The Long Spring Scarlet Dunn

The Fencing Instructor
A character in the Rustic Vale: The Long Spring campaign.

Occupation: Fencing Instructor
Hobby: Attending shows and plays
Favorite Foods:
Age: 25-30
Trinket of Choice: Her father's sword


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Will: 8


  • Dunn School of Swordplay 3
  • Disciplined 2
  • Showmanship 2
  • Superior Shadow Control 1

Arc Traits

  • Bond [2]: "I must press my advantages"
  • Affliction [0]: My shadow is like a cloak at noontime.


  • Connection: [3] - The Dunn School - You have an affinity for the Dunn family and School
  • Connection: [1] - Nahbast - You share an appreciation for puppet shows.


  • None yet



Arc XP: 0/72
Free XP: 0

XP Actions (0/2 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Place Your Faith in Scarlet
  • Genre: Gothic

Basic Quest: Showmanship vs Discipline (Lurid)

2 out of 9 XP

Description: Flip a sign between Try to Look Impressive and Go for the Throat

Arc 1: Taking On an Apprentice

5 out of 21 XP


3 XP Actions [3/9]:

  • There’s a disaster at work because your apprentice made a mistake.
  • You use a lesson that you’re teaching to resolve some major emotional situation in your own life.
  • Your apprentice tries to quit because they don’t think they can do this, and you persuade them to stay.

You can earn either of these bonuses repeatedly, up to a total of 9 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

  • You get angry at your apprentice for messing up.
  • You teach your apprentice a trade secret.
  • You speak to your own mentor about mentoring.
  • You write a note to someone about something you don’t want to discuss in person.
  • You admit how proud you are of your apprentice.

Side Quest: Practical Application (Paradigmatic)

2 out of 15 XP

Description: Once per scene, propose a theory about applying the Dunn School of Swordplay to an adventuring context.

Side Quest: Stages and Cinema

2 out of 21 XP

Major Triggers (3 XP):

  • You drag one or two Main Characters to a show with you.
  • You miss a show you were dying to see due to obligations or sickness.
  • You take an action instrumental in allowing a show to go on!

Quest Flavour (1 XP):

  • You talk about upcoming attractions.
  • You drive away people by talking about upcoming attractions.
  • You bond with another Vale citizen over a show or performance.
  • You get an artist's autograph or piece of memorabilia.
  • A show is cancelled for some reason.
  • You can't decide between two competing events.

Completed Quests

  • None


A story.

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[b][url=]Scarlet Dunn[/url], the Fencing Instructor[/b]
[size=1]Emotion XP: Place your Faith in Scarlet Dunn
Will 8/8; special effects[/size]
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