Kimiko Sakamoto, Vale's Shield

Kimiko Sakamoto

Age: 23
Occupation: Town Guard
Hobbies: Reading, Baseball
Favorite Foods: Pork chops, Rice
Trinket of Choice: Trashy Novels

Basic Information

Emotion XP: Thumbs Up
Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 6/6
Health: 2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine
Arcs: Create of Fable 2, The Ace 1
Current Arc: The Ace 1+ [Frantic Gold]


Fight 3
Relax 3
Investigate 2


Connection: The Scamp [1] - You try to look out for her in particular.
Connection: The Holy Man [2] - He’s a childhood friend.
Affliction: I Have A Destiny [Based on Hero] - When you start to live up to the terms of your mysterious destiny, miracles begin to appear that force you farther along its path. This Affliction is tied to your Hero Issue.
Bonus MP: You use your powers a lot. You have one additional MP.
Superior Knight [2]: You have Superior Knight 2, which makes it productive to live by a code of honor, fight fairly, and protect the weak. This Perk is tied to your Creature of Fable rating.
Cool [1]: You are Cool. This Perk is tied to your The Ace rating.

Miraculous Abilities

Creature of Fable

You are just a little bit impossible. Perfect hair, perfect skin, your teeth gleam when you smile. You’ve been living in Rustic Vale your whole life, an orphan from the days when orphans were common, and it’s possible that one of your parents was secretly a god, or at least a powerful spirit, or a rightful king, or something. Whatever it was, you deny it. You’re just an ordinary lady, you say, blatantly incorrectly.

Iconic [Imperial]: You always look perfect. Always. It’s almost frustrating. You could roll around in mud, and come away looking pleasantly disheveled. You could spend a week in the wilderness wrestling bears and never smudge your eyeshadow. When you get beaten up, you get cool scars and artistic blood spots, not gross bruises or cuts. As long as it is faintly reasonable, you always look like an action hero would under the circumstances, and you can spend 1 MP to completely restore your appearance to perfection as a Major miracle.

Be Prepared: You have a knack for being ready for things. Between scenes, you can more or less declare that you’ve constructed basic stalls, games, or set up picnics for any kind of organized community event, or else casually drive off terrible monsters or arrest people committing really odd crimes. You can reference either of these things having been done at the start of a scene, and you have an Affliction supporting them equal to your Something to Deal With Issue. The more relaxed you are, the more absurd your recent escapades. You can spend Recharge Tokens to expand this - possibly to have read up on recent issues, or to have constructed traps and fortifications?

Confiscate [Major, Bleak]: When you go striding into the middle of things, facing down magic and monsters, they tend to sheepishly give way. You can forbid someone from using dark powers with a raised eyebrow and a stern voice, and they almost always agree. Mechanically, once per chapter you can spend 1 MP and use this power when faced with a Magical or Superior skill, or a miraculous action. Skills and Level 1 miracles are stopped outright, while stronger miracles are weakened. Furthermore, whatever power you have confiscated is removed from the target’s character sheet for as long as you maintain this miracle. Using Confiscate a second time in a chapter costs 2 MP, and using it more than once per scene costs 4 MP per use.

Mimic: You are uncannily good at mimicking other people, which you mostly do to explain what they had to say using their exact voice and mannerisms. In theory, you could use this power to pretend to actually be those other people, but that seems dishonest. Mimicking someone costs 1 MP, at which point you can stop and start being them for the rest of the chapter. If you have minimal information about them, a good impersonation requires 4 MP.

Crowd Control: Once per book, you can confront a person or group, and force an emotional truth on them, such as “you’re feeling calm”, or “you need to get out of here”. This emotion persists as long as you maintain the power. Using it a second time in a book costs 1 MP, and using it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP.

