School Gangs

Baalhernon Hall

Baalhermon Machine Works

A bunch of Shop Students who found a giant robot from which they've engineered all of their cool toys. Functionally the top gang of Baalhernon Hall with the mecha dubbed "Baalhernon: Big Bang" as the unofficial 'King' of Baalhermon Hall. The gang hasn't formally had a leader, but that will soon change once the Truant Crown competitions begin.

Baalhermon: Big Bang (Child of the Ash 3)


An otherwise model academic student who nevertheless hangs out with the Machine Works. She has big plans for Fortitude's future, and is part of several different academic, engineering, and community clubs.


The Machine Works has a stall at the Delinquent Market typically operated by Tomomi.


  • Hard Sell 3
  • Deviant Science 2
  • Cool 2
  • Wrenches 1

Joktan Hall

The Stage of the Real/Unreal

A bunch of theater nerds deemed too radical or temperamental for the usual entertainment clubs. Currently the dominant gang of Joktan Hall.

Jacqueline Jest

Billy's Sovereigns

Skills (Generic Billy Pawn )
Obnoxious Laughter 3
Kick People Who Are Already Down 2
Background Scenery 2
Follow Orders 1
Intuit the Will of Billy Sovereign -1

'Meon'/Ghost Hall

There isn't a lot of interaction between regular School and the Ghost World students. Theoretically, multiple gangs exist under this heading, but only one is officially recognized and acts as King of Meon Hall

Mortimer Staid, Ghost Boss

North Hall

Devil's Tower

A largely devilish gang of delinquents headed by Pterri Ptolemy. She seems to have a controlling interest in the fate/karma of North Hall's delinquents.

South Hall

Cold Equations

The only other majority Rider group native to School. There is an acknowledged leader, but otherwise they all seem to do their own things.

Rigoro mery-Harumaph

Cumin Hasp

Goad (in every sense of the word) 3
Illuminate 2
Superior Torment 2
Never Give a Straight Answer 1



Basic Goon

Skip Classes 2
Posture 3
Rough and Tumble 2
Fall in Line 1

Delinquent Armsmaster

Skip Classes 1
Posture 3
Rough and Tumble 1
Deviant Science or other craft Skill 2
Fall in Line 1

Delinquent Lieutenant

Skip Classes 2
Posture 4
Rough and Tumble 2

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