Rinley Yatskaya Metal Fatigue

Rinley Yatskaya

The Troublemaker
A character in Metal Fatigue's Glass-Makers Dragon Game

Academics Skill: Good
Sports Skill: Exceptional
Favorite Foods: Fish! Sea monsters! Crabs! Sometimes dumplings.
Blood Type: B
Animal: Cat
Age: C-1


  • Normal Health: 2/2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Divine Health: 2/2
  • Will: 5/8
  • MP: 5/5


  • None


  • Something to Deal With 1
  • Complex 1


  • Storytelling 2. You're pretty good at telling stories.
  • Legends 1. … and you've heard a lot of them!
  • Claimed by the Sea. You're good with the water.
  • Superior Cat-Speaker 2. You can talk to cats. You're also good at cat-like stuff.
  • Superior Dreamer 2. You're really good at coping with strange things.


  • Connection: The Yatskayas (2)
  • Connnection: Prince Eduard (2)
  • Connection: The Wishing Child (1)
  • Connection: The Best Friend (1)
  • Connection: The Prodigy (1)
  • Connection: The Child of the Sun (1)
  • Connection: The Dream-Witch (1)

Miraculous Abilities

  • Spiritual 3

Fears of a Sinking Thimble (0 MP)

You have a magic wish-warning that tells you when something bad is happening to wishes and dreams. This power also lets you know if something bad is happening to the Wish-Granting Engine.

There's a Tree in the Way (0-1 MP)

Impose a vague sense of dream-like impossibility, of "nobody could really do that", on something. Or create a vague aura of plausibility over something!

  • 0 MP — Use this power (every few hours)
  • 1 MP — Each subsequent use within that handful of hours.

Heart-Reader (0 MP)

  • Tell whether something is a labor of love, an ordinary act, or the dreary trudge of someone just going through the motions
  • See people who'll be important to your destiny

Heart-Speaker (0 MP)

  • While you have Heart-Reader active, you can speak directly to someone's wishing heart. It only cares about emotional information, and only sneaks in facts if the emotional relevance is high.
  • Actual speaking is just a normal action, but bypasses obstacles related to communication or mental state when it comes to encouraging or discouraging someone.

There's No Turning Back Now! (0-2)

Invoke this power when somebody is following their dreams and you can strengthen their power to go forward.

  • Unless they've already got something like this going on: they get a +1 Tool bonus from "wish power" to whatever they're doing, and 1 Edge in a mundane conflict, too.
  • An opportunity or helpful person is drawn to them, in the natural pace of events.
  • Some kind of trouble appears on the road behind them, so that they'll be in trouble if they try to turn back or give up.

0 MP — Use 1/week
1 MP — Use this power a second or later time this week
2 MP — Use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours

Divine Mantle (1-3 MP)

  • Spend up to the Arc's rating in MP and invoke Divine Mantle to give all your miracles for the rest of the scene miraculous Edge equal to the MP spent. This works just like Strike, but doesn't add to Strike and doesn't break Auctorita.
  • Burn brightly with the wishing power of your heart!

Work of Fable (1 MP)

  • Handwave away a level 1-3 Obstacle involving "completely inadequate tools".
  • Spot any useful opportunities you might be missing, including opportunities to meet someone helpful
  • Re-use an effect from the powered-up version of the ability below, as long as the circumstances are close enough

Wish Spirit (1-2 MP)

Call a wish spirit to you. They're natural spirits, like will-o-wisps and flower fairies, that make people wish for things. They all love you and think you're basically a really big wish spirit with thumbs, so they'll generally be as helpful as they can once you summon them, which isn't very much.

1 MP — Call up a wish spirit
2 MP — Invoke this power a second or later time within a handful of hours

The World Doesn't Work Like That! (2-4 MP)

  • Completely shut down a mundane action facing an Obstacle 2+, or any similarly improbable miracle.
  • Cause something amusing, ironic, or tragic to happen to turn a hope recently stated aloud in play into dismal despair.

