The Rider

Cat de Montreal

The Rider

Catherine is a rebel, a soul in turmoil. She was reincarnated as a demon in the flesh and also the shard of a Warmain. She rides, she shoots, and she is wild.

ARCS: Bindings (Troubled) 2/ Storyteller (Creature of Fable) 1

CURRENT ARC: Storyteller (Creature of Fable) 2

Superior Reincarnated Demon 2
Gunslinging 2 (Not only does she use guns, but she fires in style!)
Fashion Design 1
Extortion 1
Flirting 1
Superior Hunter 1 (Perk)
Horse Riding 1
Gun Magic 2 (Perk)

Title: The Pale Rider [Bond Lv.2]
The bully with the blue flame soul is cool [Connection to Billy, Lv.1]

-Leashed Fury [White Horse] (Gain a new miraculous power that lets you mentally communicate with, and command, some beast or “wicked” person. It’s probably 0 MP to talk to them but there’s an MP cost or time delay to command them. There may be a limitation or further cost when it comes to commanding a person or violating the nature of a beast.)

-Gun Magic 2 (Magical Skill)

-Superior Hunter 1 (Special Skill)



Basic Quest (Red) [0/9]: She likes thinking about demonic lore. She also likes talking about demons to others.

Fascination with Demons (Blue) [0/21]

5 EXP When;

-Express your fascination with someone or something dangerous and irresponsible.

-After that first reward, go a long way out of your way physically in order to study the operation and mechanisms of somebody else’s powers.

-Make yourself terrifyingly vulnerable, e.g. as an act of social/romantic trust, an act of folly, or as bait for a trap.

1 XP once a chapter when;

-Confess a secret desire
-Have a troubled dream about glass, magic, and the Outside
-Investigate an organization dealing with troubled dreams
-Dream about a Main Character or Arc-related NPC
-Hang out with someone you like while they do their thing
-Get into goofy trouble for, with, or because of somebody else
-Talk with someone about the various bad ends people can come to in fairy tales, stories about wishes, and stories about demons.

Quest Miracle:
Gang's True Name 15 EXP (Storyteller Quest Miracle, There is a name for this gang and it will be revealed by this story you are telling. It's not something you come up with or something ordained… It's just something that IS…and you uncover it.


Troubled (Demonic Powers)

Secrets and Lies
Magical Flame Transformation (Costume)
The Demon Side (Dark Side)
In the Shadows

Creature of Fable (Reincarnated Demon)

Superior Hunter
Between the Boundaries of Fashion and Guns
Strange Rules (Demons)
Iconic (Goth Demon)
Cut the Soul

Demon Gunslinging (Gun Magic)

0: Shoot things
1: Ricochet shots

Magic Techniques
1: Shoot something you didn't know was there.
1: See the killing intent of another.
2: Shoot without bullets. Your killing intent will suffice.
2: Know your own killing intent. Hold onto your memory.
2: Your range extends beyond the horizon.
3: The true killer needs no gun. Shoot with your heart.

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