The Gravekeepers Lament

The Gravekeeper's Lament

Major Goals

The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
  • You are called before the Principal or another authority figure and have to take responsibility for something, whether you deserve it or not;
  • You’re sent into an underworld, be it basement, cave, oubliette, dungeon, or literal world of the dead;
  • You are bullied, publicly ridiculed or someone spreads a particularly nasty rumor about you.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of up to # XP.

Quest Flavor

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • something you have grown or made dies or gets destroyed
  • you're lost
  • you struggle against the hunger for living flesh
  • you dig a grave
  • you share a meal with someone while sitting on cracked stones

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

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