The Kaiseki Fusion Chef

Campaign: On the Horizon

Alex Pajari, the Kaiseki Fusion Chef

You are Alexei "Alex" Pajari, and you are very intense about your food. You fuse Kaiseki (traditional Japanese fine dining and tea ceremony) with the cuisine of other cultures — particularly Russian (a nod to your family's heritage). Your beet sushi with "riced" potato and caviar is simply to die for. Unfortunately, not only does School not have any sort of haute-cuisine program, it has no place for proper dining, just a dreary cafeteria. This will not do!

Your school uniform is always pristine, accompanied only by a simple black headband (actually a rolled bandana). When not at school, you prefer formal jackets and silk pants, again with the headband. You conduct yourself with elegance and poise, though you are not reserved, particularly when a subject that interests you comes up. On very rare occasions, you get upset enough to become Rowdy Alex — where you throw off your jacket and yank your headband down, unrolling it to cover your lower face — after which you are invariably ashamed.

Your family occupies one of the abandoned castles in Horizon, close to Old Molder. The entire east wing is filled with your large collection of kitchen equipment: dozens of different types of stoves, hundreds of appliances, and thousands of specialty utensils and table settings. In times of need, you can call your equipment to you, merging with it and becoming 4L3X31, the mechanized marvel, capable of preparing hundreds of meals at once (or weaponizing fine dining)! This transformation is not embarrassing, though it is often inconvenient — as unless you take the effort to rearrange yourself properly, you are effectively a large tea house.


Academics Skill: Decent
Sports Skill: Sub-par
Favorite Foods: I'm so glad you asked! Let me answer this alphabetically by culture …
Blood Type: A
Animal: Monkey
Age: 15
An Interesting Fact About You: Your parents came to Town two decades ago, and raised you in Fortitude before moving to Horizon.


  • Cuisine 3 — You can discuss and create food from any culture, using just a knife or a kitchen full of gear.
  • Superior Thinking Outside The Box 2 — Your intuition is uncanny, though in practice you mainly use this to overcome Obstacles when stretching your Cuisine skill.
  • Well-Traveled 2 — You've visited all of Town and know how to find your way from place to place.
  • Decorum 1 — You know how important it is to maintain proper etiquette.
  • Take Shortcuts -1 — If you're going to do something, do it right.

Connection Perks

  • Holly Stark 1 — You used to be incredibly close, but drifted apart; since learning of her loss, you've tried to be there for her.

Emotion XP

  • "Wait, You're Serious?" XP
    • That moment when you thought Alex was being ironic, exaggerating, or kidding, and then realize that he actually meant it.


  • Child of the Ash 3
    • Element: "The tea house" — where people engage in stylized ritual and custom, usually for the sake of tradition.
    • Mood: Elegance and decorum.
    • Kaiju Form: 4L3X31, as described above.
  • Creature of the Light 0
    • (current arc)

Powers (General)


  • Bond: I express my feelings well when it's about something that matters to me. (2)
  • Affliction: My clothing is always pristine and crisp … except when I get Rowdy. (3) [linked to Child of the Ash]


You don't seem especially tough, but you recover quickly; Surface Wounds heal in a scene, Serious Wounds in an hour, and Deadly Wounds in 0-2 chapters. By spending MP, you can make such a dramatic impression upon enemies that they miss, or move gracefully out of the way of environmental effects; either way, you take no wound.

(0 MP to heal quickly; 1 MP to ignore one or two attacks starting mid-scene; 2 MP to ignore all attacks starting mid-scene; 4 MP to ignore all attacks with no restriction.) [Active Arc Power]

Set the Mood

Add an air of elegance and decorum to the region or to a single target. They become more refined, more dignified, more willing to follow proper custom and tradition in the name of doing things properly.

If you happen to be Rowdy Alex (described above) when you Set the Mood, you instead make the target more crass. They become blunt, tactless, and somewhat uncivilized.

