Reynard Mesmer Rvm

The Dream-Wizard

Name: Reynard Mesmer
Academics Skill: Above average
Sports Skill: Above average
Favorite Foods: : Strawberries, apricots, sweet rice dumplings, stew, salt mackerel, yakitori, red tea
Blood Type: A
Animal: Boar
Age: Ageless/indeterminate (looks 17)

Lifepath Responses

#1: Choose your Name - I'm Reynard Mesmer, the dream-wizard.

#2: Choose your Family - Skipped.

#3: Choose your Nature - I went to a lot of work to make myself into a new person. I don’t think I count as the prodigy Melanie Malakh any longer. But I’m what’s left. I’m what took her place.

#4: Choose your Stressor - Financial Insecurity: … it is, in fact, money! You’ve got to earn a living in this world.

#5: Special Options - Your greatest power is something called the World-Breaker’s Hand, which can destroy almost anything, even the hum from a streetlight or the shadow of a shoe. Normally it actually unmakes the target … except that my version actually just banishes things to the Outside. I still never use it on parts of people, though, since maiming people is wrong, and it’s not clear whether that’d be a temporary or permanent problem.

#6: Choose your Favorite Scenes - Crafting or selling Masks; Helping out; Being haunted by the person you used to be.

#7: Choose your Craft - (1) Make traditional Masks; (2) Interact with people, strengthening their wishing hearts and teaching them what they're capable of. These two crafts interact - the mask maketh the man.

#8: Review your Goals

  • Quest 1: You’ve always
    • Felt besieged by the world, worn down by your current peeves and their unfairness
  • Quest 2: And lately you’ve felt like
    • You can’t keep hiding in your hidden room; you need to either embrace it as a good place, a good and normal part of your life, and stop feeling afraid that the world will slip away from you while you’re in there, or you need to find some other source of strength and stop going there all the time.
  • Quest 3: And you’ve probably decided to
    • Set up a little art shop, garden, and maybe café near the archive, while
    • Information about your dark past leaks out to the other PCs

#9: Choose your Connections

  • The Wishing Boy 3. You have a mysterious connection to the wishing boy.
  • Nightmares’ Angel 1. You just feel like he’s a good person under the attitude.
  • The Archive 1. You’re familiar with Professor Hideo Hayashi’s archive..
  • Fortitude 1. You’re a Fortitude boy.

#10: The Dream-Witch of the … - Skipped.

#11: Review your Powers and Weaknesses

  • You have two supernatural weaknesses:
    • The wishing power of your heart (your “Miracle Points”) seeps away any time you’re hurt and does not replenish itself at the normal rate.
    • You’re haunted by Melanie Malakh and the power of the Outside. When you’re sick, your work, your simple honest work, attracts the dust of the Outside and the remnants of your past. If your Sickness Issue gets high, this becomes actively supernatural — things like waking up to see a mask leering down at you from the ceiling, or everyone turning to look at you and whisper “kill them. Kill them.” as you walk through a fish market. (And deny it, explaining that they were trying to sell “kilthim cod,” or whatever, if you confront them on it.) Stuff like that.
  • That’s the price you pay for being the remnant of Melanie Malakh. On the other hand …
    • Here’s the big win: you can destroy things, including intangibles and qualities, just by focusing on them and declaring them unworthy of existence. It’s not the most cheerful power but its practical breath is staggering.
  • Also …
    • You’re very good at dreaming (except possibly at the not-having-nightmares part):
      • You’re good at handling surreal, dream-like environments.
      • You understand how to get into someone else’s dreams
      • You can send your dreaming and sometimes even your waking spirit out to visit people and things you care a lot about.
  • You have some sort of magical Skill —
      • by default, something to help you fit in among humans, but it could be something else. Magic Masking - a mask so good it is undetectable, including the behaviour (but not knowledge) of the masked creature. Easy task: appear normal. Moderate task: appear to be a specific type of normal person, eg a butcher or a scribe. Difficult task: appear to be a specific individual to someone who does not know that person well.
  • You have a hidden room that can replenish the wishing power of your heart. You’ll emerge from it with new treasures and afterwards the world around you will be orderly and exceptionally sane for a little while. The Workroom of the Dream-Wizard, which contains shelves and benches and reference books and strange implements and occult machinery.
  • You have one alternate form:
    • In dreams, you wear a mask and a grey and white kimono. If you stretch out you have an amorphous, ghostly lower body. Either way you trail off into shadow and

you don’t have proper feet. Sometimes you fade into this shape in the real world when traumatized, shortly before rushing off to the hidden room.

#12: Props - probably irrelevant to an online game.


Playbook - Dream-Wizard

Art References

The Dream-Wizard


"Under Siege" - You’re plagued. You’re harassed. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the world. Maybe it’s that you don’t have enough money. Maybe it’s this degenerate modern age. Maybe it’s that people around you aren’t reading enough, or that they’re always getting hurt and suffering, or that people are too lax with their use of terms like “ironic” and “literally.”

15 XP total

Interaction with Billy Sovereign 24/7/14: 1 XP for action + 1 XP for trauma = 13

Art Shop and Garden - As nice as restoring or organizing the Archive itself would be, the biggest concern is money. So you and Sakura and/or Danny are working to restore an old manor down the street from the archive. If you can get the pond clean and pretty and the garden neat and the old-style rooms in viewing order and set up a little art shop and maybe a café, that should bring in some cash!

35 XP total

The Hidden Room - This world! — everything falls apart. It’s all unworthy. It’s hard to deal with everything and over time, things get messier and messier and the world gets stormier and more chaotic around you and you start finding bits of glass and multicolored dust everywhere and masks start appearing on the walls even though nobody hung them there and the voice of Melanie Malakh starts whispering in your mind.

When it gets to be too much, you retreat into your hidden room up near the top of the archives. The books start to fade into a labyrinth and the labyrinth into the Outside — but if you go left instead of right, just when things start getting trippy — the path is almost invisible in the leaning stacks — you won’t wind up in the Outside. You’ll wind up in a place that’s just yours, instead.

35 XP total



Interaction with Billy Sovereign 24/7/14: gives wound "Somewhat scared of Billy Sovereign" - Level 1 bond with Billy (I now know a lot more about him!) and we are enemies

Miracle Points

Starting: 8
Preamble: tracked Chuubo with Waking Dream, cost 1 = 7
Interaction with Billy Sovereign 24/7/14: paid 3 to use World-Breakers Hand = 4
Interaction with Billy Sovereign 24/7/14: took wound, costing 1 MP = 3

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