A Season For Adventure, Chapter 2

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Morning in the Temple

In the morning, Kimiko Sakamoto, Vale's Shield, stopped by the temple to visit her old friend Hikaru and found him in a funk. Nina Sosunov also stopped by, to apologize to him, and found the same thing. In order to shake Hikaru out of his funk, Kimiko offered to switch positions with him for a day, using cunning disguise skills (the sort that fool nobody) to disguise herself as Hikaru, and Hikaru as a town guardsman.

The Merchant and the Scamp

Elizabeth Bruce took the local peddler to the town school to sabotage his attempts to sell them encyclopedias, where she ran into Valya, the Scamp. Valya was convinced that Elizabeth was up to something, and skipped school to follow her and the peddler.

Into the Dark Woods

Kimiko ran into the peddler, and mistook him for a rival priest arriving in town to catch Hikaru out and drive the shrine out of business. She recruited Valya to keep Hikaru away from the peddler. Then she took the peddler to the Dark Woods, reasoning that it was the one place that Hikaru would never go.

Meanwhile, Valya took Hikaru to the Dark Woods, reasoning that it was the one place that the peddler would never go.

Oh no! Goblins!

In the Dark Woods, goblins attacked pretty much everyone. Kimiko was so busy protecting the peddler and trying to keep him from noticing that Hikaru was there shirking his duties that she totally failed to notice that Hikaru and Valya were captured by goblins. She went home, happily confident that the day was saved.

The Fortune-Teller's Tale

Back in Rustic Vale, Nina Sosunov had a confrontation with the local librarian, and told him his destiny. Then she stopped by the bakery to talk to a civilian that she's trying to convince to be a hero, before going home.

XP Actions

  • Shared Reaction (Kimiko) - Reminisce with Hikaru
  • Obessive Action (Hikaru) - Dwelling on my failures.
  • Slice of Life (Nina) - Enjoying the temple.
  • Shared Action (Valya) - Connect with Hikaru
  • Obsessive Action (Kimiko) - What's up with Yancy??
  • Be In Trouble (Valya) - Oh no! Goblins!
  • Be In Trouble (Hikaru) - OH NO! GOBLINS!

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