The Wight King

Zerak the Bloodstained

  • Occupation: Master of Evil
  • Hobbies: Necromancy, Gardening
  • Favorite Foods: You do not eat… food.
  • Trinket of Choice: Flowers



  • Necromancy 3
  • Battle 2
  • Command 2
  • Gardening 1


  • Connection: Chancellor Granach [2] - You are very close to your Chancellor. He is your most loyal minion.
  • Connection: The Mayor [1] - You and he have… an understanding.
  • Bond: Wight [3] - You are literally a skeleton wearing robes. You resist mundane harm, and simply being a skeletal mage obviates the need for food, drink, or breathing. On the other hand, you can be injured by holy light or holy ground, and your undead nature can get you in a lot of trouble. This Bond is a flat rating.
  • Skill Trick: Disguise - You can use your Necromancy to disguise yourself as a human, with no Obstacle. You simply wrap the terrors of the night around yourself until no one is willing to acknowledge your true nature.

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Oh No! The Wight King is In Trouble!

Basic Quest: Saving Face

  • 1xp/Scene: Hold up sign showing front side which says: “I’m only doing this because I have to.”. Look at back side which says: “this is really cool!”

Otherworldly 1: Unhappy Birthday

  • 3xp, up to 2:
    • Someone throws you a huge surprise birthday party.
    • You have an extended dream or vision hinting at your life before you transformed into the Wight King.
  • 1xp/Chapter:
    • Have an unaccountable sense of deja vu when talking to a youngster or hero.
    • Get really grumpy for no good reason and complain bitterly about things that don’t really bother you that much.
    • Start some form of “when I was your age” conversation.
    • Catch someone doing any kind of party planning.

Side Quest: Something Rotten In The Castle

  • 3xp, up to 3
    • You get fed up and obliterate a conspirator.
    • You are betrayed by someone that you trusted!
    • You fake your own death, and maintain the charade for at least a chapter.
  • 1xp/Chapter
    • Absently beat up a monster.
    • Get into a boss battle against an adventurer or other NPC.
    • Are unbelievably smug and patronizing about someone’s attempt to overthrow or destroy you.
    • Get caught in a trap.
    • Explicitly spend a day in Rustic Vale just to get away from it all.
    • Mediate a dispute.


Child of the Ash

As the Lord of Darkness, you are a being of two worlds, a primordial Evil that inhabits its own skin, and never truly dies. You have let this aspect of yourself falter over the years, but when injured, you always return to your terrible true self. Only the bravest of heroes have ever seen this aspect, when they strike your physical form and the shadows boil free. Your element is the Lands of the Dead, and your mood is Terror.

Lord of Darkness [Imperial]
Wherever you walk, the shadows spread out from you like a shroud. Your body is bones and sinew, with no flesh atop, and your eyes burn into the very soul. Wherever you go, after a few minutes, you can create the Region Property, “There is something to fear here.” Everyone can sense it deep in their soul. By spending 4 MP, you can invoke this Property instantly.

All The Terrors of the Night [Imperial]
With a tremendous roar, you unleash the shadows. The sky turns to a moonless night, and every flame is snuffed out. Panic and terror reign. This power acts as a wish, specifically, “I wish that everyone was terrified.” Exactly how that affects individuals may vary; the strongest hearts may pick up a sword to face you with shaking hands, while others will flee, and still others will throw themselves at you in a panicked frenzy. Generally, the effect should be agreed-upon by you and the HG in the moment. You may use this power for free once per book, or again for 4 MP.

A Regular Human Like You [Imperial]
It is sometimes necessary to go among the humans as though you were one of them. When you draw the shadows into yourself, and take on a human mask, your Lord of Darkness and All the Terrors of the Night powers reverse, drawing all of humanity’s fears out of them. This causes your Lord of Darkness power to now create the Region Property, “There is nothing to be concerned about”, which is quite helpful in keeping you disguised, and your All The Terrors Of The Night to create the wish, “I wish that no one cared about this!”

