Insera Namine

Princess Insera Namine
A player character in FarandAway


Academic Skills: Okay
Sport Skills: Nothing Special
Favorite Food:
Age: 16

Arcs:Gatekeeper 3 Gatekeeper
Principle: Hope
Other: The Shadowy monsters who destroyed her home.

Basic Quest: A Princess's duty 'A struggles quest with 'It is my duty' on one side and 'what am I doing' on the other.
Current Quest: Trouble in Dreams
Mortal Skills: Grace 3
Statesmanship 2
Magic Lore 1
Shine 2
Emotion XP: Gratitude Hands

Oblivious: Insera can be naïve and overly trusting in those she knows. She has an affliction based on her Trust issue to blind her to the evil closest to her.
Shadow Monster Lore: Insera knows a lot about the monsters who destroyed her home and can make up information in play 1/book.
Trap: She can trap shadow monsters for 1 MP and a chapter of effort.
World-Walking: She can spend Mp to interact with the intangible.
Consult: She can get information out of trapped Shadow monsters 1/chapter.
Decree: She can bind Shadow Monsters 1/chapter starting mid scene
Spell: Once per chapter for 1 MP she can cast a spell on someone giving them Shadow Monster properties
Open the Gates: 1/book Insera can open an impossible passage
Arise: 1/book she can find the hope in a hopeless situation.

Perks:MP: She gets a bonus MP
Divine Health: She has an extra Divine Health Level

2 Normal 1 Tough 3 Divine Health Levels
MP: 6/6

Issues: None

XP for A Princess's Duty: 0/9
XP for a Trouble in Dreams: 0/21
Total XP:

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