Miraculous Abilities: The Ace

It’s not enough to be instinctively good as a police officer. You need to actually be good as a guard and officer. You’ve worked tirelessly to improve yourself, never resting on your laurels (well, except for that time you took a nap and literally rolled onto the laurel crown you won in the town fair) - you love a good rest, and are in fact a competitive napper, but you also know that you need to keep yourself fighting fit.

Tireless: You get a lot more done in a day than most people; even your rest is productive. You have a pool of 3 Miraculous Will that you can use freely for chores and basic actions, or with any other mundane action provided you act tired and worn-out while doing it.

The Ace: You’re good at sudden bursts of effort. Mid-scene, you can grant yourself a +1 Tool bonus to one or two actions, as long as those actions only use mundane or Superior skills. You can spend 2 MP to cover all of your actions for the rest of the scene, or 4 MP to cover all of your actions from the start of a scene.

Push Yourself: When you really try, you do particularly well. When using The Ace, you can spend 1 MP to increase your Tool bonus to +2. If you use The Ace to cover multiple effects, you only need to spend 1 MP to do this, although if you want to Push Yourself from the start of the scene, it will cost you 4 MP to get one or two actions, and 6 MP to cover all of your actions.


The Trials of a Hero Town Guard
The Difficulties of Kimiko Sakamoto

This is the story of a guard who was not a Hero, because she was the master of her own destiny, and her desire was to live a simple and happy life. It is also the story of the thing that tried to usurp her place, and how she came to deal with that problem.

You begin with three quests: The Slothful Hero, Monster Hunter, and The Playground.

Basic Quest: “The Slothful Hero”

1/9 XP

You’re actually really good at your job, but you prefer to spend time doing laid-back, easygoing things, and deploying your skills in as economical a fashion as possible. But still - sometimes you have to go all-out. Sometimes someone is in danger, or someone is a threat, or something needs to be found fast, and the best way to get back to loafing around is to go all-in.

There is a sign for this, a reversible card. One side says, “Easy-Going Loafer”, and the other side says “Driven and Focused”. Once per scene, you can reach down, flip this card over, and gain 1 XP towards this quest. You have to make the flip during a scene; switching modes between scenes or chapters doesn’t get you anything.

Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token, at which point you may either restart it, or, if you’ve had a new idea, replace it with a new basic quest.

[[=]]Easy Going Loafer/Driven and Focused[[/=]]

Quest 1: Monster Hunter

1/15 XP
1: Gold, Red
3: Blue

You don’t want to rest on your laurels. Well, to a certain extent you do want to rest on your laurels, but you know that if you do you’re just going to end up slacking off and eating a lot of ice cream and pretty soon you won’t even be able to punch out a dinosaur. But regular training is, frankly, incredibly boring, so you’ve made a game out of it.

That game is to hunt the Crocovile, a dangerous monster currently inhabiting Rustic Vale’s absurdly spacious sewers. You’re learning how it hunts, what it likes and doesn’t like, and where its lair is. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you intend to meet it in its lair, capture it alive, and then… you don’t really know, sell it to Elizabeth, maybe? Put it back? Catching it is the big thing.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
☐ An attempt to hunt the Crocovile is badly interrupted by another crisis.
☐ You defeat the Crocovile, and then have a crisis about what to do with it.
You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Spend time drawing up maps of the Absurdly Spacious Sewers
  • Deliberately shirk your training
  • Try to explain away whatever you’re doing as training
  • Hunt smaller reptile-like monsters as practice
  • Pepper people with questions or stories about the Crocovile
  • Notice that something took a bit more effort than it should have - are you getting out of shape?

When you finish this quest, you will probably be a little more confident and trusting of yourself; your Cool Perk will go up by 1. (It’s also possible that you will, instead, develop a Level 2 Connection to the Crocovile. That would not be a shocking end to this story.) Either way, you will be moving on to your Quest 2, Lay Down Your Arms.

