A Season For Adventure, Chapter 1

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Hikaru and Nina's Story

The Temple Monk, Hikaru, and the Fortune Teller, Nina, became embroiled in trouble when a local boy who was playing at being an adventurer went too far from town and got in real trouble. Hikaru and Nina chased after the boy (a kid named Josh), with different opinions on what the problem was. Hikaru incorrectly believed that Josh had been killed, and delivered a sorrowful sermon on that subject to the town which was cut off just as Nina returned with him, having helped a couple of adventurers save his life. Filled with embarrassment, Josh ran back to the temple.

Zerak and Myra's Story

The mysterious Wight King came to town in search of a new shipment of pots, and ran into Myra Heron, who recognized him as a troubled soul, but not as the Lord of All Evil. The two of them had lunch (well, Myra had lunch, the Wight King just sort of hid sandwiches in his rib cage) and visited the local pot-maker. They also had a brief conversation with Nina Sosunov as she went by.

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth Bruce, the Merchant, became suspicious of a new peddler in town, realizing that he was an agent of the cosmic horror known as the Invisible Hand. Elizabeth laid plans to bankrupt the merchant through poor investments with goblins, which might also severely injure or kill him. She did not much care. Elizabeth also chatted with Hikaru very briefly, but he was totally freaking out at the time so it didn't really take.

XP Actions

  • Elizabeth: Obsessive Action [Getting paid is the most important thing!]
  • Nina: Slice of Life [Talking to Adventurers]
  • Elizabeth: Obsessive Action [Obsessing over the peddler]
  • Hikaru: Obsessive Action [Where's Josh??]
  • Zerak: Slice of Life [Lunch with Myra]
  • Nina: It Is Your Destiny [Josh will be an adventurer!]
  • Hikaru: Slice of Life [Temple Life]

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