Stevenverse Olivine



  • Superior Vitality 3
  • Responsible 2
  • Devouring 1
  • Earth Gem Knowledge 1
  • Magical Skill: Preparedness 1
  • Superior Shapeshifting 0
  • Connection: The Crystal Gems 2


  • Shine 2
  • Affliction: Stress-shifting (Sickness)

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You

Basic Quest: Responsibilities

  • 1xp/Scene: Say catchphrase “It’s what needs to be done.”.

Emptiness 1: Magical Duties

  • 3xp, up to 3:
    • Someone tries to set you up (romantically) with a relative or friend of theirs;
    • Someone seeks you out and asks you to defeat a monster or stop some magical calamity;
    • You participate in some costumed event or dance at a festival.
  • 1xp/Chapter:
    • having a meal with a friend at the temple
    • completing a mission
    • explaining the nature of the crystal gems and their purpose (“to protect the world”)
    • bubbling a corrupted gem
    • cleaning the temple

Side Quest: Wicked Creatures

  • 3xp, up to 2
    • you tell people that you think your corruptor is lonely.
    • your corruptor reveals its identity.
    • some quasi-abandoned or pointless member of the cast takes on new story life as a minion of this corrupting power.
  • 1xp/Chapter
    • you’re spending too much time in your corruptor’s Chapel
    • you fall under the sway of your corruptor’s voice, power, or dreams
    • you’re sucked into a dramatic dream or memory of your corruptor
    • your corruptor or a minion thereof comforts you
    • your corruptor, some power you got from them, or one of their minions helps you out with your chores or your ordinary life.


Retreat to the Gem Temple by bubbling yourself

You tend to appear when one of the other players needs help

Tool bonus to Preparedness when using the things Rose Quartz left behind

Divine Health
+4 Divine Health Levels

(Cage for a) Blasphemy
When you lose all of your divine health level, you lose control of your magic… including the magic binding the monsters bubbled in the Temple. When your bubbles pop, a wave of monsters, some bearing ancient grudges, are released… and it’s your responsibility to put them back.

Release an Empowered Wound

Supreme Invocation

  • 0 MP - Once per book, use a Wish based on one of your Wounds
  • 4 MP - Do so for a second or greater time in a book

Once per campaign, say a Wish to bind someone else to you and help them with what they’re dealing with.


  • 0 MP - 1/Book connect to the character you used Salvation on. For the scene act as if they have Connection 5 to you and increase their inherent connection to you by 1 permanently.
  • 4 MP - do so a second or later time per book
Empowered Wounds
  • 0 MP + 1 Divine Health Level - 1/Chapter bind a power to one of your Divine Health levels
  • 4 MP + 1 Divine Health Level - do it again

Your gem was damaged in the war and you lost the spark that made you a person rather than a thing. Even now, millennia after Rose Quartz helped you to repair yourself, the question of your essential personness is still up for debate.
Acid Spit (Miraculous Power)

  • 0MP - mid-scene, spit out a stream of green acid that can dissolve most physical substances 1-2x/scene
  • 1 MP - starting mid-scene, invoke this power an additional time
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene
  • 4 MP - invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene.

Monstrous Form (Imperial Miracle)

  • 0 MP - 1/week, grow a monstrous feature (i.e. pincers, an armored carapace, webbed wings, laser eyes, etc.) which takes the form of a level 2 Superior Skill
  • 1 MP - use this “power” a second or later time this week
  • 2 MP - use this “power” a second or later time in a single day
  • 4 MP - use this “power” a second or later time in a single scene

Inhuman Scale (Imperial Miracle)

  • 0MP - grow enormous! Like… whoa!
  • 1MP - return to normal size between chapters
  • 2MP - return to normal size between scenes
  • 4MP - return to normal size instantly

You've lost someone special, perhaps the most special person there ever was. The others don't understand, they loved her, they miss her… But they didn't know her. There's a hole where she was.
A Missing Piece (Miraculous Power)

  • 0 MP - from inside the Temple, speak to the other Crystal Gems, no matter where they are
  • 1 MP - 1/week, use this power to help someone else heal an injury - physical, spiritual, or emotional
  • 2 MP - user this power a second or later time this week
  • 4 MP - use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours

Happier Days (Imperial Miracle)

  • 0 MP - 1/week, after a few minutes of reminiscing, your memories take on a life of their own.
  • 1 MP - use this “power” a second or later time this week
  • 2 MP - use this “power” a second or later time in a single day
  • 4 MP - use this “power” instantly, even while awake

A Gift to Remember Her By (Miraculous Power)

  • 2 MP - use Rose’s Shield to negate an attack against your friends
  • 4 MP - use Rose’s Shield to negate an attack against yourself

You have a lot of new responsibilities. Between helping the new gems settle in; maintaining the temple, the warp network, and the gem ruins around the world; and caring for and trying to help the corrupted and destroyed gems bubbled in your room or the temple… There's a lot on your plate.
Multi-tasking (Miraculous Power)

  • 0 MP - starting mid-scene, create a mini-Centipeetle minion as an extension of yourself 1-2x/scene
  • 1 MP - starting mid-scene, invoke this power an additional time
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene
  • 4 MP - invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene. Alternately, create a swarm of mini-Centipeetles

Inheritance (Imperial Miracle)

  • 0 MP - With preparation and preplanning you can endure any hazard - - being submerged in lava or buried underground or stung by swarms of bees - - while fulfilling one of your responsibilities.
  • 4 MP - Just do it without the prep work.

You have a lot on your plate right now and there's only more coming. There are so many shoes about to drop, so many. Augh!
Let Me Handle This (Miraculous Power)

  • 0 MP - 1/Chapter you may declare that you are going to perform a favor for someone in their place, assuming they consent to this. You gain a 2-point Bond "I am driven by my desire to help out with task" until; You complete the task, the task becomes irrelevant to you, the task becomes impossible to complete, or you activate this ability again in order to replace the task with another prematurely.
  • 2 MP - You may use this power a second time this Chapter.
  • 4 MP - Instead of gaining a 2-point Bond towards your task, by spending 4 MP you may instead choose to gain an 3-point Affliction "I cannot be stopped from helping out with task". This Affliction lasts as long as you sustain an action for it, and only disappears on its own if the task becomes impossible or irrelevant to you. You cannot spend MP to use this version of Let Me Handle This a second time per chapter.

Forewarned (Imperial Miracle)

  • 0 MP - 1/Chapter, focus your vision and look ahead to what's coming. You create a Region Property of Olivine Saw This Coming in your immediate area.
  • 4 MP - Use this power a second or later time this Chapter.

Sans Souci (Miraculous Power)
[Scrap this and think of something else?]

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/6 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 6/5 MP
  • Issues
    • Sickness 1
    • Something to Deal With 2
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Emptiness 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Responsibilities - 1/9xp
      • Gem Duties - 1/21xp
      • Wicked Creatures - 1/15xp
    • Unspent XP: 2xp


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