Myra Heron

The Local Genius
A character in the Rustic Vale campaign.

Occupation: Mechanic
Age: 33
Hobbies: Inventing, Poetry
Favorite Foods: Chai Tea, Blueberry Muffins
Trinket of Choice: Clocks

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You


Normal Health: 1/2
Tough Health: 1/1
Divine Health: 2/2
Will: 8/8
MP: 6/5


  • Deviant Science 3
  • Clockwork 2
  • Kindness 2
  • Communicate 1
  • Superior Skill:True Sight (wind-up lantern, made for Hikaru, bound into Normal health level, currently broken) 1


  • Connection: The Merchant [2]—You're always fixing things up for her at half-price.
  • Connection: The Scamp [2]—You like hanging out with him.
  • Bond: I Can Improve That [Special]—You don't like to just restore things. You would rather improve them. This can have…side effects. This Bond is based on your Calling Issue.
  • Skill Trick: Clock the Bigben—When you have access to your home, you can use your Clockwork skill as a Superior skill. This usually improves your Deviant Science, but could work with other skills as well.


Isolation 1
Calling 1


Intention 7 : "Find clues relating to Myra's past and what's going on in Rustic Vale."

Miraculous Abilities: Primordial [3]

You are a truly gifted inventor. Like, weirdly gifted. Some would say impossibly gifted, but that's probably just silliness talking. All that you know is, you can invent impossibly complex objects based on pretty simple conversations and ideas, and that you use those ideas to exceptional effect. Your Principle is Joy, and your Element is Technology. This is probably turning you into some kind of massive cyborg, in the long run.

Immortal [Arc, Major]

As long as you remain on this Arc, the challenges that you face never really stop you. Damage and enchantment has only temporary effects on you, and you may spend 1 MP once or twice a scene to shrug off harm. 2 MP lets you shrug off everything coming at you for a scene, and 4 MP lets you be immune to everything.

Your immortality is Coincidental, though. It's not obvious—you can safely run through a burning building without inhaling smoke, but if you set yourself on fire, you're going to burn your arm pretty badly. If there's even a faint way to explain how you avoided harm, even a one-in-ten-million chance, you will be fine. If not, you're going to get wounded normally.

The Joy of Technology

You have an uncanny ability to emote through your technology. When you are using your skills with technological devices, you can cause them to use minor skills—a toaster might be kind, and avoid burning the toast, or a bicycle could find little ways to warn people that they're biking poorly. You can use your skills through any technology that you've worked with, as long as others aren't using them for their own purposes.

Invent [Imperial]

As you talk with others, their hopes and dreams, you can use those ideas to craft useful devices that only really you can figure out how to use. This manifests with a few minutes of interaction, and binding a power into an unwounded health level. You can create small, inconspicuous devices that provide you with a Level 2 Bond or a Level 1 Superior Skill by binding them into a Surface Wound, or a large, impressive-looking device that provides a small Affliction, a Level 2–3 Superior Skill, or a miraculous ability you can use 1–2 times per scene. You can also bind one of your Divine Health Levels, which provides the same power, but in a really big, obvious mechanism. These mechanisms will serve to do something that represents the joys of the person whose ideas you are borrowing, and last for the rest of the Book (or until you release them.)

Radar [Imperial]

You have a useful technological radar, which can pinpoint the location and status of technological devices in a region. This is generally free, but can cost you 1–4 MP if you want to find a specific gadget extremely quickly.

You can also use your radar to find people that you've tuned it to (conveniently, anyone that you have used Invent on). This allows you to know their location and roughly what they're feeling, takes a few minutes, and costs you 1 MP. If they want you to know they're feeling something, they can do that for free, and if you need to know it instantly, it costs 4 MP.

Finally, once per book, when dealing with someone that you've learned from with Invent, you can instinctively know what would make them happy. This usually lasts until you've had a chance to act on that knowledge. Using it a second time in a book costs 4 MP.

Disassemble [Imperial]

You have an astonishing ability to utterly destroy things. Anything that you are allowed to spend several minutes going at with tools and machinery, you can destroy. Notionally, you could even destroy concepts, breaking them down into pieces of gadgets, but you would need to find a way to physically interact with them first.

Kind Gifts [Imperial]

When someone whose ideas you have used is sad or hurt, you can give them some kind of small, innocuous device anyone can use, which helps them feel better. Its exact nature varies, but it provides them with a Level 2 Bond, “It's going to be all right.” This is free once a chapter, and costs 1 MP to use a second time, or 2 MP to use it frequently within a few hours.

Once per book, one of your gifts can be really useful—it can reasonably and effectively make someone healthier, happier, or generally better off. This functions as a wish, “I wish this mechanism could make you feel better.” Using this more than once a book costs 2 MP, and using it more than once per chapter costs 4 MP.

