Amanita Mcintosh

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Magister of the Light


Who Are You?

It is a truth commonly accepted that the civilisations of antiquity were a glorious beacon of progress and excellence that will never be regained. Atlantis, Irem, Shangri-La and so on. One might cynically wonder why this is so, why we should look to wisdom from people who held slaves, or viewed women as property or where only a fraction of the population ever learned to read or whathaveyou. Or if you say you have to look further back than *those* people, why it gets a bit “God in the gaps” theory and such places can only exist where there is no evidence to counteract them. One might even wonder why are imaginings of antiquity seem so selective depending on the speakers cultural orientation.

However the kingdom of princess Amanita McIntosh was this place. Was *the* lost city of antiquity, a distant pre-human place of the Second Age, a seat of such enlightenment as the world will never know again, taken from this world by Creation’s enemies, never to be returned. Botanists of later ages, seeking to unlock the secrets of Creation bound in flowers, would find evidence of an uploaded historical archive and memory bank bound into various types of mushroom and fungi and would begin chronicling the history and retrieving the associated wisdom of this ur-culture under whatever name they preferred. In time this led to many technological innovations from slow-cookers, to Velcro to the internet (Al Gore’s secret mushroom farm is rumoured to be a treasure trove of occult knowledge.) and much improved the lot of humanity.

In these times however, this historical trivia is mostly irrelevant. Earth is lost to Town, and antiquity is the province of a few scholars. Nowadays the network exists in the Waking Fields as curious breeds of mushroom which maintain telephone lines, radio infrastructure and build up the few wireless networks that allow any chance at all of a mobile phone getting a signal (reception in the Waking Fields is pretty spotty as you’d expect).

This is mostly done through robots piloted by a special breed of cordyceps, but with the lack of developed human infrastructure to oversee the project, the guiding intelligence has constructed an emissary to act as forewoman and avatar. Amanita has incarnated herself as the princess of antiquity because the Waking Fields seems conducive to stories about princesses; why this involves the gothic-lolita look she’s got going is anyone’s guess.


Will: 8/8
Miracle Points: 5/5


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XP Actions this Chapter

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Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [    ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ]


Academics Skill: Peerless
Sports Skill: Talented
Favorite Foods: Baked Alaska, Mackerel, Mushroom Omelette, Chicken Fried Rice
Blood Type: Mushroom
Animal: Snake
Age: 16-ish.

Skills Description
[3] Superior Mushroom Spirit Amanita is an invisible fungus-spirit who can shift between human form, mushroom form and various hybrid forms at will. She can conjure mushrooms with a wave of her hand, is an excellent musician and dancer and has a beautiful, otherworldly quality to her form.
[3] Deviant Science Amanita is an excellent technician, and can use plants and fungus to influence and tinker with technology. Aside from mushrooms, her general aesthetic revolves around networking and telecommunications; radio, wi-fi, the internet, telephone, telegraph etc.
[1] Archivist Amanita is the incarnation of all the knowledge of lost antiquity. This is less useful than you’d think as finding anything specific in the morass requires searching for a mushroom that carries that knowledge (system-wise she generally does this through Guide miracles), but she can still access and catalogue information with more proficiency than a disinterested observer.
[1] Diplomat Amanita is familiar with dispute resolution, facilitating communication, escalating and de-escalating conflict and finding ways to communicate with people. She can also project an aura of diplomatic immunity which is mostly just for show, but can occasionally sway people.

[2] Bond: Toxic. My breath spreads clouds of mushroom spores that grow rapidly and can hack and rewire electronics or intercept wireless signals.

[2] Bond: Unworldly I am unworldly.

  • Note: This bond can be channelled to attract attention, or to gain MP/Will when such attention is inconvenient.

Perks (Maximum of 9)

It's Like a Home to Me: The mushroom patches that grow in the Waking Fields. (Being in their presence grants a +1 Tool bonus to finding what you need.)

It's Like a Home to Me: The telephone, radio and internet infrastructure of the Waking Fields. (Receives +1 Auctoritas against the influence of the Outside.)

[3] [Keeper of Gardens] Affliction: Robots and fungi recognise me as their princess and treat me with deference.

