Once upon a time, there was an old couple that wished for nothing more than to have a child of their own. They stared out into the forest and sighed wistfully each spring at the sight of baby birds taking flight, of the small creeping animals and the great stomping animals and the wandering child-animals.

Then one dark spring night, the wife saw a star falling from the heavens; and, as was the custom, she made a wish. All she wanted was a child of her own to love and care for, to share the experiences of life and the wisdom of the ages.

The star continued to tumble down, down, down, landing not in some far off place but right in the forest nearby. She could see the flickering lights fade in and out betwixt the trees; and, she called for her husband and set out at once to see it.

There they found, swaddled in a blanket dark as night, a dear little infant with rosy cheeks and eyes like a spring leaf. They took him in at once, naming him Charlie.

They named him Charlie. They named him. They named him because they loved him. They loved him because they named him.

His name was Charlie. You know, Charlie. Just like your brother, Charlie. Don't you remember him?

"Charming" Charlie

Charlie wears mismatched, frayed clothes that are usually far too big for him. He has eyes like falling stars like spring leaves; and, he wears an old, ragged, grey blanket as a cloak. He smells like leaves and dirt. He has a loud laugh that seems to stalk.

For the most part, Charlie lives as a vagabond and vagrant, though occasionally he moves in with a family and lives with them as their child. He's in a vague teenage state right now, which makes it way easier to walk around dressed like a natural disaster because everyone knows what teenagers are like these days.

Changeling Magic 4
Flute Music 2
Ringing Laughter 1
Finding Something to Eat 1

Bond: I flee my name, or that of the Creator [2]
Accessory: My ragged old blanket-cloak still has some of that child-like magic. It can act as a +1 tool to feeling safe and warm.

XP: Fist-Shaking XP
Basic Quest Struggle: Exterior vs Interior No Rules! No Parents! No Ties! / Just Want to be Part of a Family. [0/10]

Adventure GET [0/24]
You're exploring this amazing old Inn you didn't even know existed! IT'S E*X*C*I*T*I*N*G! Mysteries are awesome and amazing.

Self-Made 3 [1], [2], [3], [4], as the Sickly Red and not the Sickly Purple purely for quest reasons.

Charlie can talk to basically anything; everything faces a Obstacle of 2 to dislike him or be mean to him. He also gets a 2 rank Bond for Coordinating people!

At least one of Charlie's Minions is a talking raven with Superior Raven 3, but the others are unassigned as of yet. He uses his Self-Made powers to spin himself into other people's lives, especially living with families as their child.

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