Stevenverse Arthur

Arthur Conan Universe

Dad, Moustache Owner, Eccentric Pre-Millionaire.

Emotion XP: Face-Palm


Normal Health 2/2
Tough Health 1/1
Divine Health 2/2
Will 8/8
MP 5/5


So far, not dead!


Driving 1
Trivia 3
Not Freaking Out 2
Eccentricity 1
Shine 1




Mystic Topaz: —Maybe the most important thing my wife ever did. Rose isn't here to raise her, so I will.
Olivine: —Rose was like a mother to her, so technically that makes me her step-father. It's weird because of how she's several centuries older than I am, but I don't make the rules.

Miraculous Powers

Previous Arcs: Creature of The Light 1/Creature of Fable 1/Become Somebody 1

Truth: I know a lot of things about a lot of things
Failing: Irresponsible
Role: Mystic Topaz’s Dad

We All Get Distracted Once In a While.
Type: Miraculous Action
‘‘ 1 MP at Arc 0—see the influence of a Failing
‘‘ 0 MP at Arc 1+

It’s not that Arthur is trying to be irresponsible, it’s just that there are so many interesting things in the world, things that are way more interesting than being on time or paying taxes. Sometimes it’s just too easy to let the boring things go, even if you shouldn’t.

But because he lives the lifestyle, Arthur can see when and where irresponsibility has influenced a situation.

We Both Want What’s Best For Her
Type: Miraculous Action
‘‘ 2 MP at Arc 0—understand the part of a person that shares/resembles your Role
‘‘ 1 MP at Arc 1
‘‘ 0 MP at Arc 2+

Caring for a… child(?) is an important duty, one which Arthur takes as seriously as he can. He wants what’s best for Mystic Topaz, and he wants to make sure that other people have her best interests at heart, too.

He can invoke Shared Experience to put himself in tune with the part of people who want what’s best for his daughter.

This functions as a temporary Affliction with a rating equal to the Arc. What that means is that the world will sometimes just… give… him insights into this stuff, into that part of what makes a person tick. If he has to make the call on whether to trust someone in a crisis, he’ll be able to see the part of them that’s thinking about how to protect Mystic Topaz (or, if he doesn’t see anything like that, he’ll know it isn’t there.)

Plus, it means that if someone wants to hide this stuff from him—if somebody wants to pose as an ally to Mystic Topaz while secretly wishing her ill? They’ll need to use a miracle with [Strike ≥ your Arc Trait.]

That’s Just Who I Am
Type: Auctoritas
Cost: —
There are certain things that are simply true about you. They resist the power of miracles, wishes, and the Outside.

I am Mystic Topaz’s Dad
I know a lot of things about a lot of things

These are protected by an Auctoritas with rating equal to the Arc Trait. If you buy additional Truths (as noted on pg. 494, you can spend a Recharge Token to do so), they are added to the list.

Don’t Worry, I’ll Figure This Out
Type: Special (activates an Affliction when used)
‘‘ 2 MP at Arc 1—belong somewhere you hadn’t
‘‘ 1 MP at Arc 2
‘‘ 0 MP at Arc 3+
Arthur’s learning to handle himself in a large variety of situations that he didn’t really expect to. But he’s going to figure out how to take it in stride.

Wherever he is, he can spend 0-2 MP and basically make himself at home.
While he sustains an action, he has an Affliction that’s basically:

“I belong here.”

This has the following effects:
You have at least a +1 Tool bonus to doing whatever you should be doing;
You get your Arc Trait’s rating (1 ) as a free Connection to the environment;
The HG will sometimes throw miraculous coincidences and bursts of inspiration in to help you out;
You’ll have a lot of trouble remembering that this isn’t always who you are and where you lived.

Also it takes a pretty powerful miracle (with at least [Strike ≥ your Arc Trait]) to forcibly make you feel out of your element.

Let’s Work Hard!
Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 0 MP

Arthur has access to a pool of 3 Miraculous Will whenever he is helping Mystic Topaz in some way.