My Final Form [Imperial]
You can transform into a fifty-foot long skeletal dragon with strands of flame for muscles and knotted shadows of flesh. Generally speaking, you can only do this if you suffer a wound to your Tough or Divine health levels; if you want to transform in any other situation, it will cost you 4 MP. This transformation is pretty impressive; the sky opens up, and a howling void descends upon you as your bones explode outwards, swirling, and re-knit themselves into a monstrous draconic form.

There are drawbacks - for one thing, trying to do anything that isn’t immensely destructive while in this form suffers an additional Obstacle 2. For another, you can only revert between chapters, once per book; switching back a second time costs 1 MP. Switching back over the course of a few minutes during a chapter costs 2 MP, and switching back instantly costs 4. Still. Pretty useful stuff.

Shed Scales
Your dragon shape is normally 50 feet long, but really it’s whatever size seems most appropriate for the current situation. In the middle of a scene, you can adjust your size essentially for free once or twice, from insect-sized to the size of an entire Region. If you’ve already changed twice, it costs 1 MP to change again in the same scene, 2 MP to change as many times as you want, and 4 MP to start size-changing from the moment the scene begins.

Called Away

You are the master of a hidden realm - the Castle of Eternal Night, high up in the Doomblood Mountains, less than a day’s journey from Rustic Vale. The Castle is a place filled with demons, nightmares, and eldritch horrors, with traps, ancient treasures, mysterious rooms and magical towers. It’s a pretty awesome place, basically, but you often worry that adventurers are going to tromp in and murder everyone, so you spend a lot of time protecting its borders.

Still, you know that he is coming. The Chosen Hero, your ultimate enemy. The hidden reason that adventurers keep arriving in Rustic Vale is that the Hero isn’t here yet, but you can see his hand in every movement. You don’t know when he will come, but you will defend the Castle with your very life. All these adventurers are a good dry run; practice for the true enemy.

The Castle of Eternal Night: Your Realm is the Castle of Eternal Night, a massive, sprawling, mystical fortress filled with an entire civilization of monsters. Normally, accessing the realm requires a special key forged from four mystical ingredients, which can unfortunately be found in the depths of the Dark Woods, the Abandoned Mines, the Nightmare Sewers and the Doomblood Mountains. You, of course, come and go as you please. The Castle has the following Region Properties:

  • There are secrets to be found
  • Nothing comes easily
  • You reap what you sow
  • You have reasons to fear
  • Violence is always an answer

These properties aren’t always helpful to you. Some of them are, in fact, a little frustrating. But it’s your home, and you are welcome here.

The Shadow of the Light
As the Lord of Evil, it is sometimes important to be able to fake being a hero, especially one of the Destined variety. Spiriually, you have a Level 2 Bond that allows you to understand, imitate, and act in the style of a legendary, destined Hero. You sometimes also share the Destined Hero’s dreams, although you haven’t really been able to decipher what they mean yet. But one day…

A Thousand Shades of Black [Imperial]
You can send your shadow away, causing it to manifest as a weak, pale version of yourself. Specifically, whenever someone slays one of the Great Beasts, discovers a key treasure room in one of the Five Deadly Realms, or speaks out your full name (“Zerak the Bloodstained”), you can be there. When you do this, your true body falls into a trance, continuing whatever you were doing but without your soul animating it. Your shadow-self generally has an inbuilt Obstacle 2 to actually do anything of substance, and an Obstacle 4 to do something of major impact, and if it takes a wound it vanishes instantly. On the bright side, everyone else has a built-in Obstacle 2 to notice the shadow appear if you want to stay hidden, and they need to Answer the Bleak to harm you through one of your shadows.

Summon the Shadows
Once per chapter, you can summon the borders of the Castle of Night. This overlaps a bit with your normal shadow-fear aura, but is still pretty sweet. At its most basic, the Castle’s nature descends onto your current location, creating shadowy reflections of monsters, traps, and treasures. Those who step wrongly into the shadows can find themselves in the Castle proper, and you can have the shadows swallow you up, returning you to your Realm and ending the effect. Otherwise, it tends to last until the end of the scene. To determine how much your shadow-borders affect the world, you generally need to build an Intention using your Necromancy skill. Using this power a second time in a chapter costs 1 MP, and if you happen to use it more than once every few hours, it costs 2 MP.

