Vasilisa Remisov

The Scamp
A character in the Rustic Vale campaign.

Occupation: Delinquent
Age: 14
Hobbies: Exploring
Favorite Foods: Chai Tea, Blueberry Muffins
Trinket of Choice: Clocks

Emotion XP: Fist Shake


Normal Health: 2/2
Tough Health: 1/1
Divine Health: 2/2
Will: 8/8
MP: 7/5


  • Shine 3
  • Sneaking 2
  • Troublemaker 2
  • Trivia 1
  • Swords -1


  • Connection: The Fortune Teller [1] - You like to hang out and learn about her prophecies.
  • Connection: Your Parents [2] - You are quite close to Aleksander and Galina Remisov
  • Accessory: Skateboard You have a badass skateboard, which can give you a +1 Tool bonus to getting around and ridiculous stunts.
  • Bond: Just a Kid [Special] - People tend to ignore the reasonable punishments that your actions should bring; they just miraculously fail to properly chastise you. They also tend to not take you very seriously when you’re trying to help or point out useful facts. This Bond is tied to your Vice issue; the more you indulge in your love of adventure, the less trouble you get in.


Complex 1
Sometimes you get a little bit too excited, distracted, or weird.
Vice 1
There’s something you like to do, that you want to do, that you’ve decided to do, and maybe other people don’t think it’s such a good idea, but so what? They just don’t get you.


Miraculous Abilities: Spiritual [2]

You are kind of a devastating agent of chaos. You know where the trouble is, how to get stuck into it, and occasionally how to call someone to get you out again. Generally speaking, this drives everyone absolutely insane, and you just barely make up for it with a cheerful nature and willingness to let others take the limelight. Technically, your element is Adventure!

Something’s Up

You always know when adventure is afoot. More accurately, you always know when adventure is not afoot; you have a sixth sense for when everything in Rustic Vale is quiet and peaceful, and adventures just aren’t happening. It feels like a wet blanket across the world, and you tend to act out when you have that subconscious sense. This gives you a miraculous ability to leap out of bed the instant that feeling goes away - it’s adventure time!

It’s an Adventure!

When people pointedly ask what you’re doing in a dangerous situation, your response is usually to explain patiently that this is an adventure, and thus you have every reason to be present. You use this explanation to explain why almost anything or anyone is present somewhere, and people tend to sort of agree that this makes sense. This power isn’t actually very strong; anyone who pauses to think about things for a moment will usually point out that your explanation makes no sense. That’s why you try not to give them that moment. Using this power more than once every few hours costs you 1 MP.

I Know This

You are incredibly knowledgeable about adventures. Usually, this means that you can instantly spot the best place to hide to see a monster, the route you need to take to get to the coolest challenges, and the right grail out of a room full of fakes. When you’re dealing with things that are moderately adventure-based (is someone a real hero or a fake, is a monster just paper-mache or about to eat you) you get a +2 Tool bonus.

Million To One Odds

When you need to, you can speak directly to Adventure itself, asking it for favours. You generally do this in the form of tiny, under your breath prayers to anyone or anything that might be listening. As a rule, this power allows you to survive dangerous situations, as long as you act in an adventurous manner (leaping off a cliff, running through a fire-filled house, or soon on), lets you find adventure clues and get back into an adventure you’ve gotten stalled on, or generally make things more exciting and cool when you’re involved.

Everything Is Awesome

When you need to, you can really dial up an adventure. Once per chapter, you can target a situation and make everything about it more exciting and adventurous! The exact effects will vary depending on what the situation is, but it will definitely resist everyone sitting down and talking out their problems, or solutions lying in plain sight, or people dying (unless it’s at the climax of the story). Using this power a second time in a chapter costs 2 MP, and using repeatedly within a few hours costs 4.

This Is How Things Are

Your firm insistence on the power of adventure is rarely wrong. You can spend up to 2 MP to give yourself miraculous Edge on all of your miracles; it won’t punch through Auctoritas or stack with other sources of Edge, but it’s pretty neat.


You can actually, by imagining how something should be, change the world a little bit, miraculously creating an adventurous edge. You could imagine a narrow rope bridge crossing a canyon, and suddenly - a rope bridge exists! You could imagine a secret passage into the Dark Lord’s castle, and bam! Secret passage! You could guess that there’s a troll hiding under the bridge, and oh no! A troll! You have to keep a nod to realism, and the scale is generally pretty limited (no more than a house-sized event or thing), but aside from that, you just have to be able to justify it. This does cost you 2 MP per use, though.

Oh No

Sometimes, you actually get into trouble. Sometimes, an adventure stops being an adventure and becomes scary. When this happens, you can spend 2 MP to be rescued. Someone or something comes along to get you out of trouble.

You don’t actually have any control over the someone or something that occurs. You could get into a new kind of trouble, like being grounded, or having a giant roc think you’re its chick. But your new trouble is guaranteed to be less than your old trouble was!

Miraculous Abilities: Alchemist [1]

Recently, you weaponized adventure to make friends.

Like, when you meet with people, you draw trading cards of them, and those cards force them to join you on your cool adventures. You sort of learned the trick from watching Nina, and you’re not sure that this is actually a cool thing to do, but it lets you hang out with a lot of people who used to always shoo you away, so you keep doing it. You just really want to spend time with people.

Your Experience is Foolhardiness - you make other people into responsible adults, and then they try desperately to rein you in. Your Curse is Loneliness; despite your best efforts, you can’t make friends by brainwashing people.

