Stevenverse Reginald

Reginald Crawford VII - The Grail-Seeker


  • Name: Reginald Crawford VII
  • Age: 82
  • Academic Ability: Mad Scientist
  • Athletic Ability: Pathetic
  • Favorite Food: Coffee
  • Gem: Rough Jet


  • (Magical) Faux Gemtech 2 - You developed your own super-science, a hybrid between modern earth technology and scavenged Gem tech.
  • Sneaky Creeper 1 - You have a habit of getting places where you're not supposed to be and suddenly appearing behind people.
  • Gem Lore 0 - You don't really know that much about Gems or where they came from for someone who dedicated his life to studying them.
  • For the Good of Mankind 2 - Your justification for all kinds of wicked deeds.
  • Experimental Doctor 3 - Generations of all kinds of arcane medical knowledge are at your disposal.


  • Accessory: The Hanged Man - A high-tech submarine / mobile laboratory
  • Bond: I must save humanity! 2 - This drive includes saving individual humans when they are in need - or not, sometimes. Mostly depends on your own delusions.
  • Connection: Mystic Topaz 1 - You are oddly fond of the little puffball.
  • Connection: Apatite 1 - As a fellow engineer, you know how she ticks.

Arc Traits

Wounded Angel 3

A Second Too Late(Dramatic)
You tend to show up just after some major Gem-related event or catastrophe to pick up the pieces.

You can use Gems and Gem-related artifacts to use in your Faux Gemtech skill.

Divine Health +3

Spark of Madness (Blasphemy)
You hold the potential for great works of science and medicine inside you. You could save the world - or doom it, should you ever let loose. Once you lose all your Divine Health Levels, you cannot hold this spark of madness back and whatever project you're working on is pushed beyond the limits of sanity.
This functions as a wish, like: "I wish this project would go horribly wrong."

Empowered Wounds


Supreme Invocation



Empowered Wounds

The Crawford Legacy
For seven generations your family has been searching for the elusive creatures known as Gems in order to uncover their greatest secret - immortality! It is Reginalds duty to continue the search, for the pride of his family and the good of mankind, even though at times, the Legacy feels more like a curse than a calling.

Gem Sniffer
Miraculous Action
You have an uncanny ability to figure out how places and people are connected to the Gems. It's almost as if you can see the connections they form with their environment. (Essentially The Sight for Gems)

Imperial Miracle
Something in your bloodline made you especially resistant to the powers of the Gems. While sustaining this power, Gems have a hard time dealing with you directly. You and your actions gain an Auctoritas of 2 and Obstacle of 2 against Gems. (Basically an Auctoritas Magister, but only vs Gems)

Song of The Light
Humanity will perish some day, unless you do something about it. Humans must survive, no matter the cost.

Soul Extraction
Miraculous Action
One of the fruits of your labor is the Soul Extraction Device, an abhorrent machine that extracts the soul and consciousness of a living being and transforms it into a gem. When used on Gems, it just destabilizes their bodies without much negative effect, they can instantly reform if they wish.

Imperial Miracle
While you sustain this power, you can work on soulstones with your mundane actions. Usually you use your Experimental Doctor skill to bind them to a body, but other things might be possible with some experimentation.

Allegory 0

Role: Doctor
Failing: The Desire for Immortality
Truth: The Jet Gemstone holds the souls of my family line.

Somebody Else's Problem
You should stand out like a sore thumb wherever you ride your floating wheelchair, but somehow, people just don't seem to register anything unusual about you. It's also hard for Gems to figure out that you're using scavenged Gemtech in your devices.
Obstacle of 2

Legendary Weapon
Jet Singularity

The huge Jet-stone serving double-duty as your phylactery and the power source of The Hanged Man was an imperfect attempt to create a Gem with a human soul. It kind of worked, keeping your soul practically immortal, but it cannot quite create the hard-bodies the Gems possess. Most of the time, that is.
You can briefly transform your current body into pure energy and take on the form of a real gem. This works best when copying the form of another Gem (and their weapon). Where the gemstone would be, there's just a black hole. This form has impressive destructive capabilities but is very fragile and temporary, it lasts only for a scene or until hit with a sufficiently powerful effect.

Experimental Doctor Skill

A Tangled History

Quests and XP Stuff

Floating XP: 1

Emotion XP: Shiver in Wonder / Terror

Basic Quest: Gem Studies 1/9
Propose a theory about the Gems, their origins or how you could apply their tech/abilities to help humanity.

Knight 1 Quest: Adventure GET 1/21
Time to get involved with the Crystal Gems, whether they want to or not!

Mutable Stats

Will: 7/8
MP: 5/5

Health Levels:
Divine(Empowered: Song of the Light)
Divine(Empowered: The Crawford Legacy)

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