Serpent Chuubo

Favorite Foods: Fish, of course. Chuubo can eat it raw, but prefers it cooked, especially teriyaki style grill. And ice cream.

Blood Type: A

Animal: Snake

Age: Emotionally, about like a 15 year old. Physically, it depends on sea serpent physiology. Maybe 5? Maybe 15? Maybe 150?


  • Normal Health: 2/2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Will: 8/8
  • MP: 0/0


  • Superior Sea Serpent 3
  • Kindness 2
  • Good Smile/Face 1
  • Hobby: Word Games 1
  • Sense of Wonder 1


  • Bond: A Little Lonely 2 (Used to help when trying to make friends, be less lonely. Gets him in trouble and earns Will when he decides to see if a great white shark would like some company.)
  • Affliction: Ordinary 0 (People tend to take the fact you're a large talking snake as nothing unusual. I figure they treat him like humans treat Scooby Doo.)


  • None


  • None

Recovering MP

  • Once per week
  • When a Bond gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property


  • Current Arc: Otherworldly 0

Arc XP: 0/72
Free XP: 0

XP Actions (0/2 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Head-desk
  • Genre: Adventure Fantasy

Basic Quest:

Chuubo is an incorrigible punner. He gets an XP to this quest by delivering some (horrible) pun and saying "Heh! Wordplay!"

0 out of 9 XP

Arc 1: Changes, Simplified (Pg 365)

0 out of 15 XP

3 XP Actions:

  • There’s a scene where people are disapproving or bland but most importantly unfazed by your showing up with extra limbs or unusual physical alterations
  • You meet Death, the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy, or some other feared personage, but because you’re delirious or have reason to believe that it’s just somebody dressed as them, you have a pleasant chat instead of anything else.

1 XP/Chapter Actions:

  • dreaming of merging with a great and branching tree
  • uncontrolled shapeshifting, possibly in a dream/imagination spot
  • being surrounded by dancing shadows, possibly in a dream/imagination spot
  • noticing some weird mark or change in your body

Side Quest:

0 out of XP

Completed Quests

  • None


Chuubo is a sea serpent; probably a fairly young one. He's impressively large by human standards, but only 4-6 meters long, and maybe a foot thick. He could probably fit on the deck of the Didactic Albatross, and might do so with some regularity, especially if anyone on it is up for a game of Scrabble or has a newspaper crossword puzzle he could work on. (His tongue or the tip of his tail are flexible and delicate enough to grab a pencil or tiles.)

Nobody thinks it's strange that a talking sea serpent wants to come along on an adventure. Pirates and aquatic monsters just go together, right? And maybe he's a bit too peaceful and good mannered to be as intimidating as a giant snake should be; it's still a useful thing for a ship to have. Maybe even a good luck charm. And he likes the goals of the ship. His own goals seem to be to have a good time, but being along with these pirates seems… right.

Chuubo has three recurring dreams. In one, he's not an ordinary sea serpent, but one that is hundreds of kilometers long, swimming through the sea of space between worlds instead of the sea of water between islands. In another, he's a human boy, pretty normal, but maybe a little goofy. Maybe some sort of builder? He wakes up from those with memories of some sort of machine that does something marvelous.

His third dreams are much more abstract and hard to describe, but involve words. Letters flowing by, turning from abstract ideas into solid objects; speaking in a language that seems to be synonymous with creation. His will being enacted through his words, or perhaps vice versa.

He doesn't talk much about those dreams. He wouldn't want anyone to think he was a weird giant talking amphibious reptile who played Boggle.

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