Superior Junk Bot


This is a skill that represents being made out of scavenged rusty metal robot parts. It grants robot strength and the ability to ignore things like disease and poison, as well as blending in with piles of junk. It could grant other specialized uses depending on what the robot is for but these are normal uses of the skill and don't grant edge. Junk bots never get their edge against more properly made automatons.

-Junk Bot 1 represents not actually being a junk bot, not really. You're a junk cyborg or a junk bot enthusiast. You may act like a junk bot at times but you're not much stronger than regular people or much better at hiding in garbage.

-Junk Bot 2 is for minor junk bots, smaller than human sized. They are usually not very intelligent but can be good at what they were built for and are pretty strong. Motionless they look just like a pile of trash if they have other garbage to blend in with.

-Junk Bot 3 makes you a full fledged junk bot, as capable of reasoning as a human but with none of those messy biological needs or functions. Instead you have cool garbage functions! You're really really strong and can just go limp into a heap and look like a pile of garbage with only a minimal amount of cover. Junk bots are a little tougher than humans but tend to fall apart rather than resist damage. They are easy to repair and find replacement parts for however.

-Junk Bot 4 is the next upgrade, strong enough to toss cars like they were tennis balls, smart enough to out calculate most computers in town and capable of appearing like a garbage heap without any cover to rely on. They also tend to be larger than human size and have layers of redundant junk that means even if they seem to fall apart they can keep on going.

-Junk Bot 5 is the pinnacle of the science of recycled robotics. These bots tend to be enormous, like a walking garbage dump. They are near impossible to injure since nothing on them is really vital, they could lose 75% of their mass and still be totally functional. They can smash down buildings with their punches and usually have a variety of on board weaponry.

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