feel unnatural, as if you don't have a place on the world anymore. Powerful forces call out to you, wish for you to let go, to just end it once and for all and open the gate to the world of the dead. Or, worse, throw yourself into the frantic Nothingness of the Outside.

This is the story of how you overcome that. How you learn to live, even when already dead. How you find a way to create life from death. How you take over as the legendary Gravekeeper of the Underworld that lies somewhere below Horizon. Maybe even how you defy the Lord of Death's Dominion.

XP: 0/60

First Quest: The Gravekeepers Lament - Based on Down (Simplified), Chuubo's Corebook (May Draft Sans Serif version, pg 634)
XP: 21/21
You are walking again, you are speaking again, you are working again… but you are not alive. And that's haunting you. You are lost and you are frightened and worst of all, you are alone. But maybe it will get better, you have to believe in that.
Work hard and it will get better.
Milestones done: Bullied, Called to the Principal

Second Quest: Whispers From Beyond The Grave - Based on Beautiful and Far Away, Chuubo's Corebook (May Draft Sans Serif version, pg 654)
XP: 1/21
There is this gate, somewhere on a long forgotten graveyard in Horizon. It leads to an old place, a haunted place, a place of the dead. No sun shines there. No plant grows there. It is terrifying and you feel like it tries to grab you, to take you in, to make you part of it… but it also feels good. It feels like you belong there.
Or maybe that it belongs to you.

Mutable Stats

Chapter XP Actions:

Will: 7/8
MP: 5/5

Trust 1
It Never Stops! 2
Mystery 1

Health Levels:

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