Sacha Louis Killy


Sacha was born a winner. He knows so, because all of his siblings took months and years just to get to where he was at birth. Playing caretaker for a large family in an outdoorsy community surrounded by green, he spent a lot of time playing outside with the other kids and playing leader for their group, being the best at everything. Eventually he felt alone and sort of bored, because he was the best at all of the activities they considered important even though there were all these other interesting things he noticed in his siblings. Instead of lording his victories over them, he decided to encourage them to experiment and pursue their passions, which lead to each becoming good at least one thing that they could challenge him at.

He does not remember ever being beaten- seriously, why would he lie about that to you? -but finally found a place more comfortable than the loneliest of heights. Eventually he got too old to play with little kids in meadows and had to go to a real school, where the routine was basically the same. He got even better at all kinds of sports and met rivals who were even harder to match- sometimes he even lost, but that was only because he challenged them seriously and achieve their maximum potential.

After graduation he decided to travel, figuring that there were still all manner of exciting sports he had never learned, and possibly various skills that people competed in that might be interesting to learn. A few months into his travels, he found himself meeting a dapper gentleman at a stately inn. After much jolly competition which lead to them coming out even due to the imbalance of their youth and experiences, the man secured victory by winning at something Sacha had never considered before: having the most interesting travel companions.

This left Sacha befuddled and desiring a rematch, although this'll require getting companions and finding that gentleman again…


  • Name: Sacha L. (Louis) Killy
  • Academic Ability: Probably not going to do too well unless forced.
  • Athletics Ability: Basically excellent at all kinds of sport. Probably not the best at anything, but the only person alive who could give the person who's the best at a thing a run for their money.
  • Blood Type: B+
  • Favorite Food: Snowcones
  • Associated Animal: Racehorse
  • Hair: Brown-haired and somewhat average, cut short at some point in the past but now grown out and styled into something wild and a little shaggy.
  • Build: Lean, toned and well-tanned. Going shirtless is an excuse to avoid embarrassing tan-lines, really.


  • Martial Arts 1
  • Shine 4
  • Superior Athlete 2
  • Superior Shounen Analysis 1


  • "I've found a new Sifu, except they're ???!" 1

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Affliction: "I can always get into a competition." 3
  • Bond: "I'm always wearing the best, most fashionable athleticwear." 2

Arc Traits

  • Spiritual 3
    • Estate: "The Fields of Competition"
    • Elemental Warning: Always knows when there's something fishy happening in competitions or their venues.
    • Illusions: Wind feels pretty… argumentative, doesn't it?
    • Spirit-Sense: Knows an eerie amount about sports, stadiums, mail-in contests, game shows, eating contests, beauty pageants and bingo. And then some.
    • Spirit-Speaker: Is it possible to bribe a game to get the team you like to win? Probably.
    • Spirit Boost: The competition is getting heated!
    • Divine Mantle
    • Spirit-Shaper: …was there always a stadium here?
    • Summons: Oh man, the Local Sports Team is visiting!
    • Chastise: Well nevermind. This contest is stupid and nobody even wanted that… stupid… prize thing anyway.
    • Secret Wisdom
    • Destiny-Shaper
  • Spiritual 4 (0/??)

XP and Quests

  • XP Emotion: [Spittake]
  • Floating XP: 0
  • Recharge Tokens: 0
  • Issues:
  • Basic Quest (0/??): Cheer Up: Brighten the mood in a scene!
  • Looking for Trouble (0/20): Looking for Adventure in All The Wrong Places: Meet new people who seem dangerous! Get into trouble because of them! Experience new locations (that also seem dangerous)!
  • Physical Training (0/20): I Want to Know Kung Fu: Learn more about the mysterious martial arts! Meet a master! Get beaten up and taught that you actually know nothing.


  • Affliction: "I can always get into a competition. These things just tend to work out." (tied to Spiritual)
  • Bond: "I'm always wearing the best, most fashionable athleticwear." 2

Changing Stats

  • MP 5/5
  • Will 8/8
  • Health
    • 2/2 Normal Health Levels
    • 1/1 Tough Health Level
    • 1/1 Divine Health Levels
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