Seizhi Schwan Metal Fatigue

Seizhi Schwan

The Best Friend
A character in Metal Fatigue's Glass-Makers Dragon Game

Academics Skill: Good
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Animal: Ox
Age: 15


  • Normal Health: 2/2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Divine Health: 2/2
  • Will: 5/8
  • MP: 8/5


  • Set Up At The Best Place To Watch Fireworks 6 + 2 Bond (Your Dreams Can Come True)


  • Complex [2]
  • Calling (Chuubo's Friend) [1]
  • Isolation [1]
  • Trust [1]


  • Know Stuff 3. You know a lot of stuff.
  • Exist 3. You are extremely good at existing.
  • Do Stuff 1. You’re familiar with doing stuff.
  • Ordinary 1. You’re familiar with being ordinary.


  • Connection: Chuubo (or Shokyu) (4)
  • Connection: Wish Spirits (1)
  • Bond: Chuubo's Best Friend (1) [Same as Calling]

(Five open Perk slots.)

Miraculous Abilities

  • Seizhi Sense: Invoke when you suspect something isn't real to learn what's up
  • Wish Sense: Activate to learn the wishes of people and crafted objects (as if you had Affliction 3)

Canonical History (Level 3 Auctoritas)

  • I am the child of Mortimer and Melancholy Schwan.
  • I almost beat Chuubo in that legendary soapbox derby a few years back.
  • (Expansion: Costs 1 Recharge Token)

"Is This My Destiny?" (0 MP)

While sustaining an action, gain the following bonuses:

  • +1 Tool bonus to doing what I should be doing
  • Level 3 Connection to the environment
  • I will gain miracles and coincidences making me fit in
  • I will start to forget that this is not who I am

Touch The Heart (1 MP)

  • Communicate with anyone regardless of language or emotional barries (creates Level 3 Obstacle + Level 3 Auctoritas to resist)
  • Seizhi Syndrome: Use Touch The Heart as an attack to make people into you (surface wound takes seconds, serious wound takes minutes, deadly wound takes days).
  • Spend 4 MP to shatter reality in order to become a monstrous, overwhelming force.

Reject (2 MP)

  • Use to make someone or something who is you stop being you
  • Use along with interaction to make someone be less like you, as with Touch The Heart, but as a rejection instead of a connection.

Touchstone (4 MP)

  • Bind yourself to someone or something, gaining a Level 4 Connection to them. You have Autocritas 3 and Opposition 3 against anyone trying to disrupt it.

Recovering MP

  • Once per week
  • When "Frantic" applies
  • When a Bond gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property, or diligently helping Chuubo
  • When "Is This My Destiny?" gets me in trouble


  • Becoming Somebody (3)
  • Current Arc: Becoming Somebody (4)

** Frantic: Take the "Be In Trouble" action whenever you qualify for it and gain 1 MP.
Arc XP: 0/60
Free XP: 1

XP Actions (1/3 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Thumbs-Up
  • Pastoral XP Actions: Shared Action, Shared Reaction, Slice of Life

Hide The Evidence

2 out of 9 XP

"This is over the top!" - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene when you plant evidence of your past in a way that gets over the top.

Reward: Recharge Token

The Wishes of Tools and Toys

2 out of 15 XP

"This is over the top!" - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene when helping objects achieve their goals in an over-the-top way.

Reward: New accessory, power up, bond or Trick, or a birthday (pg 191)

Why Am I Here?

10 out of 21 XP

3 XP Actions:

  • Do something connecting me to death and rebirth, the sky, a holy mountain, or the Sun
  • Find a place for myself in Fortitude
  • Establish a context for my interactions with the Walker in Darkness as a friend/ally or enemy/rival.

1 XP Actions:

  • have or talk about a nightmare about the death of the sun
  • talk with someone about death, the chaos beyond the world, what it means to belong somewhere, or fate, free will and meaning.
  • Have a scene that leds to or springs from my declaration that "This is my destiny!"

Reward: A Destiny (page 193), and perhaps begin "A Troubled Sky".

Completed Quests

  • None

Totally Secret Arc Plan Reminders

  • Long "Why Am I Here" 21 XP + Short Troubled Sky 9 XP + Short Behind The Mask 15 XP + Short Atonement 15 XP = A 60 XP Arc.

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