Germaine Dace

The Insufferable Jerk

Germaine Dace is a fancy elegant teenage delinquent who is also a shard of the Deceiver Genseric Dace. She is better than you and you know it, which is probably why you keep wanting to punch her.


Name: Germaine Dace
Academics Skill: Excellent
Sports Skill: Graceful
Favorite Foods: Gourmet stuff
Blood Type: A+
Animal: Swan
Age: 16

XP Emotion: Death Glare or Exasperated Sigh
Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5
Health: 1 Divine, 2 Tough, 1 Normal
Arcs: Reality Syndrome 3

Issues: None


Superior Torment 1 - You are supernaturally good at encouraging despair and torment.
Fisticuffs 2 - You can put your hands up in a pinch!
Grace and Elegance 2 - You swish past people with style and elegance.
Knowing Things 1 - Trivia? Academia? You're decent with whipping out random facts.
Cool 2 - Things don't faze you that much.

Connection 1 - Billy Sovereign - You're going to punch the fuck out of this guy.

Iconic Look
0 MP—maintain an iconic appearance, to the extent reasonable.
1 MP—invoke a major miracle to revert your appearance instantaneously.
This is basically Creature of Fable's Iconic, because Germaine has a Look and she can maintain it flawlessly.

Bond (2): I must always look like I know what I am doing!


Active Arc: Reality Syndrome

Basic Work and Study (0/9)
You like helping people with their problems and being cool while you're doing it! When you emote 'sparkle!' or 'ting!' to show how amazing you are, add a tick to this quest.

Shaking It Up (0/21) (based off Stale Life and A New Hobby)
You're bored. Everything's terribly stale. You're trying to shake things up, maybe by finding a new hobby or a new problem to tackle.

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

You’re delighted by an interesting/exciting problem;
You throw yourself into a big battle or confrontation and get unexpectedly hurt
You find something that finally captures your heart

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

you listlessly follow someone
doing homework
talking about why your life is this way (whatever way it is)
standing in high places
an animal or person annoys you while you’re shopping.
feeling dismal

Second Skin (0/9)
This Quest Miracle lets Germaine add a new Second Skin to her repertoire. She can tick the trigger by gaining information on her target, talking to her target or taking an item from the target, and the quest has to end with her winning a duel with them. Usually it's a punchup.

Shadow Hand Aura Activate! (0/9)
This Quest Miracle lets Germaine summon a shadow hand that can be used offensively or defensively! Like her "father", it probably represents her ego or something.

When you go Over the Top in one upping someone, hold up the sign that says "OVER THE TOP" and smirk at them.


Reality Syndrome 3

can take Suffer Corruption or Suffer Trauma

Let's Talk
People think she's really smug and could use a punch, but for some reason they can't start a fight themselves. This annoys Germaine who prides herself on being reasonably punchable, so she has to generate a Intention to be punched.

Let's Talk (Powered Up)

  • 2 MP—become someone’s treasured comrade, 1/book
  • 4 MP—do so a second or later time per book

Shared Experience

  • 0 MP—after a few minutes, you can share your experience with others
  • 4 MP—you can invoke this power instantly

Experience: "You are painfully aware that Germaine Dace is so much better than you."

Let's Go! Everyone!

  • 0 MP—1/chapter, you can share your Experience more forcefully
  • 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter
  • 2 MP—use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours
  • +2 MP—share an Experience you’re not indulging in/engaging in yourself

This allows Germaine to forcibly let everyone know she's better than them!

"If your Experience is something you can actively engage or indulge in, then Let’s Go! Everyone! gives you a +3 Tool bonus and 2 Edge in an otherwise fair contest when trying to convince others to engage/indulge in that Experience alongside you. (Or, at a higher MP cost, to do so without you, or without noticing that you’re going to stop/sneak off partway through.)"

True Experience

  • +0 MP—invoke this power together with Shared Experience
  • 1 MP—invoke this power (again?) while Shared Experience is active

And this allows Germaine to actually prove it, by manifesting equipment.

True Experience (Powered Up)

  • +2 MP (max 4)*—invoke this power together with Shared Experience
  • 2 MP—invoke this power (again?) while Shared Experience is active
  • MP costs that are 5+ before the extra cost are not reduced.

This lets Germaine overwrite the world with her being better than everyone.


"the Second Skins power, which you can use once per chapter as a chthonic action to copy another person’s powers, Skills, and Perks and add them to your own (as the eponymous “Second Skin”). You generally need to study that person with a quest before you can borrow their powers—usually, 15 XP can add a random NPC to your list of skins, a Perk costing 20+ XP can add a non-miraculous Main Character to your list, and a Perk costing 35+ XP can give you access to the powers of a peer. You can keep the new powers indefinitely, or at least until the chapter’s end, but if someone commands you to do something for them in the name of the Skin you’re wearing you have no choice save to obey or lose the powers themselves."

Her Second Skins ritual is winning in a punchup.

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