The Domain Of Hedge The Fang

A large space, a pocket-dimension of sorts, that appears to be inside the large moon over the Deeps, or at least can be reached through said moon.

It is a large sea surrounded by multiple, massive Citadels, each of which is themed after his various domains and aspects, an endless sky stretches out above them. It is a strange place, in which Hedge has absolute power, or so the rumors say. It is near but somewhat distinct from the Far Roofs, so it has some same and some different Properties:

  • Truth arises from mystery, but the mystery remains.
  • This moment is like no other moment. It is Now.
  • Enchantments and spiritual forces haunt you.
  • You may find peace with your misfortunes.
  • You are alienated from yourself.
  • It would be so much easier without the burden of sight.
  • Your skin is a prison that holds you back.
  • You are driven to slowly unravel yourself, until only Hedge remains.
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