God, Goddess of Yokai.


2 Ambush Predator IS
2 Basking in Emotion IS
2 Cool
2 Shine

1 mp / 4 will

EXP: Shiver of Silliness.
Free XP: 1

Connection 3: The Dream Witch of the Methodology Building.
Power: You can touch someone to inflict a hallucination.

Pseudo Perks:
Affliction: "I am completed by my partner and we complete the world."


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Calling 1

You feel like there’s something you need to do, but you’re not sure what. You’ve forgotten, or you haven’t figured it out yet, or all the pieces haven’t come together yet for you to act

Isolation 1

You are not alone. You’re not lost. You’re not messed up. Are you?

Trust 2

You can rely on others.


Visionary 2 :

A Taste for Dreams: (Sense Falsehood.)

A Miraculous Sense for when the world is a Lie.


Bask in Emotion 2

Illusions of Emptiness


Cost (Arc 2):
0 MP—1-2x/book, conceptualize one or more new blessings
4 MP—conceptualize a new blessing
A “minor blessing” is something that PCs (including you) can purchase for 1 MP. It can be an item, or a spell they cast, or a spell you cast on them. It has an effect like …

a +1 Tool bonus for something specialized
a +2 Tool bonus for something niche
a specialized and straightforward miracle (one use)

A “major blessing” is something that PCs (including you) can purchase for 2 MP. It has an effect like …

a +1 Tool bonus for something useful
a +2 Tool bonus for something specialized
a specialized, complex miracle (one use)
an extremely niche effect (endless)

Creature of Fable 2

  • Between the Boundaries
  • Iconic
  • Cut the Soul (at Arc 1+)
  • Superior Hunter (at Arc 1+)
  • Resemble (at Arc 2+)
  • Declare (at Arc 2+)

Quests: ==

Arc : 27 / ?? ===

Basic Quest: Generic Green ===

12/15 You have a card labeled “Goddess”/”Dork”

Basic Quest: Lost and Confused (Blue) ===

3/15 When you propose a new theory about how messed up the modern world is.

Bind (Dramatic Version)

Bonus XP You can earn a bonus XP towards this quest at any time (but only once per scene/15 minutes) by proposing a theory about how the bound 'human' should approach her monstrous heritage. This could manifest as:
☐ speculating about how to connect to the horror and make it understand the human world;
☐ attempting to explain the human world to it;
☐ helping it understand how its past and future actions fit into the human context. …but ultimately it just boils down to this: propose a theory, earn an XP. Your character must propose the theory aloud or, at minimum, in their official internal narration—it can’t just be you, as the player, at the table, it has to be IC.

Reward: 'this quest often grants a small miraculous power relating to dreams or sleep.' Suggested follow-up: "Wishing for Ease" or "Wishing for Power."

Set Aside Quests

Arc Quest: Into the Shadows: ===



  • ‘Something Pure is hurt by your investigation.’
  • ‘The real reason you are involved comes to light’
  • ‘You confront X with the Truth’


  • Something you care about hurts you.
  • You are warned not to look deeper.
  • You start talking about the case in some unrelated milieu,
  • You throw your all into finding something and only get more confused.
  • You try to forget in vice
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