2 MP — put a stop to a magical/heroic action, or crush a hope
4 MP — use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours

A Little More to Any Tale (2-4 MP)

Know a little more about anything that's come up in play. If the HG doesn't want to share, you can generally come up with new information yourself (if the HG isn't sure you're right, you get the MP back)

2 MP — Know a little more than you should
4 MP — Use this power a second or later time in a handful or hours

Change Destinies (4 MP)

Change the person of a wishing heart, which pretty much means "of a person." This functions pretty much like a weaker version of a wish, only it has the following differences:

  • Resisting is easier
  • Outright ignoring the effects inflicts just a single Deadly Wound instead of two
  • The effects are awesome but comparatively understated
  • The power of the effect is that of a Major Miracle while sustained, and
  • Once you stop sustaining the miracle, the power level normally fades to that of a series of mundane coincidences and Obstacles.

Swap Hearts (4 MP)

Extract someone's wishing heart and put in someone or something else.

Otherworldly Quests

Certain Spiritual miracles are slower, time-consuming things. To evoke these greater effects, you must return to your old ways — to dreaming your life away in the temple of the Yatskaya, or at least, spending portions of your life in a dream-like state — for the duration of a 15-XP quest. Some of these miracles include:

  • Using your dreams to investigate something to do with wish power or the wishing power in a certain person's heart
  • Use wish power in some fashion as a Major Miracle to protect or heal something or stabilize it against the influence of fear, trauma, tragedy, and the outside
  • The great works of fable

Great Work of Fable

Spend a 15-XP quest planning and pondering your approach and you can upgrade either Work of Fable or There's No Turning Back Now! to an epic level, waving off even level 4-5 obstacles, and demand an opportunity or helpful individual show up to facilitate something you plan to do even if they wouldn't otherwise exist. The effect is persistent!


  • Creature of Fable (0). Arc XP: 0/60
    • Frantic: Take the "Be In Trouble" action whenever you qualify for it and gain 1 MP.

Tall Tales

A Miraculous Affliction. Anytime you have 1+ points in the Something to Deal With Issue, the following rules apply:

  • You can invoke your Tall Tales power between scenes or in a flashback, declaring you "recently" used it to do something. This lets you accomplish whatever eith automatically as a miracle or with player and HG collaboration as a Ritual. It takes an Auctoritas or an opposing miracle with Strike >= your Something to deal with to prevent this from happening.
  • If the HG decides it's a ritual, other players can add descriptions/suggestions/give emotional reactions, or contradict with a proposal of their own. Only if the contradiction hits that Auctoritas or strike rating does it actually stop you.
  • If you get into trouble because of something introduced with the use of this power, the HG may award you MP or Will up to and including your Something to Deal With rating.

Iconic (0-1 MP)

You have an iconic appearance, which you can return to in an instant.

0 MP — This power is limited to returning you to the appearance to the extent reasonable.
1 MP — This power simply instantaneously rewrites you as looking the way you ought to look

You can spend a Recharge token when the book ends to change your iconic appearance.

XP Actions

  • Emotion XP: Groan
  • Pastoral XP: Storytime!, You or someone else is coming out of their shell and growing up!

Story Time!

3 out of 9 XP

"Storytime!" - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene when telling stories to each other

Reward: Recharge Token

The World is Changing

2 out of 15 XP

Someone is growing up! - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene by recognizing that someone is growing up or coming out of their shell

Reward: Power-Up Perk, or a small miraculous ability

The Straw-Haired Kid

11 out of 21 XP

3 XP Actions (once each):

  • Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well staged way
  • Someone rescues you
  • You stand in a shadowed place and tell someone a secret, then run away before they can react

1 XP Actions (once per chapter):

  • Sneak into somewhere you shouldn't go
  • Risk trouble by digging into someone's secrets
  • Drag other into your affairs/arrange their lives for them
  • Propose a theory about the underlying situation you're in
  • Tell someone a story related to the underlying situation you're in
  • Get into trouble trying to help someone else
  • Risk trouble in the name of adventure!

Reward: Level 2 Perk Shine, and possibly begin Let's Doing!

Completed Quests

  • None
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