Rustic Vale Minor Characters

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Inhabitants of Rustic Vale

  • Mr. Potter - The aptly-named old man who makes pots. He has a standing commission with Lord Zerak.
  • Old Lady Midge - Does not like stray cats.
  • Ms. Delaney - The local schoolteacher.
  • Liu Pei - A kindergartener that Valya has been known to babysit for
  • Helen Takamoto - A local farmer who condescends to the teens and worries a bit too much.

The Teens

  • Josh - A kid who loves adventures and is a bit gullible. Nina prophesized that he'll be a great adventurer one day.
  • Samantha Takamoto - Usually friendly, but gets annoyed easily and is always looking for a way to have fun.
  • Gerald Montesquieu - A high school-age "stick-in-the mud" (in Valya's opinion). Good with electronics, and may or may not have a crush on Samantha.
  • Petra - Samantha's best friend.


  • Beatrix - A stray cat.


  • Jenny - A practical-minded adventurer, an axe-wielder and former farmer.
  • Ovid Von Rammes - A scion of a wealthy family, formerly sheltered.

Inhabitants of the Five Dread Realms

  • Pot Maker Scathing - Tried a usurpation. Possibly deceased?
  • The Leaf-Covered Thing - A demonic being that was once a human. A skeleton with plants growing from them. Hostile to the Wight King.
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