Emilia Thorngarden

A long, long time ago, there was a great war between the shining forces of Creation and the bleak and horrible forces of Emptiness. It was a war waged on many fronts, a war waged with overt battles and with secret schemes.

Once, the forces of Emptiness captured a bright light, a shining knight of Creation. And they whispered strange blasphemous words to her, and broke her spirit, and when they sent her back to Creation everybody thought that she had escaped, and there was celebration.

And her name, from then on, was Dahlia Thorn.

And for many years she pretended to work for Creation, all while she was secretly hoping and working for the triumph of Emptiness and dissolution.

But eventually a stern and suspicious General of creation saw through Dahlia's lies, and in a rage at her betrayal, he tore her apart, scattering all the lies she told to the four winds, ripping and destroying and looking to find the secret truth that she kept in her heart. And when he was done, and she was dead and broken, that truth stood revealed to the world.

And that truth was you, Emilia Thorngarden.

And what does that mean? Why was the secret emptiness in her heart a child? Why did that cruel general leave you alive? Why do you remember an idyllic childhood with your mother in her endless gardens when you were born at the exact moment she died?

Your mother was made from ideas, ideas about what the world should be. Perhaps if you find those ideas, you'll find your mother, and be able to ask her…

Whatever it is that you need to ask.

Mutable Stats

Will 8/8
MP 1/1

Health Levels
Divine Empty Empty
Tough Empty
Normal Empty Empty


Doctoring (3) - For your young age, you are a fantastic doctor
Bedside Manner (2) - You are good at getting people to open up to you, and to feel at ease. People trust you to help them
Forming deep connections (-1) - But you have trouble progressing beyond a professional relationship
Sailing (1) - You can help with the ship, in an emergency
Magical Skill: Changeling (1) - You are magically good at hiding your nature as a left-over horror from a forgotten age
Shine (1) - You can make others feel good about helping you; it's something you get from your mother


Bond: I won't be hurried (2) - Anything worth doing is worth doing carefully and quietly. This helps you to do complicated tasks under pressure, but gets you in trouble when you ignore incoming catastrophes in order to focus on your own work.
Affliction: I burn at the touch of a friend (0) - You are the part of a double-agent that remains hidden from the world, the knowledge that all your relationships are based on lies and prudence. So making real connections with people tends to make you burst into flames.
Connection: Chuubo (1) - You inherited your mother's love of cute animals, especially ones that will play fun games with you.

Emotion XP

Aww! XP

Basic Quest 0/9 XP

I'm not really here (Struggle)

Really, you want to connect to people, but… they're so mysterious, so empty, so fragile. In social situations you can hold up a sign that says

This means a lot to me!

But some buried part of you is thinking

Why doesn't this mean more to me?

Quest 1: Memories of My Mother 0/15 XP

A Green Custom Quest

Major Goals (3XP each, once per quest)

  • You see signs that somebody is coming to kill you
  • Your mother appears to you in a dream, and gives you specific instructions
  • You find a tangible relic of your mother, whether that's an object that was important to her, a journal she kept, or a pearl that has formed around one of her memories. Whatever it is, it will be a physical object, or at least like a physical object, in that you can carry it around, and others can see, affect, or even steal it.

Quest Flavor (1XP each, once per chapter)

  • You play a friendly game with somebody
  • You pick wildflowers
  • You dream of being a dragon
  • You throw or help throw a party for somebody else
  • You can't sleep at night, so you find somebody else who is awake (or wake somebody up) and share something personal with them

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Arc: Wounded Angel (0)

0/?? XP until Arc Level 1

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