Stevenverse Heather

Heather Vaghasiya

Deep down I know that I'm just a human.
But I know that I can draw my sword and fight.
With my short existence I can make a difference.
I can be there for her, I can be her knight.

Emotion XP: Fist-Pump



Normal Health 2/2
Tough Health 1/1
Divine Health 2/2
Will 8/8
MP 5/5


Feeling great!


Superior Warrior's Heart 3
Grace 1
Enthusiastic 2
Well-read 1
Loyal 2
A Little Too Passionate -1


Bond: I want to be a part of this universe [2]
Accessory: Rose Quart's Sword
Shine [2]
Connection: Mystic Topaz [3]
Connection: Crystal Gems [1]
Connection: Dr and Mr Vaghasiya [3]

Miraculous Powers

Gem World

Initiate of a Hidden World

  • 0 MP - Shroud a hidden truth from uninitiated eyes
  • 4 MP - Awaken yourself or another to a hidden truth

Superior Warrior's Heart

Understand public knowledge related to Swordplay, Strategy and Chivalry
+2 Tool bonus to prying into anything actively being kept secret

Mind Over Body
Resist mild to serious damage and disguise self

Basic Moves

  • 1 MP - Perform a basic move
  • 4 MP - Teach a basic move to a new initiate


This is probably the fiddliest part. Come up with a few basic techniques everyone in your Secret World knows – maybe there's a forum for humans who know Gem secrets that you know how to reach and can find useful information on, or you can produce extremely impressive cosplay for the world of fandom, or whatever. You can do those, and teach them to others.

Plot Devices

  • 2 MP - Claim a new Plot Device

Heather has a list of special tricks she can come up with – typically starting with Unusual Swordplay Techniques (such as the Overhand Death Strike). She can have two Unusual Swordplay Techniques at a time, and they stick around until the end of the book or until an appropriate Issue (usually Calling or Hero) is closed out.

Describe what the move is and what it does – sticking with the Overhand Death Strike, you could describe it as a projectile reflector. In a pinch, you can also use a Tough or Divine Health Level to come up with a Plot Device. You'll get more types of Plot Device and more to put in each category as your Specialist Arc Trait improves.


  • 2 MP

You can call upon the power of your Plot Devices to work on a miraculous level. Each Plot Device can have one power, but you can call on it as often as your MP stocks hold out. For example, you might call upon the Overhand Death Strike to reflect a powerful but non-miraculous Gem energy blast back at its source.

Implausible Skill

  • 2 MP

You can use your Specialty to do all kinds of things – discover clues, impress people, draw interesting new NPCs into your life, delay enemies, reveal secrets, hatch plans, get sudden strokes of luck, earn a +2 Tool bonus on an action and so on.


  • 4 MP

You can call upon your Plot Devices to turn others' actions against them in spectacular fashion. This is the power you call on to say “You will regret bringing those laser guns, for I know the Overhand Death Strike!”

Symbolic Logic

  • O MP

You can see how people fit into the World of Fantasy Novels - basically, you can spot who reads them incidentally, who's a huge fan, who's an author or aspiring author, and so on. While doing this, you suffer Obstacle 1 to deal with the more mundane aspects of reality, but you also benefit from a free 1 Strike.


  • 0 MP

You can change things to be a little closer to your Mythos - not dragging everything into a fantasy novel, but making a kitchen knife function like a sword, infusing some random book with Essence of Tolkien, or the like. This functions as a level 3 magical Intention, and can also be used to edit things back the way they were before.

Somebody Else's Story

  • 1 MP

You can share the spirit of people that are tied to your Mythos in some way. For example, you might get a literal peek inside the head of an author. Generally, you can only experience the part of them that is actually invested in fantasy novels - if someone's reading the latest in a series because they're stressed out from work and need a break, you'll only get the bit that's actually reading and not the bit about stress or work. Generally speaking, when you're doing this you face an Obstacle 2 to do things with your own body.


  • 0 MP

If you've shared someone's spirit with Somebody Else's Story, you receive a +1 Tool bonus to Connections with them and vice versa.

The Wages of Sin

  • 1 MP

You'll have a Failing. You can scan a situation to see how that Failing is relevant - if your Failing is that you lack patience, you can spot when impatience is the root of a problem. From Arc 1 this is free.

Shared Experience

  • 2 MP

You can spot other people's similarities to your Role - if your Role is "Topaz's Best Friend" you can see how friendly other people are towards Topaz, for example. This functions as a temporary Affliction granting you perception of that similarity. It'll get cheaper as your Arc Trait increases.

Issues and Quests

Issues! X

A Fascination for Strangeness
Type: red, basic
XP: 0/15

Heather has had a normal upbringing – maybe a bit more bookish, a bit less social than most, but mostly normal and boring. She always wanted an adventure; now she's got one.

She'll have a catchphrase: “I love hanging out at your place!” By using this when things get interesting, up to 1/scene or once every 15 minutes, you can earn 1XP toward this Quest. By completing it, you'll earn a Recharge Token (presumably a memento of some kind), which can be expended to restore Will and MP.

A Little Bit Overwhelmed
Type: Aspect 1, Mystic 1, Shepherd 1, Knight 2
XP: 0/25

Heather is really psyched up about this. Really. She gets to have an adventure of her very own! She's been trusted with a sword that's really important to virtually everyone.

She can do this.

At the same time, however…nearly everyone she's going on an adventure with has probably met Charlemagne. The fate of the world could be at stake, and she's the only one here who isn't a superpowered alien. It's just…a bit stressful occasionally, okay?

She'll have a card with two sides, usually “Optimistic” and "Overwhelmed”. Flip the card once per scene or once every 15 minutes for 1XP toward this Quest.

A Wrinkle in Life
Type: Knight 1, Otherworldly 1, Aspect 1, Shepherd 1, Mystic 1
XP: 0/30
Heather's life is kind of weird. She's at your parents' house, and everything is normal, and you read fantasy novels and practice tennis and watch movies. Then she's with the gems, and robots drop out of the sky and she helps someone who was around before the Roman Empire deal with unresolved grief. Then it's back home for tennis practice and fantasy novels again. She's going to be exploring that.

Major goals:

• She's caught in a terrifying battle or other crisis.
• She needs to conceal something weird and supernatural from ordinary people.
• She realizes that she's been robbed or lured into a trap.

Quest flavour:

• [P][S] She talks about why her life is the way it is.
• [Y][R] She dreams of distant lands or strange circumstances.
• [U] She implements a plan.
• [S] She stands in a high place.
• [P] She helps to keep someone grounded.
• [G] She neglects some mundane task in favor of dreaming about the other, more interesting side of her life.



Canon Connie (will update at a later point)



Superior Warrior's Heart 3
Grace 1
Enthusiastic 2
Well-read 1
Loyal 2
A Little Too Passionate -1

Miraculous Arcs

Become Somebody [Knight 0]

Role: [insert the function Heather is working towards here]
Truth: [insert some important trait of Heather here]
Failing: [insert something that makes it hard for Heather to live up to her Role here]

Knave of Hearts [Mystic 1]

Mythos: Fantasy novels

Arc Traits: [Specialist 2]

Specialty: Warrior's Heart

Secret World: Gem World


Bond - I want to be a Part of This Universe [2]

Accessory - Rose Quartz's Sword

Shine 1
From Knave of Hearts


A Fascination for Strangeness


Befriending This Town

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