Giant Robot [Imperial]

So, there's a giant robot hiding in the shed behind your house. Well, it's not precisely hiding, because you have to pilot the thing for it to do anything, and also because the head is poking out of the shed roof and is super-obvious to anyone passing by. You don't use your giant robot very often, because the maintenance on the thing is a pain, but once a book, when surrounded by sorrow or fear, you can call up your robot to make things joyful again, fighting off dark forces and repairing damaged structures. The exact effects of your robot will vary, but it will make things happier. Using this robot more than once a book costs 4 MP; as noted, there are maintenance issues.


Once per book, you can invent something that anyone can use—a gizmo that uses technology to make people happier, in some small-scale but absolutely measurable way. Usually, this gives miraculous underpinnings to a mundane action someone takes. Anyone can activate one of your gadgets, using their own mundane skills, but you always spend the MP to make them. Once used, the gadgets tend to break down.

Making a second gadget in a book costs 1 MP; making a second gadget in a given chapter costs you 2 MP, and making more than one gadget in a scene costs you 4 MP.

Recovering MP

  • Once per week
  • When a Bond gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property


These Region Properties function as level 2 Bonds:

  • You are safe here
  • This place is real
  • If you wait, someone will come to help
  • There are secrets to be discovered
  • There are friends to be made
  • You can find peace

These Conventions function as level 2 Afflictions:

  • There is always a chance to solve a problem
  • Everyone has a dream


  • Primordial (3) [Immortal Black]

Current Arc: Primordial (3→4)
Quest Set: “Interesting Times”
Arc XP: 0/72

XP Actions

  • 1/2 used this chapter

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You
Genre: Gothic [Slice of Life, Shared Action, Shared Reaction, Obsessive Action]

Basic Quest: “New and Exciting”1

1 out of 9 XP

It's easy for people to get stuck in a rut, and you don't ever want to be that person. The world is full of hobbies, games, foods, and places that you've never experienced, and you want to try them all! Once per scene, when you try something for the first time, you can claim 1 XP, generally by saying some variation on “This is exciting!” or “That sounds exciting!” You actually have to try the thing, though, not just discuss it.

Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token, at which point you may either restart it, or, if you’ve had a new idea, replace it with a new basic quest.

Arc 1: The Mystery of the Muse2

11 out of 15 XP

You've spent a lot of time focusing on the advantages that come from being a real person, but honestly, you're more than a little curious about what opened the door that let you into Rustic Vale in the first place. Was there always a Myra Heron? Have you accidentally replaced someone? It's just possible that you've been avoiding figuring this out in case you don't like the answers.

But you can't keep doing that. You've been feeling weird chills up your spine all Spring. Something is on its way, and if you're going to figure out what it is, you need to know where you came from. It's time to start investigating.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You have a major meeting with a powerful supernatural figure, such as another muse or the Goddess of Time
  • You figure out who wished you into existence

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 6 XP.

Quest Flavor:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Make a note of a strange occurrence around town
  • Build a device to help your investigations in some way
  • Spend time talking to the person who created you
  • Have a conversation with a Rider
  • Present an unconvincing explanation for your investigations

At the end of the quest, you will reconnect with the divine nature you've kept hidden. You develop a new level 1 Bond, “Muse,” which helps you inspire others and make friends. You also move on to your second quest, “The Mirror Muse.”

Side Quest: Fixing Up a Giant Robot3

12 out of 21 XP

There is a giant robot hiding in your shed. You've built it gradually over the last several years, and it works pretty well, but it can't run for very long and the maintenance—oh, Jade, the maintenance. The thing is a nightmare to upkeep.

But that just means you have to keep trying! You're always scrounging new parts, new power sources, new tools that will let you take it out for a spin and see how things are going. It's a pretty sweet robot, after all. Seems a shame not to use it literally all the time.

Major Goals:
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You deploy the robot to solve a situation that could easily have been solved without it
  • You spend all of your money on parts for the robot
  • You accidentally mess up a major responsibility because you're fixing the robot or taking it for a spin

You can claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 9 XP.

Quest Flavor:
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP when you:

  • Spend time working on the robot
  • Talk, starry-eyed, about something that the robot will be able to do
  • Convince someone to lend their help to robot repairs
  • Get hurt in a minor inventing accident
  • Take a day off to spend time with your friends

Completing this quest upgrades your ability to use your robot. You may activate it a second time per book without spending MP, as long as you don't use it twice in a single chapter.

Completed Quests

none yet

Future Quests

  • The Mirror Muse (15 XP)
  • The Forge of Time (21 XP)

Power Tracker: Chapter One

nothing yet

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