Side Quest: The Playground

21 XP
1: Red
2: Purple, Black

With all the newcomers to Rustic Vale, there are kids in town again! You’re pretty thrilled about that, but you’ve got to admit that there isn’t a lot for kids to actually do around town. But you’ve had an idea - a playground! A big, fancy, playground. The biggest, fanciest playground imaginable. This playground might honestly be getting a little out of hand, but the mayor already signed off on it, and now you just need materials, volunteers, and to not have everything mysteriously burn down again.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
☐ You convince someone to make a sacrifice to help the playground be built.
☐ A section of the playground gets utterly trashed.
☐ You hold a grand opening ceremony for the playground.
You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Canvas kids about what they’d like to see in a playground.
  • Propose a literally impossible feature for the playground, and try to put it into place.
  • Rope someone into volunteering on playground construction.
  • Build a new thing for the playground.
  • Tear down part of the playground to put something better in its place.
  • Raise money for playground structures.
  • Play with the neighborhood kids.
  • Talk about your own childhood in Rustic Vale.

When you finish this quest, you will have a playground in town! But more importantly, you’ll have grown closer with the people you worked with. Pick up a new Level 2 Connection to a PC or major NPC who helped you with this project.

Quest 2: Lay Down Your Arms

15 XP
2: Gold, Orange
3: Purple, ##Red

There’s been a rush of adventurers arriving in Rustic Vale - new people challenging the Five Dread Realms, and exploring the new dungeon that’s opening in the seaside. These adventurers are - well, they’re kind of doing everything that you usually do. Patrolling the borders, stopping monsters, rescuing cats from trees, even playing baseball with the kids for bonus XP. It’s nice to have a bit of time to relax, but… are you really necessary any more? Maybe you should just retire and help people out some other way.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
☐ You spend a full day without doing any feats of daring or chores.
☐ You get into a race with a gang of adventurers to complete various tasks around town.
You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Go to do something, only to find someone else beat you to it.
  • Complain to someone about all the newcomers in town.
  • Go and try to make the newcomers in town feel welcome.
  • Stand on a hill, watching the town with a faraway look in your eyes.
  • Create a fake problem to distract someone from a real problem.
  • Steadfastly refuse to cry in a sorrowful situation.

When you finish this quest, you will typically come to realize your value, and develop an alternate mode: a way for your skills to be particularly potent. This will cost 1 MP, and will let you toggle your Superior Knight perk between “Knight” and “Friend”. You will then go on to Quest 3: The Crusade

Quest 3: The Crusade

21 XP
2: Red, Black
3: Gold, Green

Well, this is just great.

A Destined Hero has arrived, and is organizing the town’s adventurers into a real fighting force, in order to attack the Five Dread Realms all at once and open the place to the Castle of Endless Night. Something is not right about this Destined Hero, but no one in town seems to notice except for you. You’re going to have to find a way to take matters into your own hands.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
☐ You uncover the Destined Hero’s true goals and nature.
☐ You admit that you have a destiny of your own, and either embrace or deny it.
☐ You have a climactic confrontation with the Destined Hero.
You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when:

  • You arrest an adventurer.
  • You discuss your theories about the Destined Hero with someone else.
  • The Destined Hero either threatens or tries to recruit you.
  • You save a monster from danger.
  • Someone gets hurt because of the Destined Hero.

When you finish this quest, you will generally defeat the Destined Hero, although if they’re still very important to someone else’s quest, you might just get to a position where they have no more power over you. In addition, your “I Have A Destiny” Affliction’s rating changes to (Hero+1), to a maximum of 5. You will also have completed your Arc, and can add The Ace’s level 2 powers to your sheet.

This is usually the end of that story. Check with your HG if you’re playing two Arcs, or if you’re hanging around as a support character for the other PCs’ Arcs for a chapter or two.

Character header

[b][url=]Kimiko Sakamoto[/url], Vale's Shield[/b]
[size=1]Thumbs Up!
Will=8/8; Miraculous Will=3/3; MP=6/6[/size]
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