Type: Imperial Miracle
‘‘ 0 MP—obtain the best reasonable lighting
‘‘ 2 MP at Arc 0—declare lighting out of nowhere.
1 MP at Arc 1
0 MP at Arc 2

For whatever reason, Arthur is always well-lit and obvious. Perhaps his many television appearances have simply taught him where to stand to make himself look good.

What? I’m Sorry, I Wasn’t Listening
Type: Imperial Miracle
‘‘ 0 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe 1-2 actions in the Auctoritas Magister
‘‘ 1 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe an extra action in the Auctoritas Magister
‘‘ 2 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister
‘‘ 4 MP—swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister

Is it luck? Persistance? A kick of adrenaline? For some reason it’s surprisingly difficult for even powerful monsters and gems to actually hurt Arthur.
This power shelters Arthur’s actions behind an Auctoritas equal to the Arc Trait’s rating—e.g., Auctoritas 2 when you reach level 2 in Creature of the Light.

To a limited extent this protects his person—if his action is defensive, or if something would hurt or transform him in such a way as to impede his action. If he spends 2+ MP, then his body and mind are directly protected.

Type: Miraculous Action, Major
‘‘ 0 MP—1/chapter, appear to someone you have a Connection
‘‘ 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter
‘‘ 4 MP—appear in seconds instead of minutes, or even less
than that if dramatically required

Arthur has a giant collection of stuff, and sometimes, when people see something weird, it reminds them of him or of something he said to them.

Or sometimes he just happens to be there, haggling with the owner in an attempt to buy it.

I gave this talk on the late show a few years back…
Type: Miraculous Action
‘‘ 0 MP—1/book, transfix those around you with your mundane actions
‘‘ 4 MP—do so a second or later time per book

Arthur is extremely good at telling long, distracting stories about nothing in particular.

Invoke Transfix to add a glamour to a slow and careful mundane
action—something without sudden movements—and you can
transfix those who are observing you, making it effectively impossible
for them to pay attention to anything else.

Between The Boundaries


Who wears sandals with a tweed suit? Arthur has a very fashion forward sensibility that is hard to change. People have tried.

Superior Hunter

Cut The Soul


Universe of the Bizarre
Type: black, basic

XP: 1/9

The world is full of strange things to find and learn, but of course you already know about most of them.

  • Gain 1xp/scene when you see something you don't quite understand, but decide to explain what's going on with some "well-known" and "completely true" bit of trivia.

Getting to Know You
Type: purple

XP: 0/15

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 3 XP when you

  • get yourself, Mystic Topaz, or both of you in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with her;
  • get in trouble trying to help with Gem Stuff, and one of the Gems in some fashion supports you.
  • get chewed out by one of the Crystal Gems (including Mystic Topaz) for getting in the way and making things harder

Quest Flavor:
Once per chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by

  • listening to stories about Mystic Topaz
  • Sharing your memories of Rose Quartz
  • helping out with the daily life of Mystic Topaz
  • Sharing something you love with one of the Gems
  • spending time with Mystic Topaz and thinking about the parts of that that are “different” from your usual life.

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

Out of your league

Major Goals

  • You formally commit (aloud or in an emote) to trying to help with something Gem related;
  • Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well-staged way—whether that’s accidentally walking backwards into an enemy camp, breaking into a supposedly empty manor during what turns out to be a dinner party, or declaring that everything’s fine as long as there aren’t any werewolves around just before werewolves show up
  • Someone rescues you

Quest Flavor

  • catch eerie glimpses/foreshadowing of a threat to Mystic Topaz
  • listen to somebody explaining their despair
  • are shown one of Mystic Topaz's secrets or new powers
  • sneak into somewhere you shouldn’t go
  • risk trouble by digging into Gem secrets
  • propose a theory about the underlying situation you’re in
  • tell someone a story related to the underlying situation you’re in
  • get into trouble trying to help somebody else



Miraculous Arcs

Become Somebody [Arc 1]
Creature of The Light
Creature of Fable


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