The Region of Rustic Vale

Rustic Vale

Typical Genre: Gothic (for the townsfolk), Adventure Fantasy (for the adventurers)

Rustic Vale is a town on the edge of the Real, its borders bleeding into the lands of the Outside, surrounded by monster-filled realms and dangerous creatures. Despite this, it is an oddly hearty and peaceful place, its villagers generally friendly and welcoming, with a robust economy and several minor exports across the mountains to Soma Village.

The Vale makes use of farms, logging, and mining of silver and gemstones, but its primary industry is adventuring - parties of heavily-armed, very helpful individuals use Rustic Vale as their base of operations to explore the surrounding areas, become wealthy, and fight off the monsters of the Outside. Rustic Vale is particularly welcoming to these fine folks, selling them all manner of adventuring goods at a moderate markup and helping them with their injuries, curses, and the like.

Area: ~5 square miles (including farms)
Population: ~900 (800+ villagers / 40-50 Fortitude rats / 30-40 adventurers)

Day to Day in Rustic Vale

Rustic Vale is a friendly (some would say insular) place, and everyone knows everyone around town. The town is very old-fashioned, and a mish-mash of two centuries of anachronistic technology. Most of the houses appear to have been built a couple of centuries ago, and almost no one in town owns a car, motorcyle, or the like; the town’s power plant is a combination windmill and waterwheel on the western edge of town, and while it’s enough for electric lighting and milling grain, there aren’t such luxuries as computers, vacuum cleaners, or air conditioning.

On the other hand, the town’s plumbing is excellent, and every house has a small gas boiler in the basement to provide hot water and run ovens and heating in the winter, and the mayor’s office has a radio that usually only catches signals from Soma, or from the mysterious radio station in the Doomblood Mountains, but occasionally gets tunes from all the way in Arcadia on a good day. There’s also a small movie theatre, with two screens, that runs on a generator cooked up by the town’s mechanic a while back, and the doctor’s office is fully stocked and able to handle all but the most unusual cases (for those, the injured are brought to the temple of Jade Irinka on the hilltop on the eastern side of town, whose priest is known to be able to banish complex injuries and curses.)

Most of the townsfolk of Rustic Vale fall into three categories. There are the farmers, who provide food for the town (grains, vegetables, milk and eggs, plus chicken and beef) and export some extra to Soma Village every weekend, the loggers who venture through the edges of the Dark Woods, occasionally falling back on hunting monsters for some extra meat, and the miscellaneous minor mechants and tradesman who earn their livings from the adventurers. There are also a few dozen miners, who spend about half of their time in the mines and half in the taverns drinking while they wait for the adventurers to clear the mines out again, and several dozen Fortitude rats, who mostly train and act as henchfolk for the adventurers.

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