The Bully


The Bully

ARCS: Knight (Become Somebody) 2/ Shepherd (Impresario) 1

CURRENT ARC: Shepherd (Impresario) 2

Sense Weakness 3
Survive 3
Do Stuff 1
Blue Fire Magic 1

-Blue fire where a soul should be (Bond tied to Sickly Issue)
-Extra Divine Health Level

XP EMOTION: Fist Shaking


Melodramatic 15XP (When eager to show up and intimidate someone say some variation on the catch phrase "remember me?")

QUEST: Bullying Awareness
45 XP Orange Quest
(5 XP when;
-Sent to the Principal's office
-Disciplined by Lee Scathing
-Someone you've been harassing gets their revenge
-The incompetence of your lackeys fouls a plan of yours

1 XP once a chapter when;
-You give someone a swirlie, atomic wedgie or suspend them from somewhere up high
-You leave someone frightened and in pain
-You find someone not afraid of you and consider this a challenge
-Form a plan and explain it to your Minions
-You reveal a history of torment you had with somebody in the past
-You burn or vandalize something
-Get into a fight with someone
-Steal from small children
-Begrudgingly open up to someone)

I Will Have the Truant Crown 15XP (Knight Quest Miracle, a sign that says "Everyone Fears Me" on one side and "Nobody Loves Me" on the other)



Let's Talk
Let's Coordinate
Here's What You'll Do
Minions (Superior Long Neck, Jotun and Do Billy's Homework, Ghost Magic and Blue Fire Magic)

Become Somebody

Unreal Sense
Bully Sense
My Truth (I am a Bully, I have a long history with everyone)
Commanding Aura

Blue Fire Magic

Billy doesn't really understand this but he's basically a piece of what was once a mighty blue fire wall that protected Creation from the Riders. The more this fire catches the easier Billy finds it to call upon the authority of his past life.

Obstacle 0
-Put out a flame
-Resist being on fire
-Notice a Rider for what they are

Obstacle 1
-Conjure a small cold blue flame
-Make your eyes burn with frightening blue flame
-Create a flame that hurts the eyes of the Riders

Obstacle 2
-Wrap your body in cold blue flame
-Fire a blast of cold blue fire
-Create a wall of cold blue fire that Riders cannot cross
-Scry through a prepared blue fire anywhere in Town

Obstacle 3
-See visions from the Outside in a prepared blue flame
-Bind a Rider in shackles of blue flame until they swear to perform any one task in your name
-Transform into a ghostly creature of blue flame
-Create terrifying explosions of bright blue flame
-Create blue flame imps who fly about and perform simple tasks

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