The Fool [Imperial]

You are the eternal blessed Fool. In your vicinity - anywhere that you spend a few minutes, a Region Property appears, which is “Vasilisa must behave foolhardily.” You can’t escape this fact.

Trading Cards

You have a huge set of trading cards, which weirdly include a lot of real people. When you see someone that you want to spend time with, you can pull out a card, spend some time looking at it, and forge a connection, pulling the foolhardiness out of a person. The card will tend to represent all of their wild ideas and crazy plans, while the person will become a lot more cognizant of danger and risk, and less likely to embark on grand adventures. It’s kind of ironic, really. Sometimes you grab a pen and write plans onto the back of trading cards, which makes people more likely to do those things! You can also ritually tear a card up, which returns the person to normal. If someone really doesn’t want to change, this is treated as a normal miraculous attack against them.

You can do this once a chapter for free, or spend 2 MP to do it again.

Best Buds

While you hold someone’s trading card, you can kind of make them do things? You can sort of sense what they’re doing, and where they are, and if you overcome a Level 2 Obstacle, you can sense through them, communicate with them, or direct their actions. You can spend 1 MP to waive the Obstacle cost. Generally, people won’t do anything else while you’re giving them orders, but if they’re a main character or major NPC they might put together an Intention to fight what you’re having them do. You usually build Intentions to have people hang out with you, have adventures with you, and pull you out of the fire.


For all that you cause heaps of trouble, you also resolve things. You bring problems into the open so that they can be dealt with, and help people with them. Up to twice a book, in separate chapters, you can enhance any of your miracles that are targeting people, in order to name an emotional experience you wish to resolve—an emotional burden that you want to free them from, like confusion, despair, or helplessness, or an emotional high like triumph or joy that you want to bring to its peak. Either when the miracle resolves, or at a dramatic moment in the scene, the target has an emotional catharsis inspired by your miracle, recovering either 2 Will or 1 MP and generally feeling a lot better. If you want to use this power a third time in a book, it costs 2 MP, and if you want to use it more than once a chapter it costs 4 MP. Catharsis isn’t cheap, after all.


  • Spiritual [2] [Frantic Green]
  • Alchemist [1] [Frantic Silver]
Current Arc: Alchemist (1→2)
Arc Trait: Frantic
Whenever you can meet the requirements, you may take a Be In Trouble action, and gain 1 MP per group XP earned with it.

Arc XP: 15/72

XP Actions

Emotion XP: Fist-shake
Unspent XP: 3 (Unspent XP is not counted in Arc XP until it is spent)


Basic Quest: “Fake It Till You Make It”

3/15 XP
Over The Top

Life gets pretty dull, pretty quick around here, and it’s easy to fall into the background. You compensate by deliberately making everything into a game, adventure, or performance - no matter what you’re doing, you try to make a really big, obvious deal about it. Once per scene, when you do this, you can gain 1 XP.

Quest Rewards

Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token, at which point you may either restart it, or, if you’ve had a new idea, replace it with a new basic quest.

Arc Quest 1: The Conspiracy

9/15 XP

Life is boring, and no one takes you seriously. You’ve made allowances for that, and you spend an awful lot of time following up on old mysteries that nobody else really cares about (or, for that matter, really exist). But this time, you’ve stumbled onto something that seems pretty bad. There’s something weird happening in town. Strange figures in the night. The adventurers are talking about new monsters. You’ve checked your books, and you’re convinced that something really bad is coming.

But no one believes you, because you’re just a kid.

Major Goals

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You have a screaming match with an authority figure who refuses to listen to you.
  • You think that you’ve figured out exactly what terrible threat is about to descend on Rustic Vale.

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 6 XP.

Quest Flavour

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Sit up a tree, moodily talking to yourself.
  • Spy on people.
  • Refuse to discuss what you’re feeling with an adult.
  • Get attacked by a monster.
  • Sneak out of your house in the middle of the night.

Quest Rewards

At the end of the quest, you’re going to find an ancient treasure that lets you search out secrets and get places undetected. Possibly an invisibility cloak, or a pair of glasses that see the gaps in the world. Mechanically, you’re going to get a Skill Perk: Transportation Magic 2. Then you’re going to move on to Quest 2: Making Friends

Side Quest: Playdate Perils

3/21 XP

You like to claim that no one understands you, but the truth is that your parents both love you very much, and get a little worried that you don’t spend more time with kids at or near your age. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize that you don’t like any of the local kids your age, and keep arranging activities for you that interfere with the things that you actually want to do.

The neighborhood kids are a menace, and you are too cool for them. But you suppose you’ll go and do whatever dumb thing your parents want, for now. Just to stop them worrying all the time.

Major Goals

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You accept one of the local kids as a true friend.
  • You get grounded for a week (or longer!)
  • You drag the other kids into one of your adventures, in a big way.

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 9 XP.

Quest Flavour

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Tell stories of your adventures to the other kids, who don’t believe you.
  • Complain about the other kids to adventurers or PCs.
  • Get dragged away from a scene by your parents.
  • Help to build a secret fort, or other kid activity.
  • Get stuck babysitting some younger kids.
  • Buy everyone some kind of treat with money that you probably shouldn’t have.
  • Pull a prank on another kid.

Quest Rewards

When you finish this quest, you kind of fit in with the other kids, but also show that you’re a cooler kid than them. You get the Perk “Cool” at Level 1.

Completed Quests

none yet

Future Quests

Power Tracker: Chapter One

nothing yet

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