Stevenverse Ametrine


Lover of Dictaphones

Emotion XP: Aww!



Normal Health 2/2
Tough Health 1/1
Divine Health 2/2
Will 8/8
MP 5/5


Feeling great!


Performance 3
Superior Vitality 2
Superior Shapeshifting ?
??? ?
??? ?
??? -1


Bond: I am naturally inquisitive [2]
Affliction: Lies are obvious to my ears and from my tongue [2]

Miraculous Powers

Let’s Talk [Self-Made]
Let’s Coordinate [Self-Made]
Here’s What You’ll Do [Self-Made 1]
Minions [Self-Made 1]
C’mere [Self-Made 1]
Where-Sense, the [Self-Made 2]
Believe in Me [Self-Made 2]
Away With You [Self-Made 2]
Let’s Be BFFs [Self-Made 2]
Symbolic Logic [Knave of Hearts]
Idealize [Knave of Hearts]
Somebody Else’s Story [Knave of Hearts 1]
Communion [Knave of Hearts 1]
Shine Bonus [Knave of Hearts 1]

Issues and Quests

Issues! X



Gem Location: Neck/throat in the suprasternal notch
Gem Weapon: Long bow and arrows (particularly whistling ones for signals)


She was a gem lie detector. Now she's not. (Gem turned into a magic item; her form was basically a tape recorder. When recording someone speaking, only true statements would record - lies would be omitted from the playback.)


To be sorted to its proper place on this sheet:
Key concepts include communication, honesty, self-expression, creativity, voice, throat chakra.
Also very curious, everything is new and so interesting.
Knows when she hears a lie. (Doesn't mean she knows the truth though.)
Has difficulty speaking a lie. It goes against her nature.
Minions - various birds with an affinity for voice (songbirds and parrots).
Private struggle; act cool, put on good public face, but still upset and f*ed up about being made into a thing. (orange basic quest)
Dual color gem matches the duality of her private struggle.
Fascination with humans. "Oh, this is what we were fighting over? …. WHY? What makes them so special to save? Must find out more. Clearly there's something I'm missing…" (arc quest)
Aww! Tragic backstory, and facing stuff with stoicism. Fits. (bonus xp)
Mythos - thrilling world of music (no, not dictaphones).
Geeking out on new genres of music. (New to her. Which is everything.) And tying that in with her fascination for humans, like… "Have you heard this 'country western' music? Its amazing! I can't believe humans came up with this, wow…"


Miraculous Arcs

Self-Made [Sickly Storyteller 2]
Knave of Hearts [Frantic Mystic 1]


Bond - I am naturally inquisitive [2]

Affliction - Lies are obvious to my ears and from my tongue [2]


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