(0 MP given a few minutes; 4 MP instantly.)

Explosion of Elegance

Evoke elegance and decorum — or crassness, if you are Rowdy Alex — on a grand scale.

(0 MP once per book; 4 MP again per book. The time required is a special effect; it never takes "too long.")

Elemental Connection

Gain an inherent point of Connection to some creature or place tied to stylized ritual and custom, or give them a point of Connection to you. For this scene, your mutual Connection rises to 5 and you may communicate — usually via emotes, but this will work as well as speech.

(0 MP once per book; 4 MP again per book.)


You have access to miraculous Will when researching and experimenting with new recipes.


You have dramatic lighting whenever you want it.

(0 MP for realistic effects; 2 MP for the blatantly miraculous.)

Powers (Kaiju)

Kaiju Form

Summon your equipment, merge with it, and become 4L3X31. You suffer no special Obstacles in this form.

(0 MP to change over the course of several minutes; 2 MP to change instantly.)

Mortal Form

Return to being Alex.

(0 MP to change over the course of several hours; 1 MP to change in minutes; 4 MP to change instantly.)

Shed Scales

Change kaiju size, from insect to Region scale. This lets you ignore a size-related Obstacle up to the Arc Trait's rating. You remain this size until you Shed Scales again or leave kaiju form.

(0 MP to do this once or twice starting mid-scene; 1 MP to do it again once; 2 MP to do it again as often as needed; 4 MP to change size as often as needed without waiting until mid-scene.)

Defensive Shield

When wounded, replace the normal wounding rules with the wish, "I wish I'd had something effective to deal with that threat." After this scene, the effects of the wound revert to normal potency.

(2 MP.)

Natural Weaponry

Weaponize your kitchen gear into a miraculous attack. This can include Shed Scales with an effective Intention 6, as part of the same action for no extra MP.

(2 MP if used mid-scene; 4 MP otherwise.)

Quests (at 3/5 XP)

Basic Quest: Culture is Everywhere (9 XP)

  • You get really excited about the customs of other cultures, particular as they relate to dining.
  • 1 XP/Scene: When something is happening, explain how another culture would handle it. This often takes the form of discussing a particular type of cuisine when anyone, including you, is hungry. You do not have to be accurate. (This quest is nominally Melodramatic, but is close to Paradigmatic in execution.)

Storyteller 1 Quest: Fascination (with the Student Council) (21 XP)

  • The Student Council fascinates you, both as individuals and as a seat of power within School. You want to learn more about it, about them.
  • 3 XP each when you:
    • first express your fascination with the council.
    • after the above, go a long way out of your way physically to study their operation and behind-the-scenes details.
    • make yourself terrifyingly vulnerable (e.g., as an act of social/romantic trust, an act of folly, or as bait for a trap).
  • 1 XP/chapter when you:
    • confess a secret desire.
    • have a troubled dream about glass, magic, and the Outside.
    • investigate the shrine family magic for dealing with troubled dreams.
    • dream about a main character or Arc-related NPC.
    • hang out with someone you like while they do their thing.
    • get into goofy trouble for, with, or because of someone else.
    • talk with someone about the various bad ends people can come to in fairy tales, stories about wishes, or stories about witches.

Side Quest: The Fine Dining Club (18 XP)

  • School needs a Fine Dining Club, and the facilities to support it. You just need to convince them!
  • 3 XP each when you:
    • have your proposal rejected by Principal Entropy or the Student Council.
    • rally the student populace to your cause.
    • encounter a rival who wants this plan to fail.
  • 1 XP/chapter when you:
    • complain to somebody about the quality of School food.
    • talk to someone in a different existing club.
    • find yourself pulled in two metaphorical directions, one of which is advancing this plan.
    • have a discussion over a meal with your friends.
    • identify someone who'd make a great member of the club.
    • get into trouble for reasons related to this plan.

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