Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper, The Elder God


Name: Riley Cooper
Academic Ability: Good
Athletic Ability: Decent
Blood Type: Black and ichorous
Favorite Food: Desires. Also chocolate.
Animal: Giant Squid
Age: Immeasureable

You are something immeasurably ancient. You don't remember all of your life, since the eons tend to fade into each other, but you know that you are old and that you are vast. Maybe you were a True God of Earth, once. Maybe you were on the of the first of them. You dimly remember a time without light, being one of the few things that lived. You were there when the first stars were kindled into the sky, tasting their desire to burn for all eternity. You were there when Eden fell and the Angels warred among themselves, tasted their desire for revenge and their convictions. You were there when the Riders came and even they, here in your world, where a slave to their own desire to end it all.

You were there and you watched and you feasted upon their wants and the world, for you at least, was right.

Then something happened. The sun went out. The world went wrong. You were in pain. Nothing was clear anymore, the world around you fuzzy, chaotic and indistinct. With nobody able to truly perceive the world, the wants faded, become just as unclear as the things - nor non-things, now - they were directed to.

And then he came to you. He who is named the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy and the Lord of Death's Dominion.
"Just let go.", he said, "Nothing good can come of it."

You laughed into his face, with your countless maws. You were the very drive that fights back against the Bleak. It was your nature and didn't see it, he misjudged it. It was impossible, for you are want and where there is want there will always be life. He fought you, oh did he fight. The Headmaster does not like to be wrong, not in the slightest. He and his legion of Riders fought you, but you were too vast of them and they had awakened the sleeping monster. You lashed out against them. For a brief time, you felt truly alive again, like when you were entangled with others of your nature.

In the end, even Death couldn't kill you. He drove you back, into the deepest abyss of Big Lake, to seal you away. And for a while, you slept there, but…
There was something nearby. A small Town, a little piece of world still left untouched by the feverish Outside. You could feel all the wants and needs of the people there, of the humans and the vampires and the fox-people and all the others.
They were strange, to you. These little humans most of all. So small, so short-lived, but so full of passion and drive. They intrigued you. A want arose and, as is your nature, you gave in.

Crafted a human body from your immortal flesh and set foot onto this strange land. There was much to see, much to experience. And maybe, you might even be tempted to stay like this and live among them.


Even The Guys Want Him 2 - Being the god of desire does have it's benefits.
Hedonism 2 - You won't miss an opportunity to indulge in the little pleasures of life.
Superior True God 3 - You are a thing of tentacles and maws and you can occasionally use them even in your mortal form. Can also be used to metaphysically interconnect with things.
Multitasking 1 - You're used to having a LOT of limbs.


Shapeshifter - Miraculous Action: Once per chapter, you may change the appearance of your Mortal Form, including gender
Health - Extra Divine Health level.

Arc Traits

Primordial 4

Principle: Want
Element: The Deep and Dark Places
Transformation: A vast thing of tentacles and maws

Bound Wounds

Normal Health Level
Bond: "I must protect innocents from harm." 2
Jacob, the random guy threatened by Erin

Child of the Ash 0

Element: The Abyssal Depths
Mood: A primal, uncontrollable hunger.
Reverse Mood: A (usually intellectual) desire of a cultured, high-brow nature.
Kaiju Form: An enormous creature of tentacles and maws
Wicked Mode Activation: Put on your dumb Hipster glasses

XP and Quests

Floating XP: 5

XP Emotion: Shaking your fist at Riley Cooper

Basic Quest: What is love? 2/9
Paradigmatic Quest
You theorize about the nature of human emotions, particularly love.

Storyline Quest:
Science simplified 3/12
About investigating the Rider presence at School and what they're up to
Milestones done:

  • committed to solving the problem

Mutable Stats

Will: 7/8
MP: 8/5


  • Something To Deal With 2
  • Over Your Head 1
  • Mystery 1
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