Lord of Your Domain
Your Castle is always on your side. You may, at any time, spend 1 MP to invoke your Realm’s bond to you. This has one of three effects: Within your Realm, you can declare a bit of luck - a servant, or a secret passage, or a treasure that you’ve been looking for is found. Alternately, you can gain a +2 Tool bonus to Intentions to shape or control the Castle. Outside of the Castle, you can have the Properties of your Realm manifest in a small but lucky way - finding a minor secret, or discovering a chance for violence to solve a problem, for example.

No Door May Bar My Way
There is no barrier that can truly block you. Once per book, when you need to discover a path, unlock or open something, or use an unusual mode of travel, you can use this power to do so automatically. If you need to do something particularly odd, like dissolve a door to dust or skate across a thrashing sea, you will need an Intention, but the Obstacle will be substantially lowered. On the flip side, your presence opens door, unlocks chests, and generally exposes the fragility of safety. Whenever you take an XP action, something nearby is opened or unlocked.

Using this power a second time per book costs 1 MP, while using it more than once a chapter costs 2 MP. You may also spend 4 MP to sustain the power for an entire journey, smashing through every barrier between you and your destination, or even spend 8 MP (and take a deadly wound) to open or unlock every barrier of a given type within your entire Region.

One With The Night
You are an emissary of terror. Once per chapter, you may spend 1 MP and lock eyes with someone, filling them with fear. This has two effects. First, it acts as a +3 Tool bonus to any mundane action to cause fear in a target. In addition, if your final result is at least Productive (5+), you can create an Issue - usually “Sickness”, but possibly something like “Over Your Head” or “Complex”, causing the fears that you inspire to root in their mind like a flower. A particularly scary flower, maybe a snapdragon… Anyway, if they already have that Issue, you instead increase it by one. Using this power more than once per chapter costs 2 MP, and using it more than once every few hours costs 4 MP.

Spoils of the Castle
The monsters and treasures of the Castle of Night do not do well, out in the world. They are primed to exist within its mist-filled walls, and decay in sunlight or under the weight of laughter and bells. But you can invoke your powers to shield them, enabling monsters to walk in the world, or taking a treasure meant for a hero and using it. Once per book, you may spend 1 MP, and the monster, treasure, trap or room that you choose can manifest freely in the rest of the world. This lasts for the remainder of the Book. Using this power more than once per book costs 2 MP each time.

The Curse of Shadows [Major, Bleak]
When you summon the shadows of your Realm, you can pour them into a target, willing or otherwise, and transform them into a shape appropriate to surviving the horrors of the Castle. Humans will transform into demonic or monstrous forms, objects will gain dread powers, and locations will pick up the trappings of a proper Realm of Darkness. You will usually just affect one person or thing, although you can transform a small group with some effort.

At its root, you don’t really control this power; everything turns into the form most fitting according to their own natures. Still, if you build a Necromancy Intention, you can exert some control over the exact effects and nature of the transformation, and if you lay a lot of groundwork, say, imbuing people with the ghosts of goblins and drawing out someone’s goblin nature, you’re much more likely to get some kind of goblin out of them than a harpy. You’re particularly likely to succeed if you specifically invoke the Properties of your Realm to explain what someone or something is becoming.

This transformation is not generally permanent; it typically lasts until the end of the current Book, or until the target makes Answer to the Bleak. But if you can get them to the Castle, and convince them that they belong there, and keep them there for a few books, it could become a true transformation. It also does not grant you any control over them, so before you go cursing people into becoming werewolves you might want to make sure that you aren’t within claw range.

Using this power a second time in a book costs 2 MP, and if you want to use it without spending a chunk of a scene developing it, it costs you 4 MP.

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Otherworldly 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Saving Face - 1/9xp
      • Unhappy Birthday - 1/15xp
      • Something Rotten in the Castle - 2/21xp
    • Unspent XP: 2xp


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