The Mayor

Finn Valmont, The Mayor
A character in the Rustic Vale campaign.

Occupation: Mayor of Town
Age: 38
Hobbies: Cooking, Stargazing
Favorite Foods: Pumpkin pie, Strawberry tarts
Trinket of Choice: Herbs

Emotion XP: Fist-pump


Normal Health: 2/2
Tough Health: 1/1
Divine Health: 2/2
Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


  • Enthusiasm 3
  • Organization 2
  • Cooking 2
  • Great Memory 1


  • Connection: The Merchant [1] - You like to stop by her stall every day.
  • Connection: The Dark Lord [1] - He seems like someone who could use a friend.
  • Bond: It’s My Responsibility [Special] - You take a lot of responsibility on to yourself. Even when you try to take a break, things tend to push you back into command. This Bond is equal to your Something To Deal With Issue.
  • Accessory: Rustic Vale - When you are taking actions using the infrastructure of the town you’ve built, you gain a +1 Tool bonus.


none yet


none yet

Miraculous Abilities: Reality Syndrome [3]

You have spent half your life building this town, from the ground up. When you came here, it was just a tiny collection of threatened villagers, and you’ve turned it into a real hub for tourism. Admittedly, most of your tourists are heavily armed murderhobos, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? And at least they buy a lot of stuff from the shops.

Civic Pride [Imperial]

You have a way of really inspiring everyone to care about Rustic Vale. After a few minutes, you can create the Region Property, “Everyone shares Finn’s feelings about Rustic Vale”. Invoking this power instantly costs 4 MP.

Once per chapter, you can really upgrade this power. Instead of everyone sharing your feelings, your feelings about Rustic Vale become real. People don’t just feel your civic pride, it becomes a part of everyone’s own feelings and desires. Doing this a second time in a chapter costs 1 MP, and doing it more than once in a few hours costs 2 MP. If you instantly enact Civic Pride, you can also instantly enact the upgrade.

Townsfolk [Imperial]

There’s a reason that you built Rustic Vale so fast. Once per chapter, you may make a wish, phrased as: “I wish that we had someone in Rustic Vale who did this…”

And the world warps, and reality shifts around, and that person exists. And they have a home, and relationships to others in town, and for all intents and purposes you have just created a real person.

There are limits on your wish. For a start you can only safely create townsfolk who are able to accomplish mundane tasks - people with no Superior or Magical skills, and whose skills generally cap out at 2. You can also, for some reason, easily create Fortitude Rats. You also get the best results when being vague - a wish for “a baker” will work out well, whereas a wish for “a tall baker who plays the flute and likes poetry” is going to be more likely to cause problems. Similarly, while you can try to write backstory in, it’s not usually a great idea - wishing for “someone to be Anton’s father” will tend to backfire in little ways, wishing for “someone to be Anton’s father and to marry Suzanna” is almost guaranteed to come bundled with a serious problem, and wishing for “Lukas Terenkov, who died last winter” will never, ever, work out for you.

Generally, whenever you wish for someone outside your capabilities, the person who arrives in town might be dangerous, or problematic, or bring an enemy or threat with them, or just not fit in well and cause all sorts of little disasters. You can spend Recharge tokens to add a new type of being who can join the citizenry - such as “Shrine families”, or “vampires”, or “Nightmare monsters”. You can’t branch out into more specific individuals. That’s a permanent limit on your powers.

Miraculous Abilities: Sentimental [0]

Now that the town is settled, you’re settling in, too. Specifically, you’re looking out for your people. You don’t want them to get into trouble, and you do want them to be able to do their best.

Your Sentimental powers won’t actually be active until you finish your first quest, but they are listed here for completeness.

Miraculous Ease

When you are taking actions that take care of Rustic Vale itself, or express your feelings for it, you have a pool of 3 Miraculous Will.


When you sleep, you wander the boundaries of Rustic Vale. This costs you 1 MP, and lets you dream about what’s going on in town, and get a feel for how it’s doing. On the other hand, miracles and actions that affect Rustic Vale as a whole also affect you. When you develop other Treasures, you may haunt them, too.

Recovering MP

  • Once per week
  • When a Bond gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property


  • ??

These Region Properties function as level 2 Bonds

  • There is always a chance to solve a problem
  • ??

These Conventions function as level 2 Afflictions


  • Reality Syndrome (3) [Sickly Orange]
  • Sentimental (0) [Frantic Purple]

Current Arc: Sentimental (0→1)
Quest Set: “In Search of Better Days”
Arc XP: 0/72

XP Actions

  • 0/2 used this chapter

Emotion XP: Fist-Pump
Genre: Gothic [Slice of Life, Shared Action, Shared Reaction, Obsessive Action]

Basic Quest: “Helping Hands”1

0 out of 9 XP

You’ve always believed in lending a hand where it’s required, and generally stepping in to help people out in little ways. Whenever you’re around town, you can often be found fixing up a fence, or helping someone with groceries, or covering a stall so that the owner can take a long lunch with their family. Once per scene, when you are actively spending time helping people with little things (not big, life-saving events, just things that make their day-to-day lives easier), you can trigger this quest, and saying something like “I’m happy to help”, and gain 1 XP.

Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token, at which point you may either restart it, or, if you’ve had a new idea, replace it with a new basic quest.

Arc 1: Welcome to the Neighborhood2

0 out of 15 XP

Earlier this year, a few Fortitude rats moved into town, in order to hang out with and help to train local adventurers. They seemed nice, so you wished up a few more to make them feel more at home, and it turns out that you somehow hit critical mass and a lot more moved in. There’s a community of forty or fifty of the little guys living in a set of converted barns on the edge of town, which they’ve renovated into the Adventurer’s Guild.

Some of the townsfolk aren’t too sure about foot-high rats living in the area, so it’s up to you to smooth over any xenophobia and help the Vale rats feel like this is a home.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You convince the Vale rats to put on a major event as part of a local holiday or celebration.
  • You get in a roaring fight with someone who hates Fortitude rats.
  • You help retrofit an important location (like town hall, or the clock tower) to be rat-accessible.

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Have a conversation with a Vale rat.
  • Help to fix up someone’s home.
  • Preside over a town hall meeting.
  • Stay relentlessly cheerful in the face of a clear incentive to lose your temper.
  • Bring someone a freshly-baked pie.

Completing this quest will help to integrate the rats into local society, and also give you insight into how they fit into town. This gives you a Level 2 Connection, “Vale Rats”. Then you’re going to move on to Quest 2: The Wishing Chain

Side Quest: A Mess of Memories3

0 out of 15 XP

You make an awful lot of wishes. Like, on a weekly basis you are rewriting the fabric of reality, and you can remember every version of every timeline that you wished out of existence in order to update things. Most of these timelines are incredibly similar, of course, but that just makes it even easier to mess up and go to the wrong person’s house, or forget that someone is married, or stop by a shop that doesn’t exist, or accidentally wish a second shop into place because you forgot that you already did that. This tends to make people think you’re a little absent-minded, when in fact your memory is great.

Once per scene, when you make a notable mistake due to getting confused about which version of the world you’re in, you can claim 1 XP by laughing it off, usually with a statement such as “Forget my own head, next!”

Completing this quest increases your Great Memory skill from 1 to 2, and will reduce, but probably not totally remove, these instances of confusion.

Completed Quests

none yet

Future Quests

  • The Wishing Chain (15 XP)
  • Your Other Half (21 XP)

Power Tracker: Chapter One

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