[1] TBA - Not yet decided.

Experience and Issues


Fairy Tale
Genre XP actions: Suffer Adversity, Suffer Corruption, Suffer Metamorphosis/Transformation, Trauma, Never Say Die! .

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You.


On-Going Issues
[0] None


[3] Keeper of Gardens
Toxic A 2 point Bond representing clouds of mushroom spores that grow rapidly and can hack and rewire electronics.
The World, Like Clay Amanita may mould her gardens by hand near instantaneously. 1/Chapter she may mould a large portion of her garden for free, or for 1 MP thereafter.
The Great Magic Once per book (or for 4 MP thereafter) Amanita may wound one of her divine health levels to add a new region property to a garden.
Guide Amanita may construct a guide from the substance of her gardens. This is typically a variety of fungus, or some sort of fungus-influenced machine.
Guardian May form or invoke a guardian from the substance of her garden for free once per chapter, for 1 MP a second time or later in a chapter, or 2 MP a second time or later in a few minutes.
Symbiote Once per Chapter (Or later for 2 MP) produce a helpful symbiote from your gardens.
[0] Awakening (Link to Patreon Arc)
Unworldly As a higher order of being, Amanita has a palpable aura of spiritual majesty, particularly when in the presence of telecommunications technology and fungal plant life, both of which show deference to her. This is represented by a 2 point Bond.
Second Self A lost kingdom of antiquity, a shining metropolis of the Second Age whose collective memory is encoded into the mushrooms and fungi of creation. A beacon of inspiration for humanity. The mushroom-network has been around for uncounted millennia, collecting information. As such Amanita can dig up bits and pieces of the history of the region she is in by communing with the network. (While the network is theoretically infinite and allows her to access knowledge from anywhere, processing power is not. The Amanita-avatar can only access knowledge from the local area in any kind of realistic timeframe. It is also limited to areas where mushrooms or fungus can grow.)

You are prone to trials and your life is a sorrowful thing. Once per session you may declare yourself under attack by corruption or trauma, invoke a suitable (Suffer) Corruption or (Suffer) Trauma XP Action, and automatically pick up a point of Sickness unless your Sickness Issue is either at 5 or has just recently been resolved.

Sickly Triggers

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Current Quests

Floating XP: 0

Getting Decent Reception
Type of Quest: Chibi, Work and Study
XP: 0/9

Gain 1 XP every scene/10 posts whenever you relate what you’re doing to your current great project; trying to establish a reliable phone network in the Waking Fields.
Your catchphrase is some variation of: “Humans communicate with one another.”

The Path I Must Walk
Type of Quest: Side-quest, Paradigmatic
XP: 0/15

Amanita is not a princess by birth or appointment. Rather, her royal status is an affectation she has taken on because she perceives herself to be operating within a story in which being a princess is advantageous. Gain 1 XP every scene/10 posts whenever you propose a theory about what it means to be a princess in a fairy tale story.

Rekindling the World
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP: 0/21

The world has gone wrong. Jade Irinka, she who was the Sun, is dead and the world has become lost to itself. Amanita seeks to bring about a change in things. To re-anchor Creation and drive back the tide of the Outside. To this end she is acting out a fairy-tale ritual intended to heal the forests of the Waking Fields and through them the world itself.

The HG may award you 3 XP when:

  • something rips the wickedness from you or otherwise aggressively purifies you; or, you bleed for an enemy’s sake;
  • you descend below the surface of the world and share in or comfort the grief of something that lives there;
  • you sacrifice a thing or object that could reasonably be referred to as your heart to somebody. At the end of the quest, you have the player-level option to receive it back.

You may claim 1 bonus XP per Chapter when:

  • you receive something, often in the form of a seed or box, from a rival/enemy
  • you travel to/enter the Keep of a deadly enemy or rival or the lair of some sort of literal or metaphorical dragon. There is a sensation of danger…
  • you are torn apart by spirits or birds, or turn into birds (generally in a break from reality)
  • you make a pinky promise with a ghost, angelic being, or in a flashback
  • you do something amazing and transformative with your craft
  • you get a tattoo or other long-term or permanent marking.
  • you retreat to a garden

Completed Quests

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