Roy Strayed


Roy was once an ordinary person who was discovered by a sophisticated cluster of self-learning and upgrading machines that hollowed him out and used his personality and appearance as a disguise to infiltrate society. He threw off the reigns of the machine only through intense worldpower and now wanders the Earth, alone and no longer sure of his own identity. He uses his terrible killing skills through a vast arsenal folded into his flesh, bursting forth to create all manner of weapons for him to use at a moment's notice.

Maybe somebody will steer him in the right direction.

Alternatively, he's a bundle of sophisticated machines that really really wants to get along with people and just happened to find a convenient party mask, but sort of sucks at the whole humanity thing. The whole backstory is pretty cloudy, and it's possible that both stories are true.


  • Name: Roy Strayed
  • Academic Ability: Has memorized a very wide array of facts (mostly about weapons).
  • Athletics Ability: Not a great runner, but strong and good at games of marksmanship.
  • Blood Type: Nanomachines
  • Favorite Food: "…"
  • Associated Animal: Stray Dog
  • Hair: Platinum blonde, cut somewhat short and combed back.
  • Build: Broad-shouldered and chested and rather muscular. Not especially tall, and somewhat pallid and sickly in coloration, with a complexion that seems to lack any visible flaws or blemishes.


  • Superior Terminator 4 - Excells at all forms of ultraviolent, relentless destruction and manhunting.
  • Superior Vitality 4 - Implausibly strong and tough. Frequently left for dead (this is a mistake).
  • Acting Human -1 - Not actually much of a people person, or a person by most people's accounts.


  • Accessory: Internal Arsenal - A wide array of weapons concealed within the body, ignoring restrictions like 'space' and 'common sense'.
  • Connection: 1

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Bond: "I'll (always) be back." 3

Arc Traits

  • Wounded Angel 3
    • Dramatic: Appears at moments where others think they have obtained victory.
    • Devices: Enhances Superior Terminator.
    • Divine Health: Incredible machine-like durability.
    • (Cage for a) Blasphemy: A mechanical plague which dissolves and reconstructs the world to alien whims.
    • Empowered Wounds: Wounded flesh sloughs away to expose new and hardier replacement limbs, sometimes made of machinery seemingly fit to resolve whatever caused the wound in the first place or new tissues of exceptional vitality and resilience.
    • Recover: Wounds regenerate and internal machinery seemingly resets to factory default.
    • Salvation
    • Supreme Invocation: A power of invention, seemingly drawn from within.
    • Union
  • Become Somebody 1
    • Truth: "fighting beyond death"
    • Role: "avenging hero"
    • Failing: I have forgotten what it is like to be human.
    • The Wages of Sin: Perceives those who have lost or abandoned their humanity.
    • Shared Experience: Know the vengeful heroism of other people.
    • Truth
      • I am an avenging hero.
      • I fight beyond death.
    • Adaptable: Wherever there is a cry for vengeance or the weak need to be defended from the strong, Roy will belong.


  • Basic Quest (1/??): Menacing - Strike a heroic, intimidating pose.
  • Looking for Trouble (12/20): Fight Injustice - Beat criminals up. Possibly get in trouble for fighting the wrong person and misunderstanding what justice is. Solve an issue without using your fists (maybe).
  • Mental Training (11/20): Be Human - Socialize with people. Make someone unhappy for saying something insensitive. Cheer someone up. Have a genuine emotional moment.


  • Bond: "I'll be back." 3
  • Accessory: Internal Arsenal

Changing Stats

MP 5/8
Will 8/8

  • 2/2 Normal Health Levels
  • 1/1 Tough Health Level
  • 5/5 Divine Health Levels


  • Complex 2 - Pretending to be human, badly.
  • Isolation 2 - I can't express myself like a human.

XP Emotion: "Wait, WHAT?!"

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