Temple Monk

Hikaru Nishimura, the Temple Monk

  • Occupation: The Temple Monk
  • Hobbies: No Time for Hobbies!
  • Favorite Foods: Waffles, Candy
  • Trinket of Choice: Various Small Pets



  • Religion 2
  • Superior Holiness 2
  • Animal Friend 2
  • Caretaker 2
  • Deception -1


  • Connection: The Fortune Teller [2] - You are engaged in a long-running and entirely non-romantic feud with her.
  • Connection: Vale's Shield [1] - She's a childhood friend
  • Bond: I Must Follow the Laws of My Faith [2] - As a priest of the Crystal Church of Jade Irinka, you have a dizzingly array of laws and restrictions to follow, most of which don’t apply to your congregants.
  • It's Like a Home to Me - Your shrine is a safe place; any attempt to enact harm within its walls sufers an additional Obstacle 1.

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Wince

Basic Quest: Friend to the Animals

  • Everyone takes time to worry about the people of Rustic Vale, but not enough people worry about the animals. The city’s expanded so fast that deer, and raccoons, and foxes get stuck in gardens and lost in cellars all the time, there are stray cats and birds with broken wings, and all of them need your help!
  • Once per scene, when your efforts to help out a poor animal get a little out of control, and go a little over the top, you can claim 1 XP towards this quest. Completing this quest earns you a Recharge Token, at which point you may either restart it, or, if you’ve had a new idea, replace it with a new basic quest.

Quest 1: Your Congregation

  • You’ve been hiding out in your temple. You know people around town, but you aren’t really a part of Rustic Vale’s community, and that’s honestly a problem. You need to get out more. Take part in social events, get to know people. You need to… (gulp) go to the Harvest Dance. Or play games with the kids. Anything other than spending time at the altar or the animal sanctuary, really.
  • People might be a little surprised to see you, and you’re going to have some trouble unbuttoning enough to actually enjoy yourself. You might have to bite back some angry sermons on the subject of vice or sloth, and there are some definite greed issues around. But the goal isn’t to preach, it’s to connect. You can do it. Probably.
  • 3 XP, up to 9 XP
    • You deliberately avoid a major social event out of anxiety or embarrassment.
    • You host a major public event at the temple.
    • You make a fool of yourself out of a failure to recognize a common local custom or practice.
  • 1xp/Chapter: you can earn a bonus XP when you:
    • Deliberately start a conversation with a major NPC
    • Visit a community event
    • Forget yourself and preach at someone about how they’re doing something wrong.
    • Stand apart from a group, watching them sadly.

Side Quest: An Adventure

  • You’re on pretty good terms with the adventurers of Rustic Vale, but they’ve been bugging you lately to go on an actual quest with them - head into one of the Five Dread Realms, hunt a monster, gather some treasures and return to town. You’re not actually sure that this is a good idea. It’s probably going to take some serious persuading to make you do it, and it might not… end well.
  • 3xp, up to 6
    • A group of adventurers is hurt on a quest that you chose not to go on.
    • You spend a chapter adventuring in one of the Five Dread Realms.
  • 1xp per chapter:
    • Talk about how nice it would be to go on a real adventure.
    • Come up with a clearly false reason that you can’t leave town at the moment.
    • Convince adventurers not to go out on a quest today.
    • Spend time gathering supplies for an adventure.
    • Discuss what the adventure you went on was really like.
    • Make friends with a new adventurer.



You had a very rough childhood. You were raised as an orphan, in the tiny town of Rustic Vale. The orphanage-master, also the town priest, did his best, but there were too many of you to care for, and you turned to the Holy Books as an escape from the world. You found your God there, and the church remains your only true sanctuary - in fact, some people suggest that you are more a child of the Heavens than of Earth, now.

Sanctuary [Major]
When the world is too much to bear, you can retreat to the chapel of your shrine. You can find the shrine’s entrance anywhere that sunlight touches on an out-of-the-way place, and others can go to the physical shrine entrance in town.

When you take an XP Action (or forgo an XP Action) within your sanctuary, you recover 1 MP, and when something bad happens because you were praying at the shrine instead of attending to your duties in the world, you also recover 1 MP. Others can gain this advantage, but only one person can gain MP from praying at the shrine in a given day.

Finally, when you leave the shrine, if you have at least 5 MP and gained at least one from prayer, you glow with holy light. This light miraculously heals the injured and harms monsters, and gives you a +1 Tool bonus to your Superior Holiness.

Holy Might
You have additional starting and maximum MP. Right now, you have +2 MP, and if you gain another level of this Arc, you will gain another.

Too Good for this World
You are a beloved of Heaven, but that means that the world wearies and pains you. You do not recover MP at the start of each chapter, and whenever you would take a Wound, or can’t take a Wound because your Wounds are full for that type, you also lose 1 MP.

Furthermore, your Sickness Issue manifests as you becoming ethereal, heavenly, and not quite present in the mundane world. As it rises, indulging in worldly pleasures or acknowledging worldly frailties becomes increasingly impossible for you; by Sickness 3, this creates actual miraculous opposition, dulling your senses and making it impossible to enjoy the world’s pleasures.

The Fist of God [Bleak]
With a powerful prayer, you can declare something to be Anathema, and cast it out beyond the world, dissolving it in a blaze of holy light. Once per chapter, you may target anything that is not truly good, and utterly unmake it. Generally speaking, you do this with supernatural things - curses, illnesses, that annoying squeak that the gate makes. Your power does not truly heal, it merely removes harm; so you can’t, say, removing someone not having an arm to give it back. Unmaking multiple things per chapter costs you 1 MP, and unmaking several things in a few hours costs 2 MP each. Unmaking multiple things per scene costs 4 MP.

If you ever try to use this power on an innocent or spiritually pure thing or concept, it’s likely to rebound on you in some way. Furthermore, some beings can take a Deadly Wound to avoid further effects, and of course you can’t unmake a stronger miracle than this one.

Become Somebody

When the old monk, Shiro, died, someone had to take over the shrine, and continue to defend God’s will. Of the orphans, you took up the call. Things are improving - the town is bustling now, busier than you ever remember it, and the orphanage is closed; all of the children have places to stay. You are taking on the role of town priest with gusto, trying to become more active than Shiro was. There is much evil here, and it must be protected. Your Truth is that you are of good heart, but your failing is your ignorance; you act before you think, and never look back.

Divine Knowledge
Your holy sight can show you when others are acting out of ignorance or misunderstandings, rather than malice. Whenever you look, you can freely spot when someone is acting badly only because they’ve failed to understand a situation.

Touch the Heart
On the other hand, you have a gift for touching the good hearts of others, and speaking to their best intentions. By spending 1 MP, you can develop insights into whether a person has a good heart, and recognize how devout and faithful they are.

Your Truths
There are certain things about you that are permanent true. Specifically, the following two things:

  • I have a good heart
  • I am a priest of the Crystal Shrine of Jade Irinka.

No matter what happens, these things will remain true; there is a Level 2 Auctoritas that opposes any attempt to, say, turn you evil, or remove the Crystal Shrine from existence. You may spend recharge tokens to develop additional truths about yourself.

As a priest of the Shrine, it behooves you to know all things and all places. By spending 2 MP at any time, you can enhance an Intention in order to belong somewhere. This gives you a +1 Tool bonus to doing what you should be doing, develops a Level 2 Connection to your environment and area, and creates miracles and coincidences to make you part of the area. You may sometimes have trouble remembering that this is not always who you are

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 4/7 Miraculous Will
  • Issues
  • Complex 1
  • Over His Head 2
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Become Somebody 14/72xp
    • Quests
      • Friend to the Animals - 0/9xp
      • Your Congregation - 7/21xp
      • An Adventure - 7/15xp
      • Unspent XP: 5 xp


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