Lauren Kovarnis

A character in the Stars Fallen on an Endless Sea campaign.

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You


Normal Health: 2/2
Tough Health: 1/1
Divine Health: 2/2
Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 4
  • Determined 2
  • Shadow Magic 2


  • Accessory: the Staff of the Crescent Moon
    Accessible via Lauren's “Traditional Tools” power, the Staff is a potent weapon with the ability to cut through any phenomenon the razor-sharp inner edge of its headpiece can touch.
  • Skill: Superior Dreamer 3


none yet


none right now

Miraculous Abilities: Cautionary [2]

On some level, Lauren is a creature of nightmare, a punisher of those who defy the laws of Dream.

My Lips Are Sealed [Affliction]

Lauren never reveals a secret. She hints at them, she dances around them, but to outright reveal one would be antithetical to her nature. Even if she tried, something would stop her! (This acts as an Affliction with level [Lauren's Sickness] + 1.)

Keen Eyes

Cost: 0 MP

Lauren has miraculously sharp vision. In addition, she can look at someone and see what they have lately dreamt of as an aura around them.

Physical Control Bonus [Superior Skill]

As a Perk (given a free slot), Lauren receives Superior Physical Control equal to her Arc level in Cautionary.

Inhuman Physical Control

Mundane actions opposing Lauren's Superior Physical Control automatically fail, and she gains free Strike equal to her Arc level in Cautionary on actions using her Superior Physical Control. She must take a mundane action to invoke SPC and a miraculous action to invoke IPC to gain these benefits (though these may be combined).

Awful Magic

Cost: 0 MP, once a chapter; 2 MP, second or later time per chapter

Lauren can evoke a Symbol to produce an associated miraculous effect. She knows two such Symbols.

Symbol: a bloody moon in the first stages of a lunar eclipse
Incantation: “Blood Moon Bramble!”
Special Effects: thorny vines of shadow writhing up out of the ground (or out of nowhere, if in mid-air) to entangle the target
Effect: target cannot move (including teleportation-type abilities) by any mundane action, and suffers an Auctoritas equal to Lauren's Arc level in Cautionary against any miraculous movement powers

Symbol: ???
Incantation: “Dream-Cleaving Razor Torrent!”
Special Effects: a stream of razor-edged silver crescents streaming from her outstretched hand
Effect: inflicts a Deadly Wound on the target and severs them from their dreams until it's healed (Bleak power whose actual effect has yet to be determined by discussion with the HG)

Traditional Tools

With this ability, Lauren summons or dismisses her panoply of office: a robe and cowl woven of moonlight, gauntlets of glittering silver, and the Staff of the Crescent Moon (see above). When not being used, her panoply is stored in the shadow of her many wings.


Lauren can sense those who spoil mysteries or disclose secrets.

Paralyzing Fear

Ominous Effects


Miraculous Abilities: Self-Made [1]

Miraculous Abilities: Called Away [0]

Recovering MP

  • Once per chapter
  • When a Bond or Affliction gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a chapter diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property


Current Arc: Called Away (0→1)
Quest Set: “A Heroic Journey”
Arc XP: 0/72

XP Actions

  • 0/2 used this chapter

Basic Quest: “The Great Drowning”1

0 out of 9 XP

Earn XP for this quest by proposing theories about the Outside and the drowning of Creation.

Arc 1: Changes2

0 out of 21 XP

Some big change is coming to you or someone near you. The world, or your body, or your soul, or that of a friend—it's shifting into a different state.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
  • you see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else's death.
  • you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 9 XP.

Quest Flavor:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when:

  • wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally.
  • trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire.
  • getting confused about who and where you are.
  • listening to stories about things that were lost when Jade Irinka died.
  • talking with somebody about your destiny/nature and what it means.
  • talking with somebody about why there's such a thing as death.
  • dealing with acne, braces, your period, ear infections, or other annoyingly intrusive elements of physicality.

Side Quest: Meet the Other PCs3

0 out of 15 XP

Earn XP for this quest by proposing theories about the other PCs and/or how they fit in your life.

Completed Quests

none yet

Power Tracker: Chapter